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  • Read about the dream I had last night on the thread- Any Readings Y'all. I really need some help with this. I tell the whole dream there but can tell again if necessary. It really scared me and disgusted me. I feel like I am being attacked! Don't want it to get worse. This has all happened at my b-f's house. Last night, I felt spirits and wanted them to go away so I did a house blessing w/ sage and right after I had started, I got really light headed. I felt so bad that I felt like I was gonna fall if I didn't sit down. I have vertigo (due to a car accident) and I get light headed ALL the time but never as severe as this. I don't feel anyone believes me. Is my lack of self confidence why I can't protect me or my daughter? She said last night that she felt like someone poked her in the leg. It felt like a finger. I always cover her in light 3 different ways but tell her that only she can ask for the assistance of God, angels, and her guardian(s) Apparently, I can't do nothing. I have a guardian. I even spoke to him right after my car accident before the paramedics arrived but I would like help BEFORE I really need it to survive. I want protection! I talk to God ALL the time and I do mean everything I say, I just feel empty (for everything) I need some help. I can't do that again. I only slept about 5 hours total. That was between midnight and 7:30a. I have problems sleeping and that's just another reason why this dream scares me so much. I haven't had a (vivid) dream in months!Please help. I am asking everyone that reads this that has anything to offer. I might stay at home. I know there are spirits here (and also mice) but apparently, this is hallowed ground I live on. There are indians burried here and 1 of my spirits, are here to protect it. Can he help keep me safe? The guy in my dream, really scared me and I don't want to see him again though I feel, this might just be the 1st time I see him. He was evil and I want him to go away. Everynight, I tell the spirits, that I want all the negative and evil spirits, to go away, that they are not welcome nor wanted in this house or property. And I say that if you must come, you need to be sent by God, surrounded by the white light of the Holy Spirit, come in peace and leave in peace. But apparently, nothing listens. I even asked God and Jesus, to spread their light around the house and get rid of the spirits. I asked. I was being sincere but I didn't feel it. I am gonna try going to church but I don't feel nothing there either. Also, I don't (and never really have) feel like I need to go to church to talk to God.But I will if that will help. I don't know what to do? Please help me? Thanks for reading.


  • Here is the dream ... I want to tell what happened to me last night and see if anyone has ever had similar things happen or even know what it is? Last night I had a very disturbing dream (which scared me and left me a little disgusted) which in itself is weird because I have problems going to sleep and haven't had a dream in weeks. Much less one I remember so vividly. At 1st, it was silly. I was with Bart Simpson and there were these 2 (cartoon) Looked like trees w/ thorns and I remember, 1 had only 1 eye, then they changed.( I remember Bart saying that "no, we killed their father" ) They turned into 1 human (maybe late teens, early twenties in age) he was red. But he wasn't red it was like he was dumped into some food coloring but twice because he had smears of red as well. He was shirtless and had long, dred-locked hair. I made a coment that I was gonna take this w/ me (meaning I guess the dead father tree) and he looked at me, his eyes were red and yellow and the red was glowing and I said well, maybe not and left. That is the part that scared me. (here is the disgusting part) I was eating a bowl of soup w/ live little fish in it. They were swimming around and I remember the consistency of it. It was gross. I would never do that and that is when I woke up. It was 2:45a. I only fell asleep twice for 2 hour intervals each and stayed awake from 4:45a til 6:30a. Got up at 7:30a to get my daughter up. I didn't have any dreams the 2nd time I went to sleep. Can anyone help? Tell me what that was or what the **** happened?

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  • Hi, This is the feeling I get from all of this. You feel there are spirits in your area. This has you uptight because you want to protect yourself and daughter. I believe, first, that you must have faith and a strong faith. I can tell that all of this has you very uptight and don't really know what to suggest. I get the feeling that you need to cultivate friendships maybe with someone that could help or guide you. If indeed you are dealing with negative or evil spirits, you could ride it out and see what happens. Calling upon God is a good thing. I don't necessarily think anything is going to over-take you. I, at times, get feelings that there is an evil presence outside my house. I also feel that I'm protected. I think it's a warning to be cautious. Continue to do good. Sage or incense is symbolic when offered with prayer. Water is symbolic when offered as a spiritual blessing--Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Good works are proof of our spirituality.

  • Hi Dalia. I know there are spirits because I have been dealing with them since I was 8. But, the good out of all this,I woke up. I was going downhill fast. I was falling in a hole, surrounded by mist. But, I know I am here for a reason. I decided the things that have to change and what I have to do. I felt better after I made this decision. I felt alot lighter, like a weight had been removed. And I felt most the negative leave. I feel better. If I kept going the way I was going, I probably wouldn't make it for 5 years! But that night, I was doing a sage blessing and I got real light headed and the same thing happened later when I was sprinkling Holy Water. My daughter told me that a finger was poking her leg. I had that scary and disgusting dream. I slept a total of 5 hours that night. (I woke up twice) I asked for protection but things seemed to get worse. But, I know I didn't like it, so it made me wake up and I also know, I don't want to experience it again. Either way, you know how they say "it is always darkest before the dawn" That's what happened. Thanks for trying but I think I dealt with it (and it seems to be in a good way. TTFN

  • Just just curious Mysto, what is you're interpretation? I think having ANY info helps.

  • There are hypnotherapists who specialize in spirit releasement who can help you. I currently have a negative, earthbound spirit attached to me from a previous life and hope to help him move into the light very soon, with the help of a very gifted friend.

  • Hi Sylvannah. I do also have a different take on what is happing with you. Miss D Angel is correct on the fish.. Fish are very informative, as far as the rest go, it is very possiable there is a negitive entity trying to influance the message that is being sent to you and negitive impact can cause great distortion! I do not see this as an attact on your daughter, but what I do feel is someone may trying to enlist your daughter to make you pay attention. If I can be of any further service please feel free to email me at I will help in anyway I can. Peace and blessings to you. Bentwing ^A^

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