• I guess this is not really a comment more of a what i have noticed. After doing readings this half of the year i have noticed the focus of money from last year has shifted to how can i be better. This shows me more people are becoming aware that the more we put in the more we get out of it. Just a little hint a guidance i have been giving to the clients who are caught up in affair. Focus less on...ïs my married lover going to leave their spouse for the focus of do i really deserve to come second?...just my note of a little guidance lol

  • Absolutely - people should examine their own attitudes before they blame others for ruining their lives. Generally you get back what you give out.

    There does seem to be a welcome change in consciousness occuring...

  • yes i agree, and i am happy to report 3 of my clients have given themselves permission to come that excites me 🙂

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