Angels_How to ask for help from our Angels??

  • Hi, I would like to ask how can we contact our Angels and ask them for help, is it through prayer in our minds?

    do we have to talk out loud?

    If we speak a native language do they understand both?? (this seems like a real dumb question)... I feel awkward talking out loud, could I write a letter to them?

    How many Angels do we have??

    Thanks in advance to all that can give advice on this subject.

  • I once said out loud with my normal speaking voice: "God, if you want me to go to church tomorrow, then wake me up in the right time."

    The next day I woke up by a childs voice saying my name into my ear. I woke up from the voice and saw then there were noone in the room. The voice had sounded like from a boy aged about 8-9 years old perhaps. Or perhaps even younger.

    I dont go to church often, but that day I did go to church. Since I had been woken up by someone who was not visibly there.

    Angels are angels of God, they understand whatever language we speak.

    In the Bible it says that Jesus once held a speach in many languages at the same time. As he spoke, everybody heard what he said in their own language.

    When in a prayer, the body might move by itself, the voice may move by itself, the words may come by itself, the song may come by itself.

    If you see it like a kind of meditative prayer, perhaps you may feel it more natural to make such an approach to speak out loud to the angels in anticipation that there are angels there hearing what you say.

  • Thanks, I want to learn and feel more in contact with them 🙂

  • Lonelydoc,

    Good morning! Don't worry at all about how you "talk" to your angels -- just talk in whatever is comforting to you. You can talk out loud. Or silently in your head. And yes, you can write them a letter. They hear your "intentions" -- and your word choices don't matter. There is no "right" way to talk to your angels. Just talk. Like you would a best friend. You can even type your words on a computer or send it in an email to yourself. They will hear you.

    And as the other forum member said, yes, they understand you in your language. The more you talk, the easier it is for you. And as I mentioned in my angel reading to you, Archangel Michael is always there with you as are your other angels and they would love for you to talk to them every day, asking them for guidance or advice or just a listening "ear."

    They do give you signs as the other member mentioned. She asked for a sign, and they gave it to her in the form of a voice of a child. How great is that! They are quite creative, so be sure and ask for signs for yourself. Then if time passes and you aren't seeing any, you may have missed them, so ask again. It'll be so fun to receive them that you'll keep asking for them throughout the rest of your life!

    Angel blessings to you,


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