Leoscorpion, can I have a reading please?

  • I'm a Pisces.

    I have been dating a cancer guy on and off for the past 9 months. Started off pretty fast and he wasn't ready for an official relationship. We had so much connection with each other.

    Now feelings have faded and yet I still think he may be the one for me. I don't think I can find anyone with whom I can have such a special connection. He makes me really happy. But I don't feel upset or angry or sad or emotional that we are off currently.

    This is the 2nd time he's ignoring and avoiding me.

    I'm born 09 March 1980 (female, GMT +8) and he's borned 04 July 1980.

    Would like to know about my love life and any possibility of him and me.


  • Ok let me get the reading done for HP first

    I'll get back to you soon

  • Alright. Thank you.

  • Dilphinus

    generally, this relationship works almost like a love spell on you. You are smitten by him, his presence brings rainbow and magic into your life. When you are with him, everything feels alright and nothing can go wrong. but there is too much passion in this relationship that you sometimes can't see his flaws, the real him. he enjoys your company. you both relate on many levels, intellectually, emotionally and more.

    but to him, friendship and family are very important. he has problems making you a priority when his friends or family need him. they may not really need his help, but he is always more than ready to spend more time with them than with you. Moreover, he doesn't seem to possess much determination and confidence. He often makes a move, be it at work or in love, only to withdraw when he sees challenges or sometimes because he thinks it's too fast of a move.

    You are charming and you do value friendship, but you can be too sensitive sometimes. Small things can annoy you without the other person intends to do so. I can imagine it troubles you when he is ignoring and avoiding you. You are affectionate and like to help, maybe you can find it in your heart to give him time to sort things out, including his feelings or whatever it is the real reason he is avoiding you.

    He is independent, not so much affected by family / friends when making decision, but he is definitely indecisive. It may take some time before he stops 'taking one steps forward and two steps backward'. I don't see him hiding anything, but if you are certain that he is being true to you, then you need to give him time and be patient.

  • Thanks leoscorpion. Do you think things will work out between us?

  • dilphinus

    I believe any relationship can be worked out as long as both party wants to go beyond their comfort zone, to make it last.

    From the looks of your chart, your relationship does have a chance to last but it definitely is challenging. I can't tell you the future of your relationship. Because the future is our own making. It's what you and he make of it.

    In this relationship, because of so much passion in it, you can't see his flaws in the beginning. By the time you see his flaws, you already fall too deep for him. So I can imagine you resent him more when this happens.

    I would suggest give him time, and you can use this time off for yourself too. Attend to your own needs, have some fun with friends, things that you haven't done for some time, change your routine or even adopt a new healthy habit. Live your life, and don't let relationship problems bog you down. When the time comes from him to come clean about his feelings, you will know.

  • Thanks once again leoscorpion.

    I'm actually on a holiday and we haven't had contact for coming 3 weeks.

    I think I'm starting to see his flaws and yet I feel that I can still accept them (for now). I may be starting to resent him quite a bit now though.

    He makes me really happy and this is probably the only reason why I want to be with him.

    Are you able to look at the chart and tell me how much time I should give him before he comes clean about his feelings?

  • dilphinus

    the chart only shows your and his personality based on planetary position

    it can't tell you how long you should wait

    and it doesn't include life experience or upbringing influence into personalities

    if you give me birth time and place, I can see a bit more into the future

    but it will just see general chance, let's say chance for marriage or meeting someone new

    but it won't say who you will marry or who you will meet

    plus if you don't go out and about, you won't meet someone new.

    and if he never changes his behavior, you won't marry him

    just an example

  • Hello Leo Scorpion

    May I get a reading regarding a man I have known for a number of years please?

    My birthday is Dec 18, 1956 and I was born in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada (sometime between 2-330am) and his birthday is June 1, 1960 born in Palo Alto, California at approx 5pm ish or so.



  • Leo Scorpio is a nice combo...btw ๐Ÿ˜„

  • ^ angelikah i'm getting vibes that you are VERY neat and orderly, it's quite overpowering.

  • My DOB is 9 March 1980 (GMT +8). Time of birth between 1600hrs to 1700hrs. Thanks!

  • dilphinus

    2010 - 2011, your family life seems to experience some sort of problems, might have started in 2009 and gets worse. this could be anything from money, health, education, career, lawsuit etc. they may need your help or they can deal with it, but pretty much you can't turn to them if you need help. they will not be available for you as much as they used to. personal life, however, you seem to be fine, pretty much friends and money you seem to be protected. you may even win something, or receive financial support somehow. you might also get a raise from work, although I can see job situation is actually not improving or getting worse. so the money may not come from work. romance life, unfortunately, doesn't seem to improve. you still have the chance for new romance, or keep current relationship alive, but chances for long lasting romance or commitment is decreasing, at least up to mid 2011. Decreasing, means you will still find happiness, but not as much as you expect : be it currnt or new romance.

    this is just a forecast. remember, the future is your own making.

    when it comes to romance, go with your heart. the forecast only says chances for long lasting romance is small, but if both you and he fight for your relationship, you will beat the odds.

  • Thank you leoscorpion ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

  • youre welcome dilphinus

    angelikah, I will do yours tonight after my ritual.

  • This is silly and kinda sad can u do a compatiblity or not comp. Reading. Because I need clarity on past relatonship my b day is 3/16/1980 2:59 pm his is 9/9/1971 I don't know time and it's birth was in ca. Mine is Hayward almeda county ca . Please

  • Hi Shmeco

    Highpriestess has you listed on her list, on her thread.

    I would suggest you wait for her reading, then if you feel like you need more info, you can give me a shout on her thread.

    I am trying to limit going back and forth more than one threads for one request. and ovelapping of reading.

    Plus Highpriestess has more knowledge of western astrology than I do.

    You will find quite an accuracy in her reading, so do wait patiently for her.


    I'm working on yours.

    I will do

  • Hi leoscorpion, could you do my reading? I'm new to this, and I would like to get some insight....having relationship problems with a Cancer at the moment...my birth date is 11/2/83 born between 9-10am ish...his birth date is 7/14/85, don't know his time. Any help would be great. thank you so much!

  • HI Leoscorpion,, I don;t know where to start,, so here goes, I'm having what I think is problems,, but others say no,,, My birthday is June 27 1973, born St.pierre manitoba, at 7:50 p.m. my boyfriend is Jan 9th 1964, ontario canada, approx 5-6 a.m. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

  • angelikah, here is your reading :

    For general compatibility, if it's good it's good, if it's bad it's disaster. you both are similar yet different. but polar opposite attraction is always there, only because deep inside you both admire and despise each other, for the similarities and differences. Without respecting each other and willingness to work your differences out, there will be a lot of problems in this relationship.

    You both have Mars in Aries, aggressive, often impulsive, switching projects before completing them and end up with too many on hand at once. You both will need to adopt more patience and perseverance with each other, or talks will be impossible. You are a caring person, you enjoy comfort at home, surrounded by families. He is also always willing to help those in need and devoted, but both of you are subject to mood swings, easily annoyed. You both need to learn to let go of things you can not control and do not over worried over anything, this is the most reason why you both are easily upset.

    You both are intelligent, relates well intellectually. You both like to study and explore ideas. But you are rational and rather aloof and he is more of creativity and can be very expressive. He is somewhat unstable in love. Maybe because he enjoys flirting and admiration from many. You are rather intense in love, you are devoted and so you are easily jealous even if you donโ€™t show it. This may cause quite a friction in your relationship. Try to communicate your feelings before letting anger takes over, sometimes your intensity can get the best of you. Maybe you are right, he is unfaithful, but what if he is just enjoying the attention of many (women or men) and not going further ?

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