To Take Control or Not

  • There seems to be two confusing groups of thought out there about what to do with your life. One New Age camp seems to be in favour of taking charge, of standing up and pushing forward with all your might to get things done for yourself. The other camp seems to favour waiting for the Universe to act, of trusting in a Higher Force to take care of you, to give up control and await guidance.

    I mus admit to being a bit confused. Which is it? Does one 'rule' apply to half of us and the other to the rest? Are there some situations where control is good but not in others?

    Your thoughts?

  • That's a really interesting question and one I've been pondering for a while now too. My own conclusion is to make every step towards a goal that I can. If doors are shut though and setbacks appear consistently then maybe it is time to consider another route. I have noticed in my life that when a situation is "meant to be" everything just clicks into place and happens quickly. Other times when I have been pushing toward something I think I want and setbacks occur, usually another door opens in an opposite direction that I had never thought of and ends up being a better situation than the original goal. So, to make a long explanation even longer... 😉 my own belief is to definitely go for what you want full force but also try to remain open to other opportunities. If there is something better out there, I believe fate often intervenes and creates what appears to be setbacks. This sets you up to be open to some thing else you had never considered. Like that song... You can't always get what you want but sometimes you get what you need... or something like that!

  • I agree with you Stonyeye. I too have found that things seem to fall in to place when they are "meant to be." And then when everything is going well, it suddenly all gets complicated again, and everything becomes a challenge, and it seems that we are fighting an endless battle. I seem to bounce between the two extremes. I push forward for what I think I want or need, then I pull back and wait for the universe to make it happen. Feels like a roller coaster sometimes. Perhaps the universe sometimes takes care of us when we need our faith renewed, but then we also need to take control of our lives and put forth thr effort to make things happen.

  • Hi, TheCaptain is a very interesting the issue you brought up here... and Stonyeye and MissyMill... a lot of things in my life have seem to fall in to place and opportunities have presented.

    I was struggling with a career path I didnt want but I was doing what was allowed and eventually would take me to were I wanted to be... but it wasn't meant to be I was struggling and had mental blockages finally I had to fight for the career I really wanted and listen to inner voice or heart and a whole bunch of doors got opened for me...

    Sure I havent understand all the lessons since I changed paths and man have I gone through some weird things... but at the end I'm happy because I'm learning...

    Bottom line big part of my life has happened because I switched careers early on and the way it happened I really believe it was meant to be...

    Granted right now I feel kind of lost but something will come up I know it!! otherwise the Universe and God wouldn't have helped me to be where I am right now 🙂

    (could I get your opinions on a forum I started about keen psychics??)

  • Maybe success depends on what you follow as you press forward - your Higher Self/intuition or your ego/desires?

  • You know when i started my new life 26 years ago i was saved by grace but one of the main things i was taught was we dont think our selves into right action we act ourselves in to right thinking and i have found i have better success and most of the time i can not see the success until it happens and its what i wanted but seems like when i force things to happen i fight it all the way and i am not near as sattisfied with it and i really depend on that gut feeling and going threw the things i am now i was also taught to follow threw and leave the results to the power i believe in and captain i just got my answer its kinda neat by getting out of self by helping in other areas we get our answer Thanks DC

  • That makes sense - the only thing then we should exert control over is our inner selves to change any negative thinking or attitudes, and leave the outer stuff up to a Higher Power to take care of.

  • It kind of sounds to me like the old adage we think we're in control of our lives but we're not. When we surrender to that then that's when the magic happens. If we allow ourselves to see it and appreciate it in all it's glory rather than taking our darned free will and fighting it with ever fiber of our beings. Great revelation from someone who is struggling with same thought processes myself but it just makes sense doesn't it?

    I've spent a lot of years allowing beliefs I was taught to override in a sense my instincts. Often times I should have gone with my gut. But my own desire to choose and my teachings contradictions left me in limbo. If I followed my gut I might be traveling a different perhaps better path today. I kind of feel like I've been trying to take these short cuts to go in this direction or that to get where I want to be. Yet if I had just stayed on the path and trusted it and followed it through I might get to where I want to be, where I'm supposed to be more quickly, more easily without so many hard lessons learned in the process. It's kind of like we're riding on auto pilot but when we try to take control there is turbulence and the rudder fights us, you know what I mean?

    So yes we need to overcome the negativity we allow to fester and thrive, fight that! Then enjoy the ride, I suspect the outcome could be greater than we ever imagined if we'd just stay in our seats so to speak and see where life takes us. It's our inner desire to be the GPS that is messing us up, we should just accept the directions it's calling out and follow them, stay on track( well most of the time anyway.)

  • I really am enjoying this someone who understands been alot of years since i have heard conversations like this i wish i was more elliquite in my writeing or could spell better i will try.Try being a Leo and follow the path , I am a fixer and a leader ,I have not worked in a year except for 3 weeks i pulled a mussel and they cut me loose i was trying to do work i havent done in 15 years i was the oldest man on the crew most were around 30 and here i am at 58 the first week was the hardest did not know if i was going to make it but i did then i had a catch in my back it turned out to be pulled mussel and they told me if you cant do the work we cant use you end of job.To this day i do not know if it was my path or the path layied out for me i do know if we are comsumed by self or all the things that cause us problems its hard to find the path and stay on it and when we stray off the path the more we stray the darker it gets till it becomes total darkness so how do we get back we have a small glimmer of hope that shines a little bit of light to show us back to the path what is hard is the temtations along the path greed ,envy,jealious all of the seven deadly sins and all they incompuss and no i an not a religious person and when your on the path people think your better than them being honest and truthfull is not very popular is it knowing makes you stupid in other peoples eyes .When you are own the path living the truth try living a lie it will drive you nuts ,they can not mix, opposites yes no right wrong they are the govering laws of the univerce its what keeps the ballance, how do you overcome a lie with truth and if we are deniying the truth we are living a lie so what path do we take path ? Sadly most of the time we take the one that makes us feel good and if we dought that would you go threw the act of sex if we did not get the reward at the end and if i know where the path is going i want to help rush it along fix it better and low and behold here i am in the darkness again sometimes i wished i did not know these things but have you ever seen and looked into a persons eyes and nothing but darkness? Scary DC

  • Some advise us not to take the path of least resistence while others say when something is right, it's easy to do. 🙂

    I think there was a time past when we needed gurus to guide us but now it's time for us to be our own gurus.

  • Hey Captain on talking about paths the path i am on now is so confuseing i try to except but it just does not make any since to me you know a little about my situation i have to go to mediation monday with lawyers and i keep haveing this impending doom feelings i dont know if its the fear of the end or the fear of getting nothing i do not have the means to fight for the things i worked so hard for mainly my tools and equipment its alot of stuff ,But what is so hard for me is the path i have been on for the last 20 years made since it all tided togather untill this happened a year ago with a divorce and its like i am not even on a path now i have even question my beliefs but its like i do not have a choice and almost feel like i am being groomed or weined from material things and thats what does not make any since but for 20 years its like i was guided to get the things and to prepair for this time sometimes i wondered about the things but most of the time i went ahead and got them beleave me i doughted alot but i trusted the power i beleaved in there were times when i would think oh this is just something i want and would not get it and it would keep comeing untill i would get it and i would all ways pray and mediate on this its like why do all this if its almost feels like reading a real good story and when you are almost to the climax and they shut the book and tell you can not read anymore and i am left wondering what do i do now ? I need to go to work i have to much time to think hu but do you kinda understand what i mean its like i have always gotten direction but now for over a year and its like nothing you know that story about the flood was coming and the law warned the people and this guy said God will save him and the flood came and he was on top of his house rescue came in boats and he said God would save him then a helicopter came he said God would save him anyway he drowned and he got to heaven and ask God why he didnt save him and God said i sent the law ,the boat and the helicopter sometimes i wished i did not know the things i know its like i am going to have a path if i have to make it myself and i have done this a few times and always paid for it but its never been like this have you had this happen to you? DC

  • I'm all for action based on intuitive wisdom. If I'm bumping into brick

    walls at every turn, it's a pretty safe bet that this is not the path to take.

    But obstacles in themselves are a test to how much passion we have

    invested in an idea or project and how much we really want it. It's a balancing

    act. Sometimes we must go with the flow for resistance will only

    make us miserable. Other times we must act within our power. This is the

    testing ground that is life. And it's only in afterthought that we know for

    certain what our resistance/passive acceptance created. Unless it's instant karma.

    It depends on

    your perspective--is all directed by fate or are we masters of our fate?

    I believe it's a mix of the two. We are destined to travel a certain path but

    it's our own will that decides what detours we take or if we pause at a

    rest-stop. Sometimes we circle round to where we started after taking a

    fork in the road. All I know is that I can't count the times I have discounted my

    intuition and have learned to regret it. As well as times when a little push or

    more aggressive action on my part would have made a huge difference in the

    outcome. Life is definately for learning...

  • Delbertc, God wants you to find the God inside you - He does not reside in outer things and possessions.

  • Hey Captain i had this whole dream wrote out i was telling you about that i had last night was almost finished and it just dissapeard but it had to do with a path and i am a slow typer it was a weried dream i have never had one like it were it went from bright colors to a color like oil with gold looking streaks in it even saw deer playing and thier color went from bright to this oily color werid.My take on it what i was feeling think of the dream was that my light was fadeing in and out and i was at the end of the road. DC

  • You are indeed at the end of the old road Delbertc, and about to branch out onto a whole new road with new experiences and adventures. Make sure it is also a new you that walks this new road. leave all your old concerns and encumberances and problems behind. Take nothing with you but your faith and trust and hope.

  • PS. Delbertc, God is removing everything that blocked your light and caused you confusion in your old life. Let go of it all and move into the light of freedom.

  • You know when i am spritualy fit nothing can harm me and every thing is ok no matter what situwation i am in but it has been along time since i have been that and if i was i would not be going threw the things i am now,or what i mean is if i was spritualy fit i would be ok 2 times this week i have almost called and told my wife she can have it all just send the papers to sign just to get it over so i can start this new journey You know Captain i know the journey that is comeing for all of us is a hole lot worse than what i am faceing now its not bad but it is comparied to the way it is now and what we are use to haveing .Dc

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