Lost in my dreams...spilling over into my daily life...need sleep!!

  • Hello! Im sleepless everynight...and when i do go to sleep, i wake as if i lived another life, while i was sleeping. I dont remember them....but, things happen through out my days or weeks, that i recall things, things done, fellings, situations ive been through but really i have not.

    How can i remember them so, i can understand whatever they r trying to tell me? Im so tired, does anyone know?

  • Hi sleeplessdreamer, It sounds to me that you are starting to come into a [Moon Phase] a time of psychic awakening. It might help to write a list of all of the negative verses positive things in your life in two columns. This is just a start. Keep a pad and pen by your bed and when you wake up write down the dream symbols or any memories that you have. You may start to remember as the day goes by, feelings of dejavu can also give you guidelines. Look up the symbols in the dream dictionary and also remember what has been happening from day to day. Sometimes repressed memories will enter into this state and will eventually surface in your waking state as a mixture of confusing symbols and confusing your senses. One method of sleeping is to visualize a black cue ball that is used for playing pool with. Visualize this ball with the number 1 on it, when you see the white number in your minds eye then roll your eyes back and here comes the number 2, then 3 and so on, do this over and over again until you are alseep. This will cause a chemical reaction in your brain that will put you to sleep. There could be physical, chemical, allergic reactions that your body is trying to tell you about. Keep a daily record of what you eat, I used to keep a piece of paper taped to the fridge and wrote down all that I ate. Then I went to the doctor and found out that I had a thyroid problem. I am not saying that this is anything physical, it is always an option to check. Maybe also find some one who can check out your passed life. I know that this sounds too simple, but it may be a start. Lola to you and yours.

  • Hi Sleepless

    I´d suggest u to write ur day down before u go to sleep. preferrably let it remain an hour or 2 before u actually head of for bed. When it comes to weekend try n write all down what u forget to get written during the week. I feel this will help u sleep.

    Another aspect is a whole slew of planetary actions is happening right now and its making many sleep poorly. So its not ust ur dreaming or astral travels that affects you.

    As for the dreams ur subconscious has recalled all ur conscious mind forgot. its layered archived in ur subconscious. A reason for this much travel is prolly to teach u again what u once knew in a past life which fist ur life now, to wit it can help u cope.

    To tap into it, get writing. Best of luck dear


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