I am very worried about this maybe someone can tell me what happened?

  • I asked this on another topic but she seems to have a list, but really would like answer sooner than waiting more weeks,months, etc... I feel i need to explain what i am about to ask. I had found an exboyfriend i knew over 15 years ago and he came from out of state to be with me but whole family had to come too this was last year in April. I feel most comfortable with him but not sure if he is my soulmate, now i have not heard from him since October. Just would like to know what happened to him? has been bothering me not knowing if he is ok or heaven forbid passed.

    Don't know if need this but will give anyway. I am Aries(4-17-66) woman and he is Taurus (5-18-64)

  • Your relationship is better for friendship than a more longterm intimate relationship. He is more irresponsible than you and you would have had to leave your comfort zone to be with him. He is not likely to have been faithful, either.

    I feel he has become involved with someone else. It is very serious with them - I feel a child is involved or on the way.

  • Could you give me an update on this situation. Thanks

  • He is feeling trapped in his situation and wants to move on to someone new.

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