Bermuda Triangle: Any connection?

  • Just a quick question that popped in my head after watching the History Channel. (I am a history-lover.)

    Does anyone here think or know if there is any connection to the Bermuda Triangle and the spiritual world? Is it possible that it may be a portal of some sort, or is it just malarky? Why do things happen the way history has explained it to happen in the BT?

    Maybe I'm off my rocker to think that it is some sort of connection to the other world, other side, other planes, etc. I just get a feeling that it might be.

    Any thoughts, anyone?

  • Yeah, I think the Bermuda Triangle and Atlantis are both very mysterious.

    I wonder if the methane gas was causing damage to the aircraft and ships alike, still where are they going? Usually they "disapper out of thin air". Wouldn't there be wreckage? Or a crash site? Or something? Or does the gas make the object dissolve?

  • Good morning ladies,

    What an interesting topic.

    I have always believed Atlantis is NOT a myth. Edgar Cayce described it and he is a medium I truelly trust.

    The methane gas makes total sense because the earth is constantly evolving. Maybe the Burmuda triangle is a black hole here on earth?

  • Whoa! That is too freaky. It would make sense since no one can ever find the remains of any missing ships/planes. A black hole on earth. hmmm Pretty wild thought.

    I wonder how advance they were in Atlantis. So very intriguing.

  • If that's true, then that's just awful. Well, on the other hand, at least it would be a quick death, and not so much a drowning....I hope.

    Good research Mysto! Thanks! I do wonder if it has anything to do with Atlantis as well.

  • Wow that is so interesting. I thought about this when I went on a cruise to the Bahamas year ago.

  • We are on the verge of creating a true cloak. There are documents out there about warships etc being experimented on. There have been ships that went into the triangle,later to be found that floated out of the triangle only to be found empty. Maybe Atlantis is being hid by a cloak, and is waiting for the right time to reemerge? They were highly advanced, and then everything just poof, nowhere to be found.

  • Mysto -- Come to think of it, I remember seeing an episode on the History channel or Travel channel about a man that flew through the BT and accelerated his trip to get there. I had forgotten all about that one. He survived by got there in record time, but could not have done it in "regular time".

    LibrianTiger -- That reminds me of a movie that I watched a long time ago. Honest to goodness, I can't remember for the life of me what it was called or who starred in it. It's on the tip of my tongue. There was a ship during the Second World War that disappeared, only to send the main character into the future. I want to say it starred Mel Gibson, the more I talk about it.

    Anyway, if you saw that movie and remember it, do you think that this cloak may cause something like this? Or is it just a maneuver for the people to escape a ship/crisis without being seen? Pretty interesting too, I saw they were cloaking tanks. They showed evidence of our military is able to make a TANK invisible! (Or appear to be invisible via cloak). So, are they doing this everywhere? Or is it only possible in the Bermuda Triangle?

  • Amantium, the move was The Philedelphia Experiment, supposedly based on some true events, it was really wierd, you can find lots of info on the web regarding The Philidelphia Experiment. GJay

  • GJay -- I had no idea that movie was based on true events! I'll definitely look into it. I am a sucker for history, and movies based on a true story. Thanks for the info.

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