Scorpio women

  • Much is made in zodiac discussions about scorpio -- dark, mysterious, sensual, erotic, etc. Well, I have a very simple story. I dated a scorpio woman, and maybe it was my scorpio rising that made us click, but we almost completed each other's sentences. I was crazy about her, and we had a wonderful relationship. And yes, the physical side was exceptional. I almost married her. But I discovered some things she had hidden and it caused me to pull back. Not totally. I did mention the physical side was exceptional. But I did not marry her. Some one wondered if male and female scorpio can work out without destroying each other. I say yes, by all means. Good luck.

  • I am a scorpio woman with pisces gemini and taurus. I feel that most scorpios do better in a relationship with another scorpio, for the very reason that we are so mysterious that we are the only ones that truly know what we go through--like kindred spirits we just click. As for that completing each others sentences connection, it's a natural scorpio talent(stronger than most peoples) that's heightened by a true deep connection. My best friends and/or partners have always been scorpios and most of them are in fact male. I honestly believe that a match-up of the same sign(any sign) if it works out is the best kind. And for the physical side, not to toot our own horn but, WE ROCK!!! I hope this helps someone.

  • I am a scorpio woman who was with a fellow scorpio for over a year. It most certainly was an emotional, and deep connection. We got each other, and not many people will understand you as a scorpio, but who's to say that's a bad thing? We like mystery after all. However there's just an inner-connection you most likely will not feel with any other sign, it's a good feeling to be understood for once. Scorpio/scorpio relationships in my experience can also be very very demanding, emotional, and hard work. But aren't we here to evolve? Isn't this what we as scorpios are all about? This will either work out or not as with any other relationship, but this will most definitely be intense, and if you are strong enough the benefits will outwiegh the struggles by heaps. As a scorpio you more than likely want someone who is more than meets the eye, where you get more than what you see, and a scorpio partner is exactly where you will find some substance. Good luck and remember we are a very powerful people, only use it for good and good will be sure to find it's way back to you.

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