Life's path ..

  • Am i finally on the right one , that good Lord had planned for me ? I know we shouldn't questions the plans he has for us , but just want to know I am finally on mine . I feel that I am thou .

    Doves46 ^A^

  • Dove, I feel like you are following a zigzag path to your ultimate goal. You get distracted by many things on your lifepath and detour frequently, especially to bad relationships. You tell yourself you want to help the people you get involved with but really you want them to help you. But you keep choosing partners who cannot help themselves, let alone you. You will move much quicker by fixing your eyes on the goal (do you know what it is?) and driving straight for it.

  • Hello Captain ,

    Thank you for replying to my post and I am sorry for my lateness in replying back to you . Yes, I do know what my goal is . I want to be a seer and healer for others . But unfortunately I have not been able to concentrate or even get time the proper time to myself to even fully educate myself about it all .

    I know what I need to know is inside of me ,I just have to get myself to the point of being able to bring down the barriers I have created for myself, to let things flow out naturally. I hope I am making sense here .


  • Or I have not a dang clue as to what I am talking about and it all just wishful thinking on my part . Maybe I just want to be something I am meant not to be . Who knows huh . I guess only time will tell .:-/

  • No I definitely feel you are meant to be a healer - it's just that you're not really sure how to go about it. Your healing gift might not be applied quite like other healers do it. Have you practised on others? You can pass on healing even through a simple neck rub.

  • Hi Captain ,

    Well , as far as neck rubs and massages go . I am not good at it . Simple because my fingers and hands go numb . I don't know why they just do . So I don't think I am cut out for that . So I guess we can rule that out .


  • Dear Doves46,

    I have your name on my list for an angel reading and will be sure and ask about your life's purpose as well. In the meantime...put some thought in to what you love to do. If you could do anything at all, and not worry about money or earning a living, what would your Spirit choose to do? Not your brain -- but your inner heart? What makes your heart flutter and gives you an extra kick in your step? That's a sign as to what your life purpose is. Your "goal" may not be your Divine mission. Or maybe it is. But it starts with what you would do if you had all the money in the world. It is usually something pretty simplistic but something that brings you immense joy.

    Angel blessings,


  • Hello AngelReader ,

    Welcome to my thread :O),

    Well , I really enjoy Photography and Woodworking ,But I don't get to do them often ,as most times life gets in the way . I also enjoy Writing - Poetry mainly. Those things I know I can do .I have even toyed with the idea of one day writing a Book of Poetry or some kind of Book .

    I have had a few of my Poems Published one time . But that is another story . Other things I love are Doves and Dolphins even thou they don't fall in the category of things I like to do . I just think they are beautiful . You know there is a God , when they were created .

    Take Care and God Bless You


  • AngelReader ... ,

    I guess I should add that I use to like to sketch also , mainly portraits of people . I haven't done that in a very long time either .That is pretty much all that I can think of;o)


  • Doves,

    Have you thought about joining an online author's site? The act of writing consistently would help you grow if you're interested in a writing career and you'd receive support from other poets and writers...

  • You don't actually need to touch people's bodies to give healing.

  • Thank you Archersbow for the information . That is definitely something to look into :O)


  • Hi Captain ,, and that would be Reiki.right ? I know i didn't spell that right .But I am sure you know what I mean . That is something I had a interest in also , not too long ago .:O)


  • Also magnetic healing

  • I have not heard of magnetic healing .will have to look into that ..

    Thank you Captain


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