I believe I was cursed at 14

  • My parents were very religious and I was raised in church. At 14 a 15 year old boy and I had this little puppy love thing going on. It was completely innocent but for some reason his sister didn't like it. She had never married and the only boyfriend she ever had exactly left her at the altar. From this boy he told me she was a witch, did spells and everything even though she attended church. He really liked me and had fights with this sister and family about me. I don't know why they didn't like me.

    Anyway, it wasn't long before he started calling me names and giving me dirty looks at church and telling people in church I tried to give him oral sex. Finally he attacked me in the basement of the church. But no one believed me.

    I finally married at 18 to get away from my parents and church. But my husband soon turned on me as well and we lasted less than a year.

    I am now 47 and all my past relationships with men have been horrible. I have not had anyone hit me but emotionally I can't seem to connect with anyone. I've had men get other women pregnant while with me and just about even guy I have used me in one form or another. I can't even seem to get anyone to really care until after they have hurt me so much I've left or they have left me. Then want to come back.

    One guy stated I was too fat, not sure where that came from then called me about 3 weeks later stated he would have sex with me if I wanted. Again, this was one of the strangest conversations relationships I have every had.

    I know this woman cursed me to stop her brother from liking me but any man that is attracted to me, hates me. I know because I can't seem to get along with male bosses either. Please, please, please help me. I'm so tired of being alone. I need to know what to do to break the curse. I don't know how. Please I just want a life with someone, I don't know how long I can take this anymore.

  • Hmmmm. Well, I dont know if she cursed you, but seems from the story that you were being cursed by her.

    You can break the curse yourself. In a way it is only you who can break the curse.

  • There is nothing wrong with you honey. Believe it. Just have to learn to love yourself first and then others will. Think positive thoughts like they tell you in the secret. (good book to read )

    Negative experiences have just given you a negative outlook, which is understandable. Once you come to love yourself and realise you are not a bad person, life will take on a much rosier glow

    Anyone that curses you gets it returned to themselves 10 fold. It tells you this in the bible. Good luck and keep smiling

  • True words from libraloon.

  • Do you have any idea how?

  • Thank you so much, but something is wrong. I've gone back to school received a MBA and now working on a LAW degree. I also own several businesses and money isn't a problem. It's my love life that I can't seem to do a darm thing about. I can't make a guy see how wonderful I am. So, I guess when I die the government will get my money. LOL. Thanks again.

  • Hmmm.

    What can be done to remove a curse?

    A curse is something that is connected to the mind and the body, and therefore also affects the soul.

    To remove a curse. The words can be different, but it simply has to do with approaching the highest energy source that you have, God or whatever name you have for it, and open up to receive healing into yourself from that highest source.

    Say for example: Allmighty God, creator of heaven and earth, my creator and my healer, the father of Jesus Christ.

    Let me receive: what is the reason for the relationship problems that I have had through my life?

    (Receive the answer)

    Let me surrender that wich has been the reason for my relationship problems - let me surrender it to you.

    (receive healing, receive the surrendering)

    Do this excercise until it is healed.

    That is how I know how to be freed from curses and inner mistakes.

    Also, you could go more into details:

    Allmighty God, -

    let me receive: what is it in me that has attracted mr A to my life?


    Let me receive how the best inner feeling towards him feels like, so that I have the right feeling for this guy mr A.


    Then do this with guy B, guy C etc. Be open to receive healing of all past relationships one by one. If you feel it is necessary.

    The first guy would perhaps even have to be your first boyfriend.

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