Leoscorpion, need your advice, if I may.

  • Hi Leoscorpion,

    I hope you are well.

    Need your guidance on a love situation, maybe a reading even, if you have the time please?

    I am a Sagittarius, dated a Taurus guy for almost a year. We started as friends but after we met a few months later, things went off pretty fast and went from friends to lover. Few weeks later, he broke it off saying he wasn't ready for an official relationship. We had so much connection with each other. For a long time of not being in love, I feel that he is the one. I have not met someone who shared so much interest and goals in life as I do. I respected his decision and try to be okay with it.

    I wanted a clean break but he insisted on staying in contact. He does not want to give up on our friendship. He wants things to go back to the time we were friends. I have to admit, those were the best times. But I am really torn now. I am afraid if we stay friends, I will never be able to get over him. But if I don't, maybe I am giving up on a second chance of being in a relationship with him in the future.

    My DOB : 11 Dec 1976 (female)

    His DOB : 06 May 1976

    You advice will be greatly appreciated.



  • I'll do my best. Still helping HP right now but when I'm done I'll be with you.

  • Okay, thank you.

    Please take your time. I will wait patiently.

  • emergence

    anything beyond 5 senses is work of the psyche.

    therefore intuition, is work of the psyche.

    since the psyche is link to universal guidance, intuition can not be wrong.

    what happens is that people can not distinguish intuition from mind chatter, which is one of the brain functions.

    it's like trying to listen to a certain radio channel

    the wave is there but you have to switch between one or two channels until you get the one channel in between

    same with intuition

    you need to learn to distinguish intuition from mind chatter

    this will take time and practice, because the mind fears the unknown

    I'll give you an example :

    let's say you are taking a shower at home

    the lights are on, the door is closed (shower door, bath room door, both)

    tell someone else to turn the lights off

    stay in the shower for a few minutes - what comes into your mind?

    fear or worry

    because the brain, which is mind, can not see what it used to see

    but if you wait long enough, and not let this fear cripple you

    you will actually recognize the shower, the walls around you

  • emergence

    for your general compatibility:

    he is willing to do anything to make the relationship last. he is very attracted to you, maybe at first it's only physical but then it goes beyond, intellectually even. he is willing to provide support and try to be available for you. You might get used to always count on him, and so when he can't be available (e.g. when he broke it off) you are disappointed and you decide that you will not count on him anymore (not trusting him with your heart anymore, nor your friendship).

    you both enjoy each other's company, discussing ideas, exploring interests, you actually have many interests in common. your creativity and adventurous nature color his world and he offers you stability and shoulder to cry on when things are rough.

    in a way, you are right. it will be hard for you to stay friends. not only because he is deeply attracted to you, he will still treat you better than he treats regular friends. in fact he can't let you go, because of this deep attraction, that's why he wants you as friends - at least he can still be with you. if you want clean break, it will not be easy to get it from him. but if you don't, it's harder to start a new, even if you meet someone better for you.

    I would suggest go with your heart. if you really want this clean break, you will have to keep insisting on it. he won't give you up easily. if you do meet someone else, he may even give this person hard time. but sooner or later, he will give in and give you up. you just have to keep at it.

  • Leoscorpion,

    Thank you so much for this.

    You are right on on most things, which concerns me and my feelings.

    And you also confirm my doubts regarding his feelings.

    I know he was attracted to me ( we landed in a relationship) but doubting if he still is now since he broke off our relationship. But with him insisting that we stay friend and not giving up on me, you just confirmed my thoughts that he is still attracted to me and want me in his life.

    You are right when you said about me feeling disappointed in him. We broke up 2 months ago and our communication with each other was very little since then. And a few weeks ago, I lost my little brother and my world was collapsing. I needed someone to talk to and he did reach out to offer support but it was as if he did it out of politeness. He was not available whenever I tried to talk to him. After a few attempts, I finally shoot him a note and tell him to stay away forever as this was hurting me so much. He refused to back down and told me that I should understand that work his taking most of his time now but he is not giving up on me as a friend.

    You are right again about us both. We shared so much interest in common. Like you said , I am a fun loving person who brings excitement in his stable life, making him explore stuff that used to frighten him. He is the pillar I turn to for support whenever things get rough or when life gets serious, I look up on him for advice. In short, I feel that we completed each other in so many ways.

    I will take your suggestions and follow my heart. In fact, I already know what my heart is telling me but my mind is telling me to protect myself . My heart is telling me to stay and be friends and let him take the time to do some thinking on his own. Maybe this can lead to a second chance for us. Who knows 🙂

    Thanks Leoscorpion!

    ( I did a tarot reading on us too and I appreciate if you can give your opinion on the meaning of the cards. If you can't, do you know anyone in this forum who might be able to help me? )

  • thanks for confirming 🙂

    hope you find the answer helpful

    I don't do tarot. I will let Stonyeye know. She can pull some things for you.

    I know another person but hardly see her around so she might not be available right away.

  • here you go, link to her thread


    she has other readers there too I think

    so if you post questions there will be more than one answers you can use for consideration

    good luck !

  • Leoscorpion,

    thanks again. I will go and take a look at her thread now.

    by the way, I left you a note in my other thread 🙂 which I should have done here instead. Confusion... confusion....confusion 🙂

  • emergence

    LOL yeah I notice your post and I thought I was on the wrong thread again.

    anyway I'm glad my reading is close and that it helps.

    It's unfortunate you went through so much hardship in short period of time. But I am also glad that spirituality helps you go through it. It does help me too.

    and you are right, when it comes to matters of the heart. you have to listen to the heart.

    just be careful don't let mind chatter interferes because then you will miss it. meditation will help you turn off the mind chatter.

    whatever you do, dealing with anything, don't do it with force. be it meditation turning off mind chatter, or dealing with your Taurus guy. slow and steady 🙂 indeed to the spiritual, it is quality not quantity. speed and competition, belong to the physical.

    again, let me know if you need info on meditation. I do Zen and Kundalini. I can give you a link if you want.

  • Hi Leoscorpion,

    I guess I have to be very alert now as not to post in the wrong thread anymore as this will bring both of us into more confusion 🙂

    You asking me if I need info on meditation. Yep, definitely, thank you. In fact, I already replied that in the other thread in my previous reply.

    I also ask if you do a general reading on matters other than compatibility.

    WAIT, to avoid more confusion, let me copy/paste my previous reply from the other thread in here LOL.

    You are reading my mind again! Yes, I would appreciate some help/tips on meditation. I watched a few videos on YouTube and listen to Podcast on meditation since 2 months ago. I would like to be able to concentrate and relax my mind (which seems so hard, blame it on my hyperactive brain).

    Also, you did great on the relationship's reading, I envy you for hitting the spot right on. May I ask if you can do a general reading which says something about my career, life etc? To be honest, life is hitting me hard since November, career, financial, family and my relationship was the only positive thing that kept me sane. When the broke up happened and when my little brother died a month ago, I am thinking that how far more am I being test right now. Thankfully, my believe in spirituality is keeping me strong until today. ( i know, I know, I should ask this in the other thread LOL)

    Sorry for all the confusion, no harm intended.

    Thank you, Leoscorpion.

  • Emergence>>But if I don't, maybe I am giving up on a second chance of being in a relationship with him in the future.

    Sandran712>>This guy acts so much like a Cancer.Though Cancer and Taurus are compatible.They are a little different.It looks as though he wants to just remain friends which could be a back up plan when something else does not pan out.Cancer's do this alot also.It just seems odd that in the beginning he and you were very happy.As it started to dfevelop into something is when he backs off..Which is ok he might not want to commit to anything.But, to stay friends is where it feels like a red flag.You have a choice of backing off and leaving or remaining friends.I had this happen to me with a Sag male.I'm so glad he was not into me other than for sex.Saved me alot of heartbreak.I left his silly behind alone.

  • Hi Sandran712,

    Thank you for your input. I have never dated a Cancer guy before so I cannot make a comparison or opinion on this. But I understand what you mean, it came across my mind too when he did not want to give up on me as friends. I do not want to be a stepping stone for any guy who is not serious enough about me. But I am giving him the benefit of the doubt because of these reasons which I have not mention in here in my previous post because I did not want these reasons to influence the reading I was asking Leoscorpion.

    • He was in a bad relationship before ( 7 yrs ago) and have not dated since.

    • I have not dated for 8 years because I thought I could not fall in love with anyone else after a break up.

    • We are not living in the same country.

    • We started as friends, we met in real person after a few months and started the relationship.

    • Few weeks in the relationship, his schedule at work change and at the same time, I hit rock bottom because I am facing setbacks in life. Too much pressure for both of us, I was becoming needy and he was getting busier each day. ( Believe me, it took me a while to admit that I was basically smothering him, which is not good for a relationship)

    In short, we both were to be blame. Right now, I am going to follow my heart and see where it will leads me to. He will have my friendship but my heart, not until my intuition tells me that it is safe to unlock the keys.

  • love light peace of heart and mind good health and good wealth I confused on who needs the help here is the help needed for Enemgencey or LeoScorpion Facts you need to know about Tarot readings. Number 1. Do not read your own cards your mind and emotionscan & will influnce them. Do not let a freind or enemy ( lol)do your reading they can influnce the card reading have a stranger do it for you . Next: never buy your own deck someone else has to buy the deck for you . In all decks comes a little book that informs you what the cards are meaning placement etc, not all decks are the same my current deck does not have cups therefore if I am going to practice magik I would lets say use the Queen of Hearts ( I have been sick most of the week just got up and fell drawned to you so If you want my help I shall try and help you ( something strange happened I was typing Wow the page became blank ( not a good sign you have a secert enemy beware someone who wants you confused and upset that is wrong and sad but true , Next : My sun sign is Leo and my rising sign and moon signs are both Scorpio and typing fast so please bare with me on typo ok lol Next; Tarot is a guide never let someone seal your fate before during or after your reading ( to be foretold isto be forewarned you can choose to act accordingand accept the good adviceand change the outcome or sitback and do nothing that s your free will as you already know. Next:: you can always look up a card on this main site or on the web. I was also involed with a Taurus the love of my life my twin falme and my soulmate tis a shame we were torn? ripped apart over 30+++yrs ago people lied to both of us I was never told till last yr. that he came backfor me and our son and he was lead to belive that I was living with someone else I was told he never called me that alo was a lie ( you have heard beleive a lie and be damned well I guess that istrue. I been in 1 serious relation ( turns out it is on of the main people who lied to us both who I married without knowing been married to him all this time though my heart belong to the Taurus and I a'm married to the Scorp[io lol I would leave in a New York minute or a Ca heartbeat to be with the other. Scorpio, are good ? bad people in a big way, loving kind romantic,etc then again cruel and mean pron to addictionsetc. ( I am not addicted to anything) I am A Leo . But you allready know of the sting of the scorpio,etc. Now, about your Taurus : need home cooked meals , dim lights, hates people wh wastes mony, is loyal hard working enjoys nice finer things in life like a good meal and is right out down to Earth, and unforgiving and very stubborn,the hardest sign to make up too lol he needs to have plenty of freinds but a secure homelife hates changes ,Both Cancers & Taurus are very artistic , painting , peoms, etc. Cancers are very emontiona, Taurus are not . I you are a Loe I recommend you decide who you want you are ok with either sign to an AStro Syn. on them ( although they have never been right for me lol just a waste of coins lol) You are soo very, very, lucky that a taurus chhoose wisely. If your lo9ves are young yes, they will cheat on you specially a sun sign Scorpion,and ayoung Taurus a Caner wil cheat if you hurt thm ad never forget or forgive tthat is what thy both have in common. You have no idea how lucky you taurus is willing to allo you to stay in his / hers life wow they write people off the end,even if they still love you . Later on inlife a Taurus wil no chaet on thir crrent mate. god providers, not great lovers but do little things for you thamakes them worth their weigh in gold my son is 33 yrs old and a Cancer. Honey, ask me anything anytime and I will try to help you ,My Taurus hasha multiabl affairs nd relationships sice we parted me no just 1 this one. We spoke in jan, after over 25 yrs ofnot talking for a little while children needed surgeries .I wold love for my Taurus t com bck for me would leave everyon and everything for him .W live on oppiste sides of the country. lol He feel guilty because he fel for all tose lies all those yrs agoo yes, h still loves me BUT... Honey, just ask me any ?s andIwill help I have realexperience hee lol love, peace , light good health and weath love Angelique_7 a small reply would be most welcome or or if you coose I would be glad to help you just a reply would be nice thanks I have enjoyed speaking with you good luck my child blessed be.

  • Hi Angelique7

    I was about to go to bed after my last post but somehow I took my laptop again because I felt the need to check this thread for the last time tonight. Surprisingly, there is this post from you above.

    To clarify your confusion, I started this thread because I needed help from Leoscorpion with compatibility reading with a Taurus ex boyfriend who wanted to stay as friends. My sign is Sagittarius (not Leo).

    I am sorry to hear about your love life. I dated 2 Scorpios before, a long time ago and you are right about addiction. 1 guy was addicted to drugs and the other was addicted to food! (no joke).

    Your description about the Taurus guy is great too. Stubborn as a bull, hardworking,not a great lover but very sensual (lol).

    Thank you for reaching out to help me. If you wish to add anything else or you can tell me more and need our infos, here it is

    My DOB - Dec 11,1976

    His DOB - May 06,1976

    I hope you get well soon. Thank you.

  • ok emergence

    I read the the other thread but somehow when I got on this thread I missed half of what you said there LOL sorry, weekends housechores !

    about career/life/romance prediction, I would need your birth date and birth time

    about meditation, it seems what you need it is tips on how to calm mind chatter :

    "turning off mind chatter is not the same thing as turning off the mind. the latter is actually impossible. as long as you live in the physical world, the brain will always function, therefore the mind will too. mind functions are many : analysis, memorizing, observing, etc.

    when the mind chatters, it actually is not doing much but 'chatting' the experience/ memory among other things, to you. you don't need this chatting, because all of this experience is stored in your memory anyway. You can always go back to it when you are done meditating and return to what you are doing prior to meditating.

    It's like listening to 2 different friends, talking at the same time. You can't tell one to shut up (by force) because it will retaliate and it won't shut up. what you can do, is turning one ear deaf to one friend and leave one ear open to the other.

    Don't turn mind chatter off with force. The mind knows you want to turn it off, so it retaliates. When meditating or not meditating, try to turn inward and watch your thoughts like a gallery of pictures with no sound. Imagine a door behind you. Little by little, step back, calmly until you reach the door. Open the door, also calmly, and close it behind you. The mind will try to pull you away from this door, but by practice, you will be able to do this without provoking the mind and it may even 'mind' its own business. It is behind this door, that you can connect with your guidance. Do not rush the process, you will be hurt. Try to get closer to the door each time, one day, you will get behind it.

    Be gentle, even to the mind chatter. Your mind is not wrong or evil by always chatting things to you. There is no rivalry between the mind and the psyche. Only because you have never paid much attention to the psyche before, that the mind always gets to step up. Imagine you have 2 friends A and B. If you always listen to A and ignore B, you will form very close bond to A. One day you realize you have forgotten about B, so you reach out to B. A will retaliate, maybe subtle, maybe violent, because it fears you will leave him for B. If you use force, A will be hurt. This is why, be gentle. Always, even to your mind. As long as you live in the physical world, you do need the logical mind. So be gentle and take your time"

  • more about meditation :

    there are mny tpes of meditation. I choose to do Zen meditation and Kundalini meditation.

    Zen is very passive. You practically sit in silence, only you and your breath.

    very calming, that I hear people sleep instead of meditating 🙂

    happened to me a couple of times too LOL

    but it's very useful to help you listen to guidance, although you will need to know how to deal with mind chatter

    Kundalini meditation is more active. It involves chakra opening and balancing, just like Kundalini yoga. You sit in silence but your psyche will be 'doing' some work. The result, doesn't come right away, but can be felt even if you are outside meditation. I will let you know my result, if you are interested to know.

    The instructions are long, so I'll post them only if you are interested.

    I only pick these two because I've felt the advantages. I can give you a link for the original website where I learn these from. You can also learn yoga from the same website.

  • thank yo! This is one of the most kind sweetest things anyone has done for me in a long time leave a reply. Next: I hopeyour freind did NOT consider what I was saying just "chatter to cloud your mind" I very sorry if anyone took what I was saying to try and help you out of contect. I was a little shocked with the dob. I was sharing a real story with you . I also was trying to explain the bacis of tarot. I know Cancer sign very well like I said our son is a Caner dob 7/13/ 77 My little brother i raised is a Sagittiarious 12/21/60 my Taurus is 05/05/55 Scorpio 1027/55 therefore after living over a half a centuray ++ I feel I can help you if you like but I can't shall not, won't & refuse to decide anything for you that is your choose you must live with alll your life .Your freind is basily right yes, always be gentle in life even with your self ( inter-self) yes, your mind does chatter that iswhy you need to be still be quiet in order to hear that special "little voice inside of you

  • Leoscorpion,

    Let's blame it all on the weekend housechores....the perfect scapegoat LOL.

    Kidding! It's okay, I made everyone confused in the first place with these 2 threads 🙂

    My DOB Dec 11,1976 21:15hrs GMT+8:00

    Thanks for doing this 🙂

    I am trying out the Zen meditation for now.

    And yes, I did fall asleep many times instead of meditating LOL!

    I need to discipline my eyes on this 🙂

    They seems to think that me closing my eyes is a sign that I want to sleep.

    Okay, back to meditation.

    I will focus on Zen meditation first until I am able to gain control.

    Right now, results vary, sometimes I am able to concentrate, sometime I don't.

    Anyway, I believe that with more practice, I will get better on this.

    I will ask you more about the Kundalini meditation once I am done with the Zen.

    Kundalini seems to be deeper and difficult.

    Yes, please let me know how you are fairing with this one, thanks!

    I am always curious of other people experience.

    I believe sometimes it can be different for everyone and it is good to share 🙂

    Thanks for having patience with my never-ending questions!

  • Hi Angelique7,

    Thank you for replying and sharing your relationship experience and your astro signs knowledge with me. That is very kind of you 🙂

    You mentioned in your both posts that you feel drawn to me and able to help me. I am the kind of person who won't refuse help from others in times of need. I never fail to offer my help too whenever I can.

    But what / how can you help me? Sorry, I am a little confused LOL. Anyway, please feel free to type away. Your help is greatly appreciated 🙂 I will wait patiently for your reply.

    Thank you!

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