• I read your post having to do with issues.

    I appreciate you giving free readings like that.

    Who could get tired of you?

    I'd like to know what specific issues I came into this life to explore and work on.

    please and thank you.

  • Your issues are -


    Wasting time thinking you should be more practical and commercial with money instead of following your passion/fear of financial dependency

    Economic drains

    Obsession with who controls the money

    Horror of the bottom dropping out of your life

    Feeling of being without resources

    Guilt over money

    Sexism and finance

    Lack of fiscal responsibility

    Impaired ability to generate your own income

    Fear of being ripped off, fleeced, or violated


    How to get your power back - accepting the generosity of others, knowing what wealth really is, shedding the burdens of acquisitiveness, following your passion, accepting you are living a mystical life, being honest about sexual needs, and achieving Tantric union.


    Frustration at not being heard or understood

    Fear of being thought incompetent

    Language barriers

    Speech impediments

    Addiction to immature behaviour

    Instincts that are stronger than conscience

    Needing an audience in oreder to creatively express yourself

    Narrow unhealthy anxious perspective in relationships

    Fear of being thought of as crazy or deluded

    Obsession with being listened to by people who don't think you're capable of handling your own affairs

    How to get back your power - continuing education, thinking in bigger terms, developing mental faculties that heal splits, shedding the drone of meaningless chatter, developing respect for your own mind, telling the whole truth and nothing but, and searching for wisdom - not an audience.

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