Hans, I spoke with you months ago..

  • Hi Hans, how are you? The reason for this post is because I am feeling something that you have predicted for me a few months ago. Upon reading some of your recent posts, it triggered the memory of this prediction.

    When I spoke briefly with you, you told me one reason that I will not bare children is because it will prevent my "transformation" At the time, I new I needed one, felt I needed change. Little did I know what this "transformation" was going to become. I am in the early stages.

    I have been feeling something changing in me for a very long time now. I feel as if these changes do not awaken, I will never feel fulfilled and can cause serious danger. I also feel that this may take a very long time.

    My questions for you is, what is transformation that you had foreseen for me? Am I on the right track? Is there anything I can do to improve this? (meaning will I miss something?)

    And do you see anything for me regarding where I will be a year from now? Do my unconscious dreams hold anything of importance? I want very much to learn.

    Sometimes, I feel I am on the right track....and when I take one step forward, I'll take two steps back. This is not a continuous feeling....but a fear, nonetheless. I do not wish this fear, but I am not sure if I can overcome it alone.

    Your guidance is greatly appreciated.

    Humbly yours,


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