Candles: with special properties, anyone know a good site to order from?

  • I was wondering if anyone had a good legit site or know of anyone who makes healing candles or candles with special properties (healing, positivity, love, good energy etc.......) 😃 Thanks so much ❤

    Amor y Luz y Mas Amor! ❤

    Brianna ❤

  • hi brianna i just googled healing candles for you and there is a whole page of sites for that!ok? just google, have you used these before? and do they really work? just cuious

  • I know there is a lot of sites out there I was just wondering if there were some legit legit ones lol Thanks so much for helping though! I haven't used them before, but hey it might work! I want to try the whole feng shui thing and see if it has small changes, (moving things around, being cleaner, candles with specific energies) etc 😄

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