Is this a good match? Captain?

  • I have posted in love and relationships about my fear/blocking of emotions (very young soul...). Now that the door has been unlocked, I feel very wild emotionally and out of control. I have started meditating and know that i have a lot of work to do.

    Some people who have given me some great advice and insight suggested I try to get TheCaptain to do a reading. My initial reaction was for myself, but I think I also want to know about a new person in my life. I am January 31, 1969 (I know I am Cancer moon and Aries ascending), he is March 20, 1979. On paper, not really that good, right...? But...

    Thanks for your help!

  • An interest in, even a yearning for, the life of ideas, music, art and dance will often appear in this relationship, which may also have a religious streak. Its view of life is often gentle, perhaps idealised, and its core emotional focus is more usually platonic than passionate or sexual. But sensuousness is also present in many different forms, with special emphasis on tactile and culinary pleasures. When the relationship is informed by understanding and sympathy, preferably along with some hedonism, the affectionate feelings that typify it may provide the basis for a long-standing relationship.

    The matchup will often force both of you to confront certain issues you consider unpleasant. Your friend's presence and influence for instance will lay bare the difference between what you Aquarian31 want (no hassles) and what you need (to confront your dark side); you will probably dislike this aspect of the relationship but may realise that it is essential for your personal and spiritual development. And you for your part can help your friend by encouraging him not only to recognise defeat but to admit when it has taken place, both in personal matters and at work. He does not easily acknowledge failure, and his ability to accept this kind of help from you presupposes a great deal of trust.

    You two will find it difficult to deal with the more troubled aspects of each other's personality. When reality sets in, or when you are pushed beyond your limits, you both may acknowledge that you have made a mistake in partner choice. Thus the relationship may teach both of you important lessons, not only about closure but about future, more realistic partner choices and the need for openness and vulnerability in matters of love.

    As friends, you two may share close, sibling-like ties, and your relationship may feature an air of relaxation and enjoyment. It is not usually as effective when you are co-workers or business partners, a context in which you may lack groundedness. On the other hand, your inspiration and motivation to bettering your social standing and job performance is undeniable.

  • Wow. Uncanny in every way, if not exactly what I wanted to hear. Even in the first sentence: we are both opera singers! I need a little hedonism (which he has definitely brought to me), he needs to admit failure and to let himself be vulnerable. WE have been having trouble being completely open with one another but we certainly have an "air of relaxation" in our interaction. We do have a very strong physical attraction to each other; that sensation is new for me and, I have to admit, intoxicating. Would have liked to see that this was a bigger relationship for me, but I see what you're saying.

    Thank-you for your insight! I appreciate it very much!

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