Please! Help with my Celtic Cross Tarot Card Reading - Financial/Career!!!!!!

  • Hello, I must admit upfront I know nothing when it comes to reading and understanding the tarot cards! I am very interested in learning up to the part of buying and now owning my own set. But, of course I don't have the first clue, I guess it takes time to learn so, hopefull this will be the first learning step. Here is my layout of cards for which I decided to use the Celtic Cross - for a financial/career spread. Please, bestow your knowledge upon my cards and my mind:

    Thanks in Advance!!!!!!!!!

    Higher Power ~ Ten of Swords
    Recent Past ~ Five of Coins
    Situation ~ Three of Coins
    Self ~ Strength
    Challenges /
    Opportunities ~ Four of Wands
    Near Future ~ The Hierophant
    Potential ~ The Lovers
    Advice ~ Two of Wands
    Allies ~ Six of Wands
    Blocks &
    Inhibitions ~ Five of Swords
    Foundation ~ The Emperor

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