Spirit Guides/Spirituality/Meditation. some1 reply plz?

  • Can someone let me know who my spirit guides are?

    And if they have anything to tell me?

    Also, I was once told that a persian cat follows me everywhere I go, can someone tell me more about that?

    I also would like any advice on meditating and reaching my higher self.

    For a while now it's been difficult for me to meditate. I really would like to start meditating again and get some type of results.

    One reason I probably have trouble meditating is because how much negative energy that has built up in me these past months. So much frustration confusion negativity and depression.

    Any advice, or insight?

  • What kind of meditation do you do? Do you have a group?

  • I'm no expert but relax and Inhale saying "positive energy in" with each inhale. Good Luck!

  • I meditate with chakra healing music. By Deepak Chopra. Then I surround myself with the color I feel I need. White and then green and blue. That gets me in a strong zone where I can see more of my guides and things in the universal flow.

  • TheHangedWoman, I do normal buddhist meditation. There's different types of meditation? And no I do not have a group.

    Poetic555, thank you for the adivce and the good luck.

    Soapmaker, thanks for the suggestion. I think I'll try out what you do when you meditate.

  • Piscesgirl

    for cleansing and protection, this is what I do. You are welcome to try them, or try different methods : I did it for 3 years, and it works. but to each their own.

    first. clean your environment

    use sage incense, lit one or two every day. take it to each room in your house, try to go around each room corner to corner. after all rooms are done, leave it by the door (one at front one at back) or you can leave one at any room you feel like it (not necessary but you can). I am told that sandalwood incense will do, if you can't find sage, but I never tried it myself or if I did, not for long and only if I'm running out of sage and waiting for more supply.

    second, clean your self from lingering negative energy. use the gems It's quartz crystal, clear (not colored). Clean them every day, with salt under running water. no need to use handful of salt, just enough amount and no need to rub the crystals aggressively. You only clean the surface, so just a quick rub will do. tap water is fine, if you can't find fresh water, it has to be running that's all. then let the crystals air dry. when they are dry, blow your breath onto each corner of the gems. this way gems will work for you. when you blow your breath, pour your lingering sadness/worry/despair/anger onto the gems. Energize the gem as often as you can. find a place where the sun light can reach it and leave it there for two hours at least. The sun, like fire, is a great transformer. it will neutralize negative energy in the crystal.

    third protect yourself at all times. visualize white/blue light around you, hold on to this visualization when communicating with people, whether by phone, email or in person. the light will return negative energy back to sender and allow positive in. this way no more negative energy can attack you, and gives you time to work on the gems to neutralize negative energy that has been lingering around you for some time. don't share your gem with others, keep it safe. don't even let them touch it. the gem will absorb negativity you pour onto it and transform it, if the other person touch it when it is working, they will be hurt.

    Four, understand the concept of energy. we all live under the same universal law. what we send out will be returned to us. we all make mistakes. what you have to do is look back to the past, make assessment about yourself, be honest about the rights or wrongs you have done to anybody including yourself. learn from them and close the door to the past. make amends when necessary or possible. we all have been wrong before and to certain point, have sent out negativities towards someone no matter how small we thought it was. the more negativities we send out the more we get them back. so we suffer from our own negativities and negativities that others send us (which the universe will send back to them, but nonetheless they do hurt us). some energy can linger for years, depends on the intensity and the frequency it is sent. start to live your life in positivity from now on. refrain from dwelling in the past, anger, sadness, jealousy, wishing bad things happen to someone, despair, regret, revenge etc. revenge belongs to the universe. you don't have to pretend or fake a smile when someone wrongs you, lies, pretentious, denials are negativity. you can however, say, 'I am human being. you don't need to do this to me' or ignore them and move on. let the universe do what it always does.

    Five, Live your life in balance. nurture your physical and psyche. with the physical, you know you can go with balanced diet and routine exercise. do the same with the psyche. the psyche is link to the universe guidance, don't ignore it. you can find free yoga./meditation videos online. or go with your beliefs. read spiritual books that interest you, they are chicken soups for the soul.

    To calm you down, get Bach Flower Rescue remedy. any homeopathy store has it. you can also calm yourself down by saying This Too shall pass, repeatedly until you regain comfort. this also works when you start feeling down and negative energy tries to drain you or someone's action makes you want to send negativity towards them.

    Use affirmations, say it any time you want, out loud or in mind. Something like "I am positive. I will stay positive. I am protected. The universe will provide me all the help I need" or make your own. This is called reprogramming you, pretty much taking you to calm state and help you focus on the work you are doing. Don't fret if you feel down or fail, stand back up and try again. The affirmations need to include the request for universe help, for the universe help is the best support we can get.

  • about meditation, there are many types of meditation.

    I choose to do Zen meditation and Kundalini meditation.

    Zen is very passive. You practically sit in silence, only you and your breath.

    very calming, that I hear people sleep instead of meditating 🙂

    happened to me a couple of times too LOL

    but it's very useful to help you listen to guidance, although you will need to know how to deal with mind chatter

    Kundalini meditation is more active. It involves chakra opening and balancing, just like Kundalini yoga. You sit in silence but your psyche will be 'doing' some work. The result, doesn't come right away, but can be felt even if you are outside meditation. I will let you know my result, if you are interested to know.

    The instructions are long, so I'll post them only if you are interested.

    There are other types of meditation but I only pick these two because I've felt the advantages.

    Guides can come in any form. Sometimes they appear as angels, sometimes animals, sometimes spirits and to some people, humans (they are called mentors, among many names). Every one has a guide, at least one. It's possible you have seen yours, but you didn't know they are guides.

    Before communicating with them, you need to first make sure your guide is close or available to give you guidance. They are like friends. If you never talk to them, never listen to them, they will leave. They don't leave forever, they come back. But when? who knows.

    Now to find out whether they are close or available, to each person it's different. Some people find out through meditation, some people just pray and the guides will come, some people (like me) connect to them through yoga, etc. It depends on your beliefs, but meditation is very common and accepted by many religions or spiritual beliefs. So maybe you can try that.

    As soon as you find out who your guide is, then you learn to establish communication with them. This is sometimes harder than finding out, because gudies have personalities, they sometimes talk with symbols, telepathy and so on. They also don't always respond to you. Mine never responds if I ask questions about someone else. But she will, if I am asking about myself. Regardless, when you hear your guide's voice or sees them, you will know whether they are your guides or not. Guides will make sure you know that they are your guides, they may take you to places, or they will do things that other spirits don't do around you. Basically, you will know.

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  • I dont do any kind of meditation. It is called a spiritual excercise. But not a meditation. That is because there is no technique and no instructions in how to do it. It is called Subud latihan.

    Leoscorpion: Good explanation about meditation. Nice of you to share.

  • you're welcome soapmaker THW

  • Leoscorpion,

    thank you very much for your suggestions. I will try them and I'm sure they will help.

    Oh and I would love to know about Kundalini meditation. I'm interested.

  • ok pisces

    will post them tomorrow. gotta go.

    work early tomorrow morning.

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  • Do you or have you ever meditated with just a regular music cd playing,not something guided I mean? Pop, Rock, Country, Classical whatever your taste. Just wondered if anyone has ever gone this route.

  • I do both meditation and yoga with music

    in the ancient times people go to caves and mountains to meditate

    so there is still sounds, even if it's nature

    I use this type of music


    just copy and paste it to listen

    I never use rock music or anything else though

  • Piscesgirl

    I don't know how I forgot to post it for you

    Maybe I did, but admin deleted it ? probably there was a link somewhere:

    anyway, here is kundalini meditation

    Serpent Meditation To Awaken Kundalini

    To practice this meditation follow the step by step instructions below.

    1. Sit comfortably with your legs crossed. If you cannot sit with your legs crossed, then you may sit on a chair.

    2. Have your spine straight, relax your stomach and then close your eyes.

    3. Bring your attention to your breath and allow it naturally slow down. This may take a few minutes to happen.

    4. Now bring your awareness to the base of your spine and visualize yourself breathing from there. As you inhale and exhale, visualize the breath coming into and leaving this area. Continue for a few minutes to establish your awareness there.

    5. Once you feel concentrated enough, visualize a small black cylinder (lingam with the top cut off) at the base of spine. And visualize a small baby red snake (not a cobra) coiled around this lingam looking up with the mouth open.

    6. Once this picture is clear, visualize the serpent struggling to rise up the spine and straining in it's effort to do so. As it struggles to rise, it makes an intense hissing sound.

    7. When the serpent rises, visualize its mouth to be as wide as your body and as it rises, it's body stretches up, but tail remains at the base of the spine coiled around the lingam.

    8. This serpent's body will often rise and then fall back during the meditation, but the lingam coiled by the tail will stay fixed. Continue the meditation in this way.

    9. Success with this meditation is indicated by the eruption or great feeling of bliss, with the rising of the serpent. It can also happen that the lingam and serpent will move to various chakras along the spine, and if that was to happen continue the visualization using this new location as the base.

    Serpent Meditation Summary:

    The meditation above incorporates many important aspects of Kundalini Tantra and Kriya Yoga and it's practice can help in developing many of the important skills needed to practice such meditations. The meditation helps you develop the power of concentration, the power of visualization, chakra awareness, channel (nadi) awareness and refines your awareness.

    In addition, it helps you develop the ability to bring your breath and prana into various parts of the body, allowing you to cleanses your chakra and nadi system. And finally, it gives you a taste of the power of Kundalini Shakti.

    If you are new to such meditations, give yourself some time in mastering it.

    One final note. Often when you do such meditations, you may not feel the affects right away, but as the meditation clears blockages in your chakras and opens up your energy pathways, at quiet times you may suddenly feel the effects of this kind of practice as energy is suddenly released and your mind opens up to new levels of consciousness.

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