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  • Hi and thanks for answering!

    I had a tubal ligation a little over six years ago...fertile mertil! I am either experiencing some PMS symptoms I have never had before (due in about 5 days) or I am pregnant which would mean most likely it could be ectopic. Can you please help me? My new symptoms are REALLY sore nipple, right shoulder discomfort, metallic taste in mouth and achy right above my pubic bone. A couple days ago I had a couple sharp stabs on my left uterine area.

    Thank you!

  • Perhaps someone (Captain??) is needing more information...Soooo..I am 37 DOB 5/8/72...hubby's name begins with a "W" and his birthday is 6/15/72...

    I would love some help or any reading would be greatly appreciated as I live out in the "sticks" of the West...lol


  • Hi Molly,

    I am not blessed with the gift as most of the people here are, but I had very similiar symptoms when I had an ovarian cyst burst...However I did have an eptopic pregnancy burst about a month and a half before the ovarian cyst...so I am not sure if that had something to do with the symptoms or not...My doc told me that the pain I felt in my shoulder was from blood that had been pooling in my lower body from the cyst that had burst...I was very week as well too. I hope that you are not experiencing this, but I know how horrible it can be to just be miserable from pain...I hope you feel better soon, and I would definitely suggest getting to a doc asap! Best of luck! 🙂


  • Thank you for answering...I am pretty "in tune" with my body so I it bugs me big time that I just am not sure. I know the failure rate is really low but still...crazy body of mine...I don't have time for failure rates or issues! LOL!...If I don't "start" in the next week I will go to the doctor. I just don't know what to think... I am hoping not to be in your same boat, how scary... I hope the "Captain" is right! I have been in a much "higher" mood since his reply...M

  • Stress and hard times of any kind can do funny things to a woman's body, so It could be just about anything. 🙂 I hope the captain is right too! 🙂

    Best wishes! 🙂


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