Tarot interpretation, especially for King of Cups

  • Hi All,

    I did a reading on an existing relationship (romantic) and wanted some input in getting interpretations especially for the outcome card.

    The spread is 9 cards, where: 1&2 signify where we are in our lives (in general), 3&4=how the relationship started, 5&6=how it developed, 7&8=where it is moving, 9=outcome/essence of it.


    1&2= IV of wands and Chariot (where we are in our lives)

    3&4= ace of pentacles and IV of pentacles (how the relationship started)

    5&6= moon and VIII of cups (how it developed)

    7&8= IX of pentacles and VIII of pentacles (where it is moving)

    9= King of Cups (outcome, essense of it, where it's finally transforming...)

    Any help? Many thanks in advance!

  • 1 and 2: Stable environment, one in which you completed the first phase of hard work for. It tells me you have what it takes to move in any direction. I sense a lot of willpower and strength.

    3 and 4: More strong foundation cards. This suggests to me the relationship got its start from a career/school route. You might have both been studying at the time when you met? Anyone studying abroad maybe?

    5 and 6: There was a rocky development, one where things were uncertain and maybe even worrisome and frightening? One or the two of you may have been looking in another direction.

    7 and 8: More hardworking cards. The nine is all about inner self while the eight of pentacles focuses on purpose. I would say the relationship is moving inward where the two of you may enjoy more time alone together to think about your values and direction. On the other hand, it could mean the idea of spending time alone without each other, focusing on yourselves individually rather than as a couple.

    9: The King strongly emphasizes control and mastery over emotions and emotional matters, but he isn't quite comfortable in this realm. Fire is more of his element. Beneath it, the relationship could be intense. With this card comes deeper thought, perhaps with a strong emphasis tied to spirituality that gives the both of you something to look forward to. It lets you bond. It is also a card of understanding and counsel, one where the two of you grow stronger and mature, as the king itself indicates.

    Wow... I found your cards inspirational. I hope all is going well for you. I hope this helps.

  • thank you for your input! we broke up...it's very strange that my tarot cards have been rather positive. I expected death, tower, 3 of swords...I don't know how to take it. Maybe all this signifies that I'll benefit from being alone. I wish I could tell if our lives reunite.

    Thanks again!

  • Hey decembermoon, I am sorry for such an inaccurate reading. I'm also sorry to hear about the relationship. I do hope things turn out better for you. Just take one day at a time.

  • You see, I don't know how "inaccurate" it is. I did another spread where King of Cups was once again my outcome and I had some pentacles. Lately it's been cups and pentacles...even though the relationship is over. Does that mean that the breakup is supposed to be making me feel great? Cause it sure doesn't. LOL. I don't understand what the King of Cups is trying to say: that the two of us will be acting like everything's okay [mastering emotions] even though we still feel for each other? Sigh.

  • Ok, take a breather! You might want to step away from the cards for a while and then return to them. About the king, I do have my own personal interpretation for the King of Cups when he appears in my life, obviously he is someone with whom I share a very emotional association with, mostly romantic, and he is usually not a mature individual. 😉 If he keeps coming up reversed, it's more of a warning about these issues. If I were you, I'd write down the cards that keep recurring for you the most when you do these readings. Note whether they are minors or majors, which determines their significance, if you have a fair amount of control over the situation (minors, yes; majors, no). The fact you have cups and pentacles suggests to me that yes, you are handling emotions as well as issues of security and value. Some readers say you are lacking in the opposite element, meaning swords and wands (objectivity and passion/action). From the cards you do get the most, try to read them as one reading. Other than this, you might want to look at the reading as directed towards you. Draw some cards for yourself and see if there is a similarity with previous readings you've done for you and him. Is the overall messages the same? I hope this helps.

  • Hello,

    Regarding the King of Cups, this card could actually represent your ex and symbolizes one who whises to be involved emotionally but is nevertheless cautious about immersing himself in feelings, which are, by their very nature, ambigous and confusing.

  • @ Virgitp,

    Thanks! I find it uncanny to keep getting pentacles (especially King of Pentacles and 9 of pentacles--I got them 3 times probably) and cups if only because I always thought they were positive, foundational cards. Do you think the King of Cups here could then be more of a friend than a lover? and What to make of King of Pentacles and 9 of pentacles along side of the King of Cups?

    and @ espearite--you're right, I should take a step back. It becomes such an addiction to know more and more, especially when you're a beginner and you're confused by one spread so you one after another to gain more meaning.

  • @ espearite: Also, I looked over your interpretation once again and, you know, it sort of does make sense. So let me thank you for your interpretation and give you feed back?:

    1 & 2. Right now, even thought we are broken up, I do feel stable. I know where life is taking me (amids the chaos I see the shoreline for myself). Emotionally, things are obviously off right now but life is not as out of control as it was a while ago, for me at least.

    3 & 4 : Yes, the relationship started while I was still in college.

    5&6: We had many issues, nothing horrifying, but we broke up once before, so it was definitely rocky (but not in a hateful, fighting sense)

    7&8: This would make sense now in terms of spending time alone, moving inward into ourselves and being individuals rather than a couple.

    9: I take it to mean that maybe we'll have to "water down the heat"---try to be platonic friends. I think King of Cups really stands for him. He's so intune with his emotions, very sensitive Cancer man, but also excercises control over them with a sense of duty (he's like Justice and King of Cups together). But I don't know if this direction implies "bonding" together platonically and having warm feelings towards each other without intensity that's underneath...or....we'll "grow stronger and mature" into a better couple, romantically.

    I guess only future will tell.

    Wow, I really like how indepth this all was. Thanks!!

  • Thank you and you're welcome, decembermoon. I didn't see this post until today. 🙂

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