Any thoughts on this mess?

  • Hi,

    Long story short....

    My contract at the hospital ended the end of December. I went down & filed unemployment. Only problem --the employer denied it, though it was not through any fault of my own the employment ended. I was a good employee, but most states are at will employment so an employer can let anyone go for any reason.........legally! I had had an instinct that I would get it no problem. But obviously I was wrong.( I never thought my employer would have been this scandolous!)

    Its February and still no decision, and we are have moved to the appeal process. I am still waiting to hear about an appeal date, which is probably about in 2 weeks, since the employer responded to the appeal.

    To my surprise I saw an HONEST atty., and at that point she said I didn't need an atty to write the appeal & she said she felt badly if she took my money.

    I've tried looking for work , but in this horrible economy, I haven't been able to find work. I have savings that I have been living on but that won't last much longer...maybe 2 more months.

    Deep down inside I have a feeling that the appeal may go in my favor but then I get this nagging worry... that its not. I had been very positive about this appeal until a few days ago & I have had this feeling that I can't seem to shake.

    Now I am just really really afraid. I have never had this back and forth its going to be ok or no its not.

    I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason.And on the positive side this has really been a blessing in disguise, since I go to school and have been able to really study hard.

    I would truly appreciate any thoughts or feelings on this that anyone may have. I have thought about getting a reading but...........that takes money and I am afraid to spend money since I have to really be frugal with what I have got. Thanks!

    Blessings to all!

  • If i can help or say anything is keep fighting it and be sure and be truthfull and seek any information about why you were denied and what the company said the unemployment people will send you a letter telling you why keep all your courespondenance and stay with it i got fired Feb 5 2009 and still do not have a job yet i did go to work for 3 weeks pulled a mussel and they told me if i can not do the work they can not use me i said what and they repeated it 2 more times and when i tryied to draw my unemployment again the company said i had quit so they could not pay me and i fought it and won it i try my best to live in truth and i really beleave truth will win every time but you sure have to fight for it and when i got fired in feb 5 2009 i came home and on feb 7 2009 my wife served me with divorce papers she had emptyed the bank accounts i had about 150 dollars in my pocket and now i live in my daughters yard in my travel trailer dont get me wrong i am gratefull for what i have i had to use all my retirement and she is trying to take everything that i have worked for for 21 years but you know what i fought for the truth it was proved in my first fireing i was doing my job and there was no reason i should of been fired but i did not get my job back i am 58 years old and i have never been without a job this long and it dont seem to be getting any better i dont mean to be a downer but be prepaired i never thought i would be out of work this long and i apply all over the US my retirement got me by till i got my unemploymemt going i hate to tell you but you know the goverment does not get in a hurry it took 6 months to get my first check but you get it all back pay at once then you get it every 2 weeks i wished someone had been able to tell me what i might go threw beleave me it was hell i say all this so maybe you can at least prepair for this is what i went threw i hope and pray you do not have to dont give up and fight for whats right DC

  • Thank you so much for answering. I am so sorry about how things turned out for you.

    Now that I am part of the sytem, I see how its lacking. I know behind my sad story there are so many more. I hold no malice toward my employers, can't change the chain of events.Though I am scratching my head & wondering whats wrong with them....I do know the answer for was purely $$$ motivation on their part.

    I am just really scared, because I have no where to go. I have a dog (125lbs) and a cat. There really is no where to go for all of us.

    Like I had said I deep down inside I believe it will all work out but no thats getting harder to believe. I am not one who likes to dwell on the negative. I am trying to hold onto my belief that I will be ok in the long run.

    Hope things turn around for you~

  • Hi

    I invite you to take an inner voyage. An inner voyage, where you detach from what you see and from what is impractical for you. Detach from everything that is a challenge. The challenge is to stay calm. The challenge is to trust the Divine. The challenge is to believe that everything will be allright. The challenge is to see that you are taken care of. And to see it happen.

    I am not preaching about God. I am preaching about the inner guidance that may want to be taken notice of. The inner guidance from yourself. Believe that you are a divine being - a child of God. And that you are actually with the images in your mind creating everything that you need and want into your life. Therefore surrender to that divine will inside of you and believe in it. Dont say it is not possible. Say: I believe. Say: I am my own saviour. And the saviour is in me. I am in The Highest, and The Highest is within me. I and God is one. Everything that I need, will be given me. Everything that I want, will be granted me, because I trust my highest will more than my fear. I trust the Creator of the universe, that it will always take care of me.

    Fear is dangerous. And actually far more dangerous than - in many cases - the problem itself. This is a challenge. How is it possible to not get a job?

    This is not only about positive thinking. Sometimes the solution is only solved by a miracle. Do you believe in miracles? Accept that you are Gods child, rich in every way. Accept that you have everything you need. Accept that you are allready where you deeply wish to be.

    Accept that you are taken care of by the Divine. Imagine that, see that in your mind. Dont think that it is a waste of time. Receive change. Receive healing of your everything. Receive healing of your life. Open up to change. Open up to the receiving of the right job in the right time. Open up to the receiving of the right contacts, the right amount of money. Open up to all of that.

    Create your own universe of how you wish your life to be, and for the situation to be solved. create images in your mind about how you wish your life to be - and believe in them. Believe that the divine God is always there with you, always listening to your thoughts, always waiting for you to believe. Believe in what you do not see. Believe in healing of your whole life, inwardsly and outwardsly. Believe in this image of the perfect life and create it in yourself. Let it be true. Let it happen. Let it come to you. Feel the peace. Wait for it to happen - faithfully in trust that it will happen.

    I apologise for - hmmm - preaching about God. But really, what is the problem about that? Believe in the impossible, that what you feel is impossible actually is easy for God to do for you. Even if you dont believe in God as a consept or have any religion at all. Believe it for your own peace of mind. Detach from the reality and accept peace of mind.

    Like a kind of meditation. Then, after that, needs action. If you manage to detach from your worry, or even your whole focus of the situation - then perhaps you might see an easy solution to the problem.

    I am not saying that your problem is small. It is not an illusion that this has happened. But I am just advicing you to take an inner voyage and experiment in how to create images of peace and the perfect life in your head and then have faith in it. Not only that, but "see" it happen and act as if it has already happened.

    Other than that, I advice you to ask for a reading through this forum.

    I am a bit afraid that you will feel upset about my actionless advice. I just want to say that from peace of mind comes many good ideas. Even if you use a completely extreme approach like I have suggested. I have done it myself, and it created miracles in my life. That is why I give you this advice. Because it worked for me.

    Peace and love from the hanged woman

  • Another approach is to have no images in your mind at all - absolutely none. But many dont know how to do that. When in such a state, healing happens inwardsly and outwardsly. When no fear and no focus that there is a problem at all - suddenly things fall into its right place as if the problem was never there in the first place. Non-action in faith.

    Although many dont know how to do that. If you do that, though, suddenly a person might come and say: "Hi, I heard you are in need of a job. Listen, why dont you work for me? My company needs someone like you."

  • Hantged Woman~

    That was beautiful!!! No need to aplogize about God. I think I had said something that deep down inside I knew it would be alright. Thats because I trust in a higher being. Up untl very recently I hadn't any negative thoughts, only the inner voice that things will work out no matter what.

    One thing our human-ness does to us is we operate on "clocks", where time is limitless to those who are above us. Time has no boundries, but humans have a way of making things fall into these constraints.

    I think thats what shook me up the most. The disturbing change from one direction to the next.

    Yes I do meditate and I love where meditation takes me. What you speak of is similar to the law of attraction. Or am I off base with that? We bring to us what we stand firm in belief.

    I haven't done a deep meditation in a while and I think I am in need of that.

    It was such a relaxing response to read. Thanks for your time!

  • This happened to me Dec 11th, a company can do so, but ethic and moral gennerally win it took till mid jan for my decision. Yes i was granted the benifits, they let you go with no cause. Period. That means they had a "lack of work", meaning no position or hours offered, companies are downsizing and the unemp dept knows that. I was laid off. Lack of work is what i filed. I feel that you will be ok in this matter, meditate...Divine order, divine abundance,keep energies at a positive, its hard i know , you will attract the vibretions you send. Best to you.

  • Thanks turboxs! I am sorry about your situation. What is so sad there are so many of similar situations like ours! Thats why I really hesitated about putting this out. I didn't want a pity party or make my life sound like a sad country song, when in reality....this is common occurnace in our country right now!

    I plan to make some time for some very deep meditation. If anything its so good for "internal housekeeping"

    And like I said this was a great opportunity for my to focus on my studies w/o being pulled in a million directions.

    Even after I posted this, I don't know what it is but my new negative thoughts... seem to have subsided! Not going to question it....just enjoy the life I have been given,

    Blessings !

  • working at a hospital you have experience to work in any hospital start applying on line look at

    the future not the past even if their is a reseccion everyone needs hospitals were all human

    theres got to be a job in one of them

  • Hi magicspell~

    That makes so much sense and that is why I keep telling myself to wait,, something will happen. I live in no. kentucky where the hospitals within a 30 mile drive have hiring freezes or they are only hiring students. Or I don't have a bachlors degree to do managment. I know what the media says about a demand for medical employees, but what demographic area are they talking about I wonder? Its so bad here even the new grad nurses aren't getting hired. I would even work as as student but I am governed by lisensure...

    I'm a respiratory therapist for 18 years. It's like a nurse flipping her liscensure from rn to student nurse they don't let you do that.

    I'm at the point I am willing to do anything anywhere till something opens up. I'm not that proud.

    Also in the world of hospitals, in the midwest area here they are all in an alliance. So if one certain hospital has a hiring freeze, it affects all of them.

    Like I said in my earlier posts.......something will happen. Its the waiting game thats the killer!

    Thanks for replying I just wanted to explain what the situation is here.

    Blessings to you!

  • TheHangedWoman

    That was awesome many walking in fear w/ the economy few jobs etc. I too lost mine in 12/06. It's been an experience.I truly appreciate your suggestion about taking the inner journey.

    Cheers Pfree

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