Sagittarius Craft Challenge

  • The Sagittarius Sun signifies a time of year that is ideal for travel and expanding your horizons, whether physically, mentally or spiritually ... but it's also the beginning of the holiday season!

    This month's Cosmic Craft Challenge invites you to share your travels by creating holiday cards that make use of your unique journeys. Maybe you want to incorporate a picture of yourself in your latest exotic travel destination; maybe you want to create a card made from the natural fibers of a certain region and decorated with that area's cultural ornamentation; or you could even write a poem or greeting using a phrase, song or story you learned while on a journey.

    However you choose to do it, we want to see where you've been and how it has affected you, and we're sure your loved ones do, too. So get working on those cards, and upload either a photo or scan of the finished card or, if it's a digitally created card, just upload it directly!


    • Post a photo, scan or upload of your craft, as well as a description of how you made it, from November 22 to December 15 in this forum topic.

    • Polling will happen from December 16 to December 21, with live results displayed in the Forums. Each participant may enter only ONE project.

    • The lucky winner will be announced on December 22, when the Sun is in Capricorn.

    Simply hit "Reply" to enter. Good luck, and happy travels!

  • I went on a Road Trip to see my son... driving from Southern Ontario right across to Waterton Alberta. I painted an oil painting of one of the views I took a photo of .... and incorporated it onto a digital card.... my soul opens up whenever I view this painting.... Elle How.... It's amazing how our Soul opens up when we surround ourselves with Nature.

  • Well I realized... since I had never done this before it was way too big.... but I still hope you enjoy the view... my soul was opened up in a way it never was before... at this time of the year... we must remember that dreams are only a heartbeat away.... and life is what you choose to make it... my choice is to make it magical for all of us... Merry Christmas and Best Wishes to all of my fellow Worldmates.

  • Okay... sorry about all my problems... but I really hope this works.... Merry Christmas All

  • What a beautiful painting you made, Ello! I can see why it calls out to your soul ~*~

  • Thank you Lioness65... I really appreciate your comments... I do believe it is my calling....and it's sooooo much fun...

  • paint what calls out to your soul 🙂

  • Well I thought that there would be more entries.... so if there are where are they?

  • So am I able to vote for myself?... funny thing thou... must be the way things are going right now... this is the 2nd contest that I entered and am the only entrant... the world definitely works in mysterious ways....

  • Well, Ello, perhaps after seeing your beautiful painting, everyone else knew they couldn't possibly compete with it!

    Of course, the winner is Ello! Ello will receive an autographed copy of Your Astrology Guide 2009 by Rick Levine & Jeff Jawer! Ello, someone from will be in touch with you shortly via e-mail to arrange for you to receive your prize.

    Thanks everyone, and check back soon for details on the new craft challenge for Sun in Capricorn!

  • I am completely honored and blessed.... and very very grateful... but I believe that we are all very talented and that art is not a competion... we all create in the way best suited to ourselves... to make our world that much more wonderful and special... thank you so very much... I feel at home on this site...

  • Congratulations Ello! 🙂

    I'm pretty much "craft-challenged" but I do enjoy seeing the creations of art everyone makes and posts here...some very talented people at!

    Enjoy your prize and thank you for sharing your beautiful picture with us.

    Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice ~*~

  • Thanks Lioness65... it's my pleasure... nice to see you around at the different forums... you are very wise and helpful to many in our community... and a Very Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice to you as well~*~... I'm sure you have some talents... I do believe they are in your words...

  • Awwwwwwwwwww, shucks! 😉

    That was very kind of you to say, Ello. Over at the blogs I go by my real name, Denise (I thought the forum and blog names would post the same, but they don't)....anyway, I saw that you offered to share your coins to help the person who is running tight on finances, and I thought that was such a very sweet thing for you to do. You truly live the meaning of the holiday ~*~

    Peace and blessings to you ~~~~~

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