My son is being bullied at school .. plz need reading will things change?

  • I have contacted the school and set up a meeting but its one kid who has managed to turn all the boys in the class against my son.. who is very friendly and has no ill will towards anyone.. the boys all bully him from the time he gets to class to the time he leaves.. I feel so bad. this kid used to be friends with him and this kid comes from a broken home and lives in a small garage apartment with his four other siblings and his mother. My son gets all the latest video games and gets just about anything he wants. It might be jealousy ... my son is becoming depressed and he is just ten yrs old!!! Please need a reading !!!

  • Dear Livingadream,

    I'm swamped with readings to do but read your plight and wanted to give you some angel "ammunition" you can implement right now.

    First, call on Archangel Michael and ask him to be permanently by your son's side. In an instant, he will be there. He is our powerful protector. He is full of courage and strength and will protect your son. I also want you to sit and tell your son about Michael. Go online if you need to and find paintings of him. He is usually depicted with a sword. Tell your son to call on him when he needs help at school. Explain that he cannot "see" Michael, but Michael is bigger than any bully at school and will help him. Practice at home. He can call his name out loud or he can ask him silently in his head to help him.

    You too need to ask Michael to be by your son's side every morning when he goes to school, and then thank him every afternoon when he returns for protecting him during those hours he was away from you.

    Next, I want you to start talking to the angels of these bully kids. These kids are fearful and insecure and operating from their "lower energy" selves. Each one of them has a Divine spirit just as you do, just as your son does, and just as we all do. Speak to those higher spirits of these kids. Ask their angels to help by intervening to help them treat your son with respect. Don't "demand" how they do it -- leave it to these kids' angels to figure out the best way. But ask for their help.

    Immediately, you will have angelic help beside you. All it takes is asking. And you've done that. So keep asking, and always always always be sure to thank your angels as you notice them appear in their many ways in your life.

    Angel blessings to you and your son,


  • Hi

    It is jalousy. Bullies bully because they have it rough. They want all else to feel as bad as they do. It makes their life easier, so they think. Its like a vampire, a feed lasts only so long.

    A way u may consider is dont give ur kid the newest of new bc not many obviously in his class can afford it, plus without intending u may spoil him too much.

    That being said ill also say if someone has seen ill toward u no matter what it is, ur personality, ur clothes ur shoes ur hair ur gadgets etc no matter what, they will discriminate u bully u make u uneasy n unconfortable throwing u off balance n keep u from the whole, isolate u until u cave in n leave quit or cry n get very ill. Bullying creates not just depression but also stress of magnitude n illness. Longterm scars includes selfdoubt, low self esteem, low self respect, seld damaging etc.

    I feel the bully is jalous bc ur kids has it all. Loving understanding patient well off parents that can afford new clothes shoes and gadgets without having to lack food or heat.

    Its still not right what he does. Ur kid could b scarred for life, trust me take it from one who waw bullied for years on end. I think the bully´s mom is overwhelmed with working making ends meet, so her kids gets food n clothes, but not much is left for gadgets and such. Correction, nothing is left once bills are paid n foods. Clothes could be inherited down the line of siblins.

    That family need social aide.

    I know its not fair when i say dont get ya kid the newest new. he suffers already. You´re a great mom ok dont doubt it. Once u are at that meeting, have ur son tell the truth bc thats the only thing that can help change it. if it makes it worse, consider taking ur son out n place him in a different school. And that as fast as u can. Not a diff class same school but diff class diff school. Which ever end solution you all come to, consider to have ur kid some counseling bc right now he believes as i did n many like us, that we are to blame, that we brought this on ourselves, and this if far from the truth. He is like me n many like us VICTIMS. As a child what can u do but tell ur parents ur teachers? The sooner the better.

    i dunno what to say else its a double edge sword. Both kids needs help, the whole class needs help, a wake up call. Sadly can we find discrimination all over, online, in class in workplaces in series n movies all over. N its sad. Very sad.

    I hope this helps some. Also tell ur son he aint the only one in that situation at all. He shares it with thousands others across the world.


    ps whenever ur son feels really sick but has no symptoms, KEEP HIM AT HOME. Its stress talking n that can make an ulcer n worse. Give him reprieves if u can.

    Blessed be

  • Thank you so much for your response and advice I will start that now. Thank you

  • Angerlreader and CharmedwitchBente .. I am comforted by reading your posts and both have excellent ideas that I will put into action. Please pray for my child and the bullies so that everything works out for the best. It is hard when you try to make life comfortable for your children and they get bullied instead... I feel like part of it is my fault and I will certainly keep it to the basics. Thanks again.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thanks we can use all the prayers

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