Still going around ex

  • my ex and i broke up dec 5,09 we still seeing each other have sex he stills tell me he loves me and every time i talk about seeing other people he always say dont do that he says we not in a relationship. whats really goingon

  • Just being selfish, probably having hios cake and eating it to. If he says you guys is not together just do as you want. Enjoy ur life and have a good time. You still can have a friendship with him. And if you guys are doing all of that why are not you guys together. That does not make sense to us. Are u guys playing games or what?

  • Dear Gloria,

    I'm sorry to say but, your ex is playing mind games with you. Worthy is right. He wants his cake and eat it too. Please don't buy into this game. There are no winners. I went through this with my ex for 4 years. IMHO, You should go out and meet new people, and if you feel like dating someone else...Do it! Believe me when I tell you this, He sure isn't sitting at home by himself.

  • no im not playing games we use to live togeather i move out and got my on place i have tryed talking to him.and ask what going on because exs dont talk feels like we never brokeup,its easy for me to walk away now and be first it was hard but now its easy for me i told him. he need to move on, we can still be friends.he still tells me he loves me he is the one thats doing all the calling. i have ask him are we geting back togeather and he said he dont know and tellme icant tell him what to do and how he feels.

  • Well,, you can't control him but ask yourself, is this how you really want to be treated? Then make up your mind and get control of your own situation.

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