Accurate pls

  • im a virgopig female with a relationship with virgopig male..isnt good or a relationship with aquarious rooster also

  • Hi. There's a websight called Fantasy World . it gives an account of each star sign and who's compatible with who . I have in saved in my favourites and I consult ot all the time . Accoridng to it Virgo's and aqua's are not compatible . Let me know how you get on and I hope it helps.

  • Virgopig, I feel your realtionship with the Virgopig male is more like a brother-sister relationship than a seriously romantic one - very close but not for love. There will be a lot of sparks flying with the Aquarian but if you can stick it out, you both will learn a lot from each other.

  • Well, Really i really like with this virgopig but to hear that so badly seriously romantic very close but not for LOVE is upset?...means were not meant from each other well i understand now. But why he told me he loved me and i feel love inside too.He has already a daughter but not married in a scorpiorooster but he has many girlfriends i accept that even it hurts and he already know that i have bf a aquarianrooster like what ive said. I really push him with that girl coz he has already a responsibilty with them and marry the girl than flirting others.he told me he want to marry me but keep refusing him because of that...I dont know what on her minds really are. Sometimes i wonder how traitor he is, a lier, a vulgar, unfaithfully demon etc likewise....well i hope maybe it all comes in the end...Our brains cracked...i want him out of my life....

  • Most i don't like with him for over criticizing me but i understand him... I want him to accept me for who i want to be well he knew it...

  • Hi llindieloo, 🙂 sorry to intrude, I cant locate that website you are mentioning...

  • How about my Aquarian Rooster my legal and currently bf? When can i find my true love or destiny in my life for life... mmmmm

  • Virgopig, you feel very confused and scattered to me at the moment. I think you need some time alone to sort out what you really want in love and in a relationship.

  • im ok dahhhhh....The Empress" and "The High Priestess" broad mean

  • HAPPYdoc. Try fantacy world Virgo best and worst relationship matches, let me know x

  • im interested in tarot how can i know my future here

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