Would the Captain take a look???

  • Hi and thank you....You seem to be a very sought out individual and I have a feeling the reason no one has answered my post is that it is a touchy subject...Would you be willing to give me a reading on your thoughts to my post. It was done today and labeled as a female health question by myself and I think it is on page two now of this thread. If you would I would greatly appreciate it. I have a lot of other questions regarding a book I wrote and my kids...if you pick up on anything at all...thank you!

  • MollyKathleen, I am not getting pregnancy here but more of a cry for attention. Your body is telling you that you need more rest and care and I also feel you are seeking to draw some care and attention from your husband whom I sense has been neglectful of you.

  • Ok...Thanks...That actually puts my mind at ease because it would put of some things I have planned in April. I prefer to be the wallflower on the wall it keeps things more mellow around the house...lol

    Have a nice evening and I appreciate your time!

  • Are your books about or involving children because I feel children are your area of success at the moment?

  • LOL...Actually, yes it is. It is a Jr.High level Vampire Series...the first book "Jade" is with the editors now. These editors actually called me and asked if they could Edit it for me and they said they normally don't do these, so I am hoping this is a good sign. I am waiting...patiently...lol...then I have to find a literary agent and hope they can find me an editor. Needle in a haystack...any guidance or feeling on it?

  • I'm confused - do you need an editor or not because I thought they offered to do it - what exactly does the editing involve anyway because if it is rewriting, you should be doing it. They might make chnages you don't like.

  • I should also add that if your health problems persist, you should go see a doctor.

  • Goodmorning Captain...You scout out an editor to find all your boo boo's and they make sure your book flows. They don't change the story. Once I get it back from the editors (any day) I should have a mistake free 275 page novel that I will then have to send out quary letters to literary agents who will represent me (who have the in with Publisher companies) to market my book. Publishers won't even look your way without an agent and an agent won't look your way unless your book is publishing ready.

    As long as I get my "woman" time of month next week I will probably just assume my cycle was interrupted like it was last month coming 10 days early...I first thought it might have been my Thyroid...but I don't know. Maybe it is all stress related. I have health issues but you wouldn't know looking at me (intestinal/colon...self inflicted when I was younger)...tall and thin.

  • Are you talking about manuscript assessment services? Oh I thought you had already found a publisher. My confusion. Yes the big publishing companies require you to have an agent or go through manuscript assessment first before they will look at any work. It's a difficult process these days.

    Your body is reacting to your tubal ligation - a sort of physical protest that you can't have children although emotionally you do want one in order to receive more attention from your husband. Try writing a story to a baby - not to be published, just to speak to the child you wish you could have. Then your physical symptoms should subside as you work through your feelings.

  • It must be a subconsious thought then. I have too much going on to want to have any more kids. I work with preschools up to high schoolers all day long and then I come home to my own brood and fights...lol..The only time I with my hubby is when things are calm in the house because he is very demanding.

    I keep hoping my book will be a hit to pull me out of having to be around kids all day long. It was only recently I even wanted to HOLD a baby again and it was only a brief time.

    Does that all make sense?

    Funny we are talking about my editors because after almost two months I just got an email from them...weird!

    Thanks..I don't know who you are really or where you are but you are insightful and sweet to talk to all of us who can't figure out our own lives!

    Smiles to you!

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