KEEN Psychics?? opinion needed

  • Hello All... I have just started participating in this forums lately although I've been checking since 2000 I can hardly remember... anyhow...

    After not understating a situation I saw myself into the last couple of years... I resorted to calling Psychics... as you can imagine some advisors at Keen say positive things "it will happen, be positive, have faith etc etc" and some said "NO give up, forget about him it'll never happen, etc etc"

    I dont blame my own decisions on their advice, I've realized no matter what they say I still feel a certain way and I have to deal with reality anyhow...

    But I thought I'll ask all the wise and perceptive people here in the forums, their opinions and experiences with Keen advisors and who (if anyone has had predictions come true) is reliable...

    Or better yet how to understand how they can seem to "see" "feel" completely different things... how can this be??

  • Sorry about the long post but I hope this will be helpful for you and others in your position.

    The first thing about Keen psychics you need to realize s that they are not tested. You can't tell whether they are real or fake. Most of them (if not all) are fake imo. I remember when Kasamba(Live Person) started getting buzz .A lot of people on a work from home site I was a member of were telling others how to get on board. Lots of them who jumped on the bandwagon were not psychic and would tell you so. They just liked reading tarot or knew how to do it. I like reading tarot too and sometimes think I'm pretty good but my predictions are almost always off. I would never go on a site and charge 7.99 per minute for my "talent" but maybe that's me. I even think they had some "referral fee" feature if they could get people to sign up as advisors (and get clients) in the beginning so that also casts doubts on the validity of real psychics being there.

    These workers would attempt any job that allowed them to earn a bit of money w/o having to leave home, pay gas money, or pay for babysitters/daycare. Anyone can join those networks and anyone does. I haven't spent much time there but I'm sure there are tons of people to stay away from. The ratings don't help either since they usually come from friends, other fellow psychics, or poor repeat callers who just can't seem to make a single move in their lives w/o a psychic telling them what to do. On Keen you only have 90 days to leave feedback but most people leave it immediately after the call. Some psychics will only give long term predictions so if they are wrong there's no way to rate it if you're waiting for confirmation. Too many psychics there claim they can perform spells which is generally a big red flag. If they're talking about affirmation statements and such (law of attraction) you can learn that anywhere and it'll be more effective.

    If you do a search on you'll see lots of posts about the psychics there. One thread has a list about psychics (good and bad) but as usual it had certain psychics mucking up the water with their own toxicity. If someone said a person was good, you couldn't be sure it was planted there.

    In the past I had tooled around with the idea of having a psychic review forum but it's too difficult to discern real clients from fake ones (or psychics pretending to be clients to insult another psychic or make themselves sound better).

    Supposedly, California psychics is supposed to be better only because they claim to test the psychics first. How and what the tests are I don't know. They don't have as many psychics as keen/liveperson and the same people on the work at home site I mentioned earlier say that it is very hard to get hired there (translation - not just anyone can join). This could just mean you have to be a really good storyteller - I don't know.

    One school of thought about Keen and Liveperson psychics is that if they were really good they wouldn't need to use these sites - they would have their own business instead paying the exorbitant fees that Keen and Liverperson imposes on their psychics. I've always heard (from people who claim to be psychic) that a really good psychic is one who doesn't even need your name or date of birth or for you to explain your situation in any depth. They will know why you are calling. They will give exact names, places, maybe time frames. They will prove they have a gift before going forward. There was a debate among advisors at one time as to whether Keen/Kasamba psychics should give a free reading to people so they can show they have a connection and a real gift. Nowadays it seems like the argument is "my time is valuable why should I give away something for free. No one else does." No one else except lawyers (free initial consultations) and people in generally accepted work fields who don't charge nearly as much as some of these psychics but I digress.

    The real question is has any of the Keen psychics done that for you - given you very specific info so you are confident of their abilities? From my brief look at the site, it looks like they do need d/ob s, city state, etc. . . That's fine if they're doing an astrology chart but an astrologer is not necessarily a psychic. If they are advertising as a psychic, they shouldn't need that much info. I know some of them exchange notes about clients while others use software programs to plug in names and d/o/bs and just read you what is on the screen (like the decoz numerology software).

    In light of all this, I'm afraid the best thing to do is listen to your own voice. If this is about a relationship, the only way you can completely know about anything is to contact that person and ask them about it - if possible. Otherwise, there's no point fretting over it. What's done is done. If you really want to consult a psychic, I think the best way is to find one locally (not online) and only go if their reputation is good. Find friends or coworkers who have been to that person and can give you examples/evidence about their readings. If you can't find any independent reviews of the person, you're just gonna have to sort through your issues with the tools you have. You can do it. Everyone can.

  • Thanks tenchi2go, all the info you give is very true and I did find those posts on rip off .com, I just wanted to see if someone else here had gone through some of the same experiences as me...

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  • This post is deleted!

  • bump

  • Hi Wenchie, actually I'm glad you put "bump" in here because I've read in other threads and I dont know what it means... hahaha

    Anyhow, I did contact this lady you recommended and OMG she's really really good... and I'm very very happy I contacted her

    so THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for your advice!!

    I have to see if my dog wants to pee before going to bed hahaha

  • Hi Lonelydoc,

    Bump is just "bumping" the thread back up to the top of the forum board where it can be seen more easily.

    I am so glad you were happy with her, she really is very very good and very gifted, which is why I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her. She is a true psychic and genuinely wants to help people. So Lonelydoc, you're welcome and I hope that helps guide you down your path.

    Best wishes....

    Wenchie 🙂

  • Actually, I'm happy to help you stop wasting your money on the fakes and wish there had been someone who'd recommended me to a true psychic to save me wasting my money in the past.

  • LOL tell me about it... I guess there's learning all along...

  • Dear Lonelydoc,

    I'm happy you had a good experience with the recommended psychic 🙂 I'm just wondering how do you know she is really good? I mean - did she make any predictions? or any other things that prove she's good? Just being curious 🙂


  • Hi HappyPeaceful

    Well she's the only one that told me to use that approach which base on his behavior it's truly what's been happening... believe me I have talked to a lot of them in 1yr and 4 months...

    I know I had/have to do something but didn't know what exactly and that is why I needed advice... she didn't give me timeframes but I didn't ask either...

    It is still me who has to be strong and dont give in, fight for what I want in life and in this relationship...

    "if you love something set it free if it comes back is yours if not it never was" is that the way it is?? I guess this time, I'm setting both of us free... we'll see what happens, it can't get any worse than the last two years...

    I which I had tried her advice at least year ago... if it doesn't happen (my ex and I fixing things), it'll be ok (eventually I guess)... I'll be free and I'll have explained myself with the right words and the right approach... I'll be at peace.

    What she picked on his behaviour and the reason why he's behaving like that makes sense, A LOT, I didn't think he'll still be in a grudge with me for something that happened two years ago... but it makes sense...

    I know it'll be really hard for me to be in the unknown after I have my say... that's why I'm asking about how to be in contact with my angels (in another thread).

    Hope this answer helps, you wont know until you try it....

  • Thanks a lot for sharing! I hope things will go well for you - wishing you inner peace 🙂

  • loneydoc you can bet she is on the up and up she won't even charge anyone if she doesn't feel or get anything. She is one of ours who left. You don't find to many who will be so truthful.

  • The Ins and Outs of Being a Phone Psychic:

    This is a post from another forum a few years back but may be helpful for users and potential phone psychics.


    I am new to the board

    but I did work for CA psychic for 4 years (as of two months ago)

    The pay is not too bad,but it depends on call back minutes and repeats (as most lines do)You must keep your line open all the time and it begins to wear on you

    After four years they booted me off(with out so much as an email. I went to log on and my extension was cut) for not spending as much time on the line. I had to take calls from horrible people as they will not let you block any one and I was simply tired

    I was recently working for but they said my calls were too long !! So Booted again! (with no email)

    (They always want coverage)and you can not have coverage if you are on the line with a client on a very long call

    I am now suppose to be working for Keen (but I am not doing any bidding stuff)

    I am not too sure though if they will be a busy line I logged in today and did not have any calls (log in was about two hours) last night was a little better but it does take time to get people to know you I will give it a try tonight

    I have been doing ""real"" psychic work for 30 years and I am also am counselor and transpersonal therapist and Shaman

    I beleive the lines are just not really good NOT because of the psychic's but because of GREED

    We are always threatened with jobs loss and they do a lot of arm twisting (subtle)

    I was told to lie and make up stuff(Like I see a vision so call back tommrow),too keep people calling back

    I think it is why I was booted off of asknow (I did not do as was I was told 😞 Also they "lost" two hours of my time and I never was paid for it

    It is common for that company to "lose" minutes on long calls (tech problems) and you had to keep a precise log but even though I did that I never was paid (or at least not yet)for my missing time

    We also had to do lot of computer work for them

    I was a five star but they booted me anyway

    I am hoping to begin my own business (just me no lines}

    I am wondering if any one is familar with pay pal and if it is possible for people to pay with pay pal with using your own phone line (not a 9oo line)

    I have long distance which you must have with no voice mail etc to work the lines

    I am trying to avoid the cost of a 9oo line at least until I see if it is worth it

    I would not charge more than 1.99 per min.

    I cannot beleive how much the lines charges and how little we see of that as employees

    20 cents a min for the employee and 4.29 for the company

    Yes it is true they have to pay for advertising but I beleive in the end they will simply lose because people just cannot afford that expense

    I would like to have my own "line"

    Appointments a few a day and not endless waiting for the phone to ring

    Please e-mail,if you have questions about lines

    I would be happy to help!

    and yes the lines have been slow..

    Everyone is hurting"

    Not sure what line this poster was using that she only got 29 cents. LP and Keen take about 40 to 50% off the top then psychic has to pay taxes on rest. Still it explains why they charge so darn much. Can't make a lot per minute and are expected to keep lines open=shorter calls for high/minute charges.

    The thing about bidding on Keen is that advisors bid on their positions in the listings.

    Still think finding people locally is best (or who own their own business/website). Fairer for both parties. Definitely less stressful for psychics.

    If you use a site that allows free minutes/free readings, keep in mind the psychics are not going to do a reading . . . if they choose to even accept you and not just hang up/disconnect. You should use the time to test for a connection w/o going into detail.

    PS: As for psychic texting (not necessarily chatting) - avoid at all costs. Texting companies usually pressure its employees to handle 2, 3, 4 clients at a time (sometimes more than that) and pressures them to leave people hanging as long as possible or to call back/become a repeat client. A few phone companies do that too when the psychic has more than 1 line. Couldn't find names for them.

  • Hi LibrasLair thanks so much for telling me this, what do you mean she left?

    are you a Libra??? this guy I'm talking about he's a Libra and his indecision kills me... I'm impulsive well... was I guess after him I'm having difficulty deciding anything... I blame our brakeup on my impulsiveness... so now I have a hard time deciding anything in regards to him...

    Hi tenchie2go thanks for sharing this... I did read also at Keen that the company does take a lot of money from them... I did have bad experiences in there but I cannot say all of them... what is true is that no matter what anybody says you still have to follow your inner guidance and do only those things you are comfortable with....

  • Lonelydoc,

    I want to assure you, tenchi2go, happy peaceful and anyone else reading this thread that the psychic I referred you to is definitely gifted. As I respect the fact that she is a very private person I will not tell you who she is, but I do know her personally. She has on occasion read for me (we are friends and I don't want her to feel I take advantage of her friendship to read for me for free so I don't encourage her to read for me) and has given me information through her remote viewing gifts that has been completely spot on. She is pretty much "clair" everything, highly empathic, can remote view and has guides that bug the hell out of her when they have a message they are determined for her to hear and pass on! We were chatting one night and she told me the man I was having issues with was thinking of me and would contact me. I tell you I completely cracked up laughing because we continued talking, general conversation, nothing to do with him and then he text me. She has been able to tell me exactly what happened with him, why, what he was thinking and described him (physically to look at) and his home to me in great (and correct) detail even though she and I are in two different countries and I didn't have a photo to send her and had never really described his looks to her (it's his inner being that I love and value not his outer package).

    I had no problems putting myself out there and stake my own name and reputation on the fact that this lady I recommended to you is an honest, extremely gifted, very kind and compassionate psychic who has the genuine desire to help other people with her gift. It is unfortunate that a turn of events has meant that at this time, she has turned to her gifts to suport herself, charging very little. In the instance of me recommending you to her the fact that she is a friend of mine is second to the fact that she is a true, honest, gifted psychic. I would not be comfortable in recommending you to someone just because they are a friend if I did not believe in my heart that I was doing the right thing and honestly helping you to find someone that was not going to rip you off, lie to you or make things up to keep you coming back. I know that this woman's morals and high standard of ethics, integrity and honesty would mean she would NEVER lie or make something up to keep working for a place that demanded she do so. First and foremost to her is the importance and desire for her to help. I know that if she was working right now again, she would go back to not charging for readings. The way she works is she tries to help people help themselves, she does not want people to rely on her to keep coming back and reading, she wants them to be able to learn and grow and sort through their issues.

    I hope this makes things clear for all. Anyone who knows me on this forum and who has spoken with me knows I operate from and value my own integrity and honesty.

  • Thanks Wenchie, I completely understand where you're coming from, I really do and I was truly happy talking to her. She's wonderful!!

    The problem I have is that I have no one to talk about my issues right now, that's why in a sense I become depedant on them... because everybody else is tired of me trying to decide what to do and what approach to take... we have been like this for two years...

    P.S. I changed my name because I had a dream about it, someone told me to change it to get rid of the self-prophecy thing... I was so tired dont remember details about my dream... I was asking my angels for advise but dont remember if I got it or not 😞 LOL

  • Wenchie,

    I'm not posting this information against the one person you are recommending. I don't know who she is nor do I want to know. I'm certainly not putting it out there to say that you are a liar - I don't know you so I wouldn't dare make that type of judgment. I am posting it for anyone who goes to these sites and just picks a person at random (or after reading those oft-times skewed reviews) hoping for a good experience. The odds are stacked against them. I think people should be informed of the fake ones (and how to avoid them) and the real ones (and the pressure/strain/unrealistic expectations many endure using these sites.) I personally don't know how real psychics under those situations can give consistently reliable readings to every person who comes along and to connect and read the person as quickly as they are required to. I would think that could affect the quality of the reading depending on the site/line. However, I know many legit psychics use the sites/phone lines as a stepping stone toward obtaining their own clientele and developing their own businesses.

    Of course, word of mouth recommendations (that I mentioned before) are going to be more valuable than all these website rating systems . I'm glad you can recommend someone. I can't recommend anyone since a lot of keen/kasamba/asknow/ etc. . . psychics are not reliable or really only give common sense advice but no predictions.

    Happydoc, I hope the psychic continues to work out for you. I did think it counterintuitive to have a retriever as your avatar but have the sad screen name lonelydoc. I don't think I've ever encountered a sad/lonely retriever - not even at a rescue shelter.

  • Hi tenchi2go, thanks for the comment LOL my dog actually is extremely mellow sometimes I ask myself if he's depressed or something... he's an old dog (like 9-10 or 11 yrs old). I dont know his age because I adopted him this May will be three years!! He is wonderful!! and he makes me very happy!! do you have pets??

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