Calling all Libra's !! Why do we thrive on being chased?!

  • I have sat and thought about this and often wondered if Libra's are really that crazy..Why?? because when we meet a guy ..OUR automatic fire of being chased kicks in, and if they play the game the way most guys/girls do, we lose interest and move on to the next shiny thing if we are NOT that into you. its like we want to see how far he/she is willing to go to pursue us..Once they have shown that it's on to the next one...

    Also..why do we mix and confuse s e x for emotions?? IF the s e x is off the charts good, eye contact allll of what we thrive on..Why is it that we think we might have feelings there other than just plain old good s e x???

    If we are in a relationship ( at least me) and the sex has fizzled..I began to wonder if I still am in love with the person bc once what I felt fireworks and now it's nothing.......So I begin to try and weigh things out in my head if I should walk away or stay and stick it out...I have yet to walk away bc the s e x is bad, but it crosses my mind enough to know that it plays a important part with me if I am with someone......Sometimes I think Libra's are one of the most messed up signs when it comes to relationships.....However I have scorpio cusp gemini moon, and scorp in mars and in Venus ....It could be I am just that messed up lol....Please give me your input

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  • ahahahahahhahahahahaha you DESCRIBED MY LIFE lol. Libras 4 life! Oct 19, 1988 🙂 I like shiny things, which doesn't have to mean an actual item, but anything new and exciting and I love the "game" I date a lot and I seem to thrive on the chase, if there's no sport in it, It feels so lackluster. I agree with ARIESPISCESCUSP, I am always chased and it's fun to me. I'm still young (21) so I don't worry about it too much. I had 4 different days for Valentine's Day, one on thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. UNFORTUATELY I ended up in the ICU for the week and had nothing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was quite funny when they all showed up at the hospital with my vday gift. Thankfully, we are rescheduling all of them when I recover lol.

    Anyways, I think We are just flirts, admit it! We love changing people's moods and seeing if we can affect their emotions. When I am in love it has to be an adventure and it has to shine brightly, I love men who get my mind racing, if he cannot stimulate my mind then it's BLAH. For me it's mental first then physical. I date internationally (haha) meaning very distinct and different types of guys, racially, physically, education-wise, etc. It's fun, and I like meeting new people 🙂 Of course, I enjoy my solitude, whenever I am not being a social butterfly, I am always alone in a coffee shop or something and I do not look at my phone. I need a balance of the two sides of life, if not, I start going off the rocker (a lil crazy).

    lol I am not sure what kind of libra I am, I heard I am a crazy one as well. lol

    Great thread fellow Librans, I love ya'll 🙂

    ~Brianna ❤

  • For some reason virgo men and I don't mix, they seem great but they end up cry babies! I enjoy the company of Saggs, 🙂

  • Air and Fire suppose to be better for each other. I am on the 18th and I was not one to have more than one interest at a time. I do understand the getting bored part that's why they better have something to teach me or they won't hold my interest. I like to always learn so their mind is very important to me but not the one who talk completely over my head. Usually if they have a passion for a craft or something that they work with their hands I am in there learning all I can. As far as chases never cared for them.

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