Not coming on here anymore

  • I've asked for help on a sensitive issue and get answers back that don't help me at all.

    People come on here when their in need of help.

    If u can't help why bother answering at all.

    I'm not going to bother coming on here any more cause I don't believe half of you have genuine gifts anyhow your just on here for attention.

    And that's sad for someone who genuinely needs help like I do.

  • Well since you aren't coming back here anymore Neece, I doubt you'll ever read this, but you've got me moved to say somthing here so I'm going to say it. I joined this forum nearly a year ago and nowhere did it, nor does it now say that people sign up here to do free readings or to help anybody else figure their lives out. If that's what does occur it's because people are drawn to help each other out of the goodness of their hearts. If you don't like what they have to say, go call the psychic-hotline for $3 a minute and see if you get any better answers. You say you've asked for help and the answers you get don't help you. There are no short-cuts to be found here Neece, there is no magic, there is no easy answer to a whole lot of things in life and sometimes the best you can hope for is for someone to listen when you need it, or help you face the things that you are reluctant to see in yourself.

    There are in fact folks on here with astounding gifts and who can blow your mind with the accuracy of what they "see" in your circumstances, but they can only offer you guidance. Try to help open your eyes to different options, different ways of looking at whatever has got you down. They can't do the work for you. Go back to the answers you received here and try to be honest with yourself. Were you given bad guidance or do you just plain not like the answer? At the end of the day, you, and only you, can find the solutions outside and inside yourself to make your life make sense. I'm a stellar example of how that's not always an easy journey, but you either force yourself to take some new steps in a different direction or you just sit there and keep cycling around in what's bothering you and making no progress.

    I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but to hear you make such a negative blanket statement about so many good people in here is so wrong. I'm no psychic, but I will predict that if you don't learn to exercise some patience and understanding with people then you are going to continue in your suffering whatever it may be. And if you genuinely need help, I sincerely hope that help will find you, but really Neece, make some effort to be open to that help or the answers you need may just pass you right by.

  • Dear Jenever7, I completely agree with everything you wrote. I read this post a while ago and didn't want to respond right away because I too was worried I would be too harsh but I think you have said it perfectly. I am fairly new to this site (a few months) and have only just started participating in the forums. I found everyone to be so welcoming, helpful, caring, insightful and genuine with nothing asked in return.

    Neece1974 if you do not agree with this then maybe this isn't the place for you. Maybe you are just not ready.

  • Well Neece1974 aka bernice aka taurusgirl1974, NO MATTER WHAT name u use, most of KNOW u too well and its WHY we fdo NOT wanna touch or help u.

    MANY of us HAS HELPED u ABOVE N BEYOUND, and what did we get in return? A whole load of BS and what else. Changing id aint gonna help becaise weΒ΄re wise to ya now. we dont fall for ur all poor pity on little old me anymore.

    Further its NOT our job to figure out ur life, thats on you n u alone.

    Now go ahead and splur bs on me. see if i care. Just know its all gonnma bite u on ur butt sooner or later.

    cwb out

  • I wish for God to help u open your heart and mind so that u become wise and accept whatever these kind people have to offer you which might not seen much to you but they carry a deep meaning and really hidden answers to your problems. Just learn to listen n always try to learn from everything that happens to you. Snap out of it. Brake from your own prison n be free! Live how u want to. The only way to do this is by listening, just listen n reflect on it. Good luck...

  • neece 1974 i have given you good honest advice, and i am going to give you some more, you cannot lead a horse to water when it doesnt want to drink, i have given you some very wise advice to your problem with this man and i said to go and ask him if he is engaged, if he is let him go and go on with your life, you will meet someone new, goodluck .

  • To Neece1974

    You are not receptive to any good that may want to come your way. Anyone who try to be of any help for you, you slap them in the face. When someone are good to you, you believe that they are bad to you. Because you are utterly paranoid and do not care about receiving kindness from anyone. If you need help, the problem is that you are creating your problems yourself, and you are not receptive for help. But in my opinion you do not need help from anybody. You just need to sit down and learn it the hard way how to help yourself. And that is for you the best advice anybody can give you. Help yourself.

  • Neece>>People come on here when their in need of help.

    If u can't help why bother answering at all.

    Sandran712>>I have psychic abilitities.But,I am no psychic.So I know you are not attacking me.I have told these boards time and time again.I will not do a reading.I won't do tarot.I don't believe in soul mates and half of what is on this board.I have high intuition skills.There is a difference.If you are looking for a psychic.They have them locally where you live for a price.Be thankful that the information you got you didn't pay for.I am not a Medium.A person that can tell your future.Only God can tell you where your life is going.God gives us intuition to protect ourselfves.We are not mind readers.

  • Very well said Jenever7. There are some truly wonderful people on here however it is not their responsibility to help or change anyone but a personal and deep felt calling to provide guidance to assist others along on their journey. The help and change we desire lies within each and every one of us but we have to be open and let our heart and spirit accept the guidance and advice we are being presented with. No where on here have I ever seen a statement that guarantees that this is a one stop place to solve anyone's problems.

    I think Neece1974 is still on this site but I'm not psychic, just my thought! Starting this thread is just her way of getting attention or just stirring the pot of negativity. I read a quote recently, "If you keep doing what you've always done, you will keep getting what you've always gotten." Lot of truth in that statement! If you stir the pot with negativity, negativity is what you will get in return. But if you take an honest inventory of your life and really search deep within yourself to see what is not working within you, then you, and only you, can help yourself by making the necessary changes to be a better, happier person and find the peace and happiness you seek. I advise Neece1974 that you use the guidance you have received and take the time to do the inventory to discover what change you need within yourself or "you will just keep getting what you've always gotten." No one can solve your problems for you, they can only provide guidance to help you find your direction to helping yourself.

    Have a beautiful day everyone!

    Love and Peace to All πŸ˜ƒ

  • I have to agree with the comments made by you guys indefending this site. It promoted me to register on this forum on support of it. This lady is obviously not ready to see or except advice or guidedance given freely. Keep up the good work guys I personally have learnt so much from the information on Scorpio in relationship.

  • danr>>I think Neece1974 is still on this site but I'm not psychic

    Sandran712>>I can sense she is reading and not posting.And I know she will make up a new name later to post on the boards.

  • Hey all:

    Neece 1974 (or whatever name she is or going by) will come into her own in her own time. Everyone gets humbled at some point in their lives through events, which usually happens in a "saturn return".. Although i am no psychic, i do believe she has not experienced one yet. We've all danced to the same song at one point in our lives.. you know to the tune of "all about me". Her maturity will come. Hopefully not the hard way.

    Have a great day all..


  • Hi. This is my first time to this site! I am a virgo who feels the effects of Saturn these last years finally leaving me.

    I have alot going on and am trying to ride the tide of changes by being present! I would love some insight into this summer and possible move, new relationship and the future of my art career


    Norwalk, Ct


  • I dont know if this was the right place to post my request. I think Neece has already gotten more attention than she deserves!!

  • I'm staying out of this one, negativity breeds more negativity. Lets be happy! πŸ™‚ Did you wake up this morning? You got a roof over your head? Food in the kitchen? Good Health? People that love you? Then you are so blessed! Be Thankful! πŸ™‚

  • I am a fairly quiet person I read the posts and it helps me even though I dont often find answers until I accept them in my heart. I am thankful for everyone on this site and for the physics how have helped me look into my heart for the answers. I have asked questions but sometimes the answers are in what I read about others lives that helps me see inside my own self. thank you everyone here for just being there. I am a virgo 9/22/60 and I love just being on here it has helped me to seek more learn more and be more of me. Peace to all

  • To Poetic555: πŸ™‚ Good comment. πŸ™‚

    I see this thread as an opportunity to say what we love about each other and what we love about this site. As I see that some have done.

    I see this site as a place where people are kind and loving to each other. I have not seen negativity before the starter of this thread entered the forum. People here are kind and loving and open with each other. People share experiences and help out with wisdom and kindness and we practice our intuition and other gifts with each other. I thank you all for your participation in this forum.

    Even the angry taurusgirl1974 (precently Neece1974). She has given me some laughs. Believe it or not. Since her anger is from her self and not because someone in this forum has wronged her. It is strange to see, and a bit funny. But only to a certain degree. Several people seem to have left after she came into the forum, where they before they left said something like "I dont like the way this forum has turned out to be". Hmmm.

  • I really do enjoy these forums. I have met some really wonderful people and had some wonderful conversations. Just wanted to spread the luv...

    hugs and kisses to all..


  • I have gotten some amazing advice~! As well as some amazing friends. Im very thankful for this place. And even if the advice i get isnt what I want, I know it is definatly what Im suppose to hear πŸ™‚

    With love Serious

  • Ditto! Thank God for this Site!

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