• I really need some help from anyone please! I have a crush on two boys, they are friends and I think that I may have blew it with both by a instant message to one of them I think that the other boy may have found out and may feel hurt. They are SK and ST please need some advice to ease my mind. should I just stop talking to both of them and see what plays out??? I

  • Huh, you have a crush on two boys? And they are friends? Hmmmm. They both probably like you then. Please just let go of this desire - then maybe you will be able to feel how you feel truly - without the desires - for the two of them. Truth is really important here. Not honesty to them, but honesty to yourself. How do the two affect you - truly - and mirror who you are in the best way? But please dont focus on the desires, those feelings are just of disturbanse.

  • thanks for your advice!!!

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