Do i let him go or do i tough it out???

  • I had met my now ex when we were just kids in high school, we were together for 3 years and it kinda ended badly....we just didnt know how to deal with so much emotions at a young age. I have never felt so much love for another person and i know that we are perfect for eachother. after the breakup we dated other people, i had a son and things didnt work out with the father and now 5 years later and failed relationships we had found our way back to eachother. im ready to grow up and settle down and my ex wants to live the party life. I feel like i should wait for him to grow up but how fair would that be to me or my son? im a scorpio and hes a cancer, were pretty much perfect for eachother but how do i make my point without being to pushy or scaring him since he is so emotional?

  • hmmmmm thats difficult but i see what your trying to say and i think that if your really ment for eachother youll end up together...but for the time being just let him loose let him live his life and you live yours, youll meet new ppl (men) and in the end when he has grown up if your still single then you kno..theres where you wanted to be all along. i hope this helps atleast a little idk in what other way to explain it

  • I think that if you are with someone who is not ready to settle down, they won't. And if he wasn't willing to do it for you in the first place or for his son, then he might not be worth your time. However, I do agree with lovehurts07 that in time maybe you two can work it out if you both are still interested in one another.

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