Does this stuff work?

  • According to my sign, I should really dig Leo and Aries women. I must admit a strong attraction to certain Aries women, but it's the rare Leo woman I find attractive or even interesting. I find I am drawn mainly to some Caner women, Taurus women, and Capricorn women. The latter I find irresistible. My sun sign also indicates that Gemini woman should hold a certain fascination for me. She does not. Mostly I find her tedious and self-absorbed. My desire for women seems to be ruled more by my rising sign than my sun sign, which according to astrology is your true personality. Do any of the rest of you find this to be true?

  • You can't just go by your sunsign as a guide - you have to take into account your whole chart.

  • In my case, I am a Cancer Sun sign (woman) Leo rising and moon in Scorpio. But to my surprise, I ended up married to guys (two marriages) with their moons in Aries-conjunct my north node. Also the Vertex, and sun-moon midpoints (among other things) are valid indicators..Good luck Hon

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