Love in between a leo and taures

  • I found this man about 5 months ago. WE JUST RETUNED FROM MONTSERRAT 5 days ago. I am haed over heels with him, but have put my heart on the line and all I get is heartbreak! He treats me like a queen and is educated like i am. I am so scared. I want him and he wants me actually asked me to marry him but it is so hard to trust again. I am 46 and he is 66, although he dosn't act like that age. Age is just a number. I currently live with a 73 yo and have been for the past 4 years but he has put me through hell.I don't have sex with him nor sleep with him, I have my room and he has his. I can handle him but he is an alcoholic and very mean when drunk which is every day. Any insight?

  • Hi barbidol626.... why dont you live by yourself for a while and get to know this other man for another 3-5 months till you figure out if it's really something meaningful or just infatuation... but no one better than you will know your true feelings... 🙂

  • you have a valid point! your right time tells all. thanks for the response. I am the type of person that just goes for it and always end up on the wrong end! Don't want to go through that again, It really hurts to be let down. I need some space and time like you said to take it all in instead of jumping off the edge again!

  • i'm a taurus too... its good to be sincere and spontaneous and be able to love... you deserve a better living situation anyhow... the other subject would sort itself out 🙂 good luck!!

  • you right i do deserve better than where I am at! And God willing if I take this last leap of faith ,it might finally be the right one! Don't know unless you try Right?

  • Barbidol626,

    Takes things slowly, don't rush into anything!

    I am a Taurus, I dated a Leo last year. He was kind and generous and treated me like a queen. He got very serious with me very quickly. He was a nice guy but not for me. They are very "ME" orientated, needs lots of attention and like to be the centre of attention. I got bored with him very quickly and realised it was not really him that I wanted, he was just staving off the loneliness for me. It was unfair to him and I wasn't going to settle just to have someone.

    I learnt my lesson to not rush into anything just because I was lonely and would like someone in my life. Please take your time to make sure he is the right one for you and you will be happy with him long term. It will save you both heartache.

  • thanks for the feed back. I will take it to heart!

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