I could really use a reading if anyone has the time

  • I am in a situation with money, work, family and two men that are both Geminis. One I have known since I was 14 and the other I have known for 2 years.

    I am confused about life, my head hurts from thinking so much and I really need to figure out, what in the world is my path choices.

    I am at a place where I have just gotten back into the dating scene. I had been out of it for 14 years. I hate dating. I would rather be with someone who really wants to share their life with me. I sure am not getting any younger.

  • Stop thinking and follow your gut feeling or your heart. You are over-analysing too much. Deep down you know what you want to do. If you hate dating, stop it. Just believe that the right man will turn up at the right time wherever you are - you don't have to go around looking for him.

    You feel like someone who is doing what she think she SHOULD be doing, rather than what she really wants.

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