Reaching your full potential.

  • On a spiritual level how would someone like myself connect to my guides? I feel as if I can do much greater things with what i possess. Can anyone provide some insight?

  • I call myself Phoenixly Henry because Im an aquarius, and This Phoenix is apart of my soul. Thats why i put this picture up. Its on my face....

  • Your guides are already connected to you, henry. All you have to do is look around you for their messages which can come in many forms. Ask for guidance and be open to answers. Ask a question then maybe you'll hear a song or see some words that have an answer or maybe a friend or even a stranger will say something that has meaning. Be open to all forms of communication. Mostly though it is your inner gut feeling, your intuition, through which you will receive a message or feeling. The guides always encourage us to be our own best guide.

  • Exactly thats what ive been doing. You know much about the language of the Gods? Or the Green language. I understand That but i never knew others knew about it.

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