Cancer man & Gemini female - this website is fantastic!

  • I'm a Gemini female who has never dated a Cancer man until recently. I found this website by trying to research a bit on Cancers and have to admit I was a bit relieved to discover the disappearing/reappearing Cancer is common. I mentioned to him about him going away with contact for days before finding this out and he told me "When I'm not talking to you, I'm not talking to anyone" but I had my suspicions anyway. He has come right out and told me he hopes our friendship moves into a relationship and I agreed. He seems perfect for me, even accepting his flaws. I'm an artist and often go into hermit status myself so the fact that he can go away and leave me alone pleases me but then also leaves me paranoid because I kind of have a hard time understanding why he can't send a simple text or quick note saying hello. But I'm trying to see things from his perspective and trust and not be skeptical.

    I love this site and it's very helpful. I'm learning to back off and give him his away time as I focus on myself and what I'm doing when he's away.

  • Welcome to hell. Turn back now if you still can. If not, prepare yourself for absolute mental torture. A gemini will never get what they need out of a cancer, we are quick and bold know what we want right away, and they are way too slow and confused. Cancer as friends for Gemini is great, sense of humor, and warm hearts, but in a love setting the pace is way too slow for our minds to handle. I hope you listen to me, but you probably won't, I didn't listen either. Good luck!

  • May be there are different types of cancers like there are different species of crabs. You know, spider crab, hermit crab,king crab. Plus they are not all slow movers. Mine seems to have made up his mind very quickly. But boy are they emoitional

  • yeah there are different crabs. i just had one frustrating experience. i actually dated two other cancers in the past that were completely different. dont listen to me, if it works then it works. im just in a negative mood lately. crabby i mighty say.

  • Blue, you were right! I'm so mad! For over a month he has been distant but I would continue to contact him once a week and it was seldom he would respond. Now this is what I do when I'm detaching from someone, so I told him it hurt that he was ignoring me and he could have just simply said he didn't want contact with me if that were the case and that I wouldn't contact him anymore. And he immediately texted me back with that I need to chill out and stop being so STALKERISH??? I had smoke coming out of my ears I was so P.O'd. So I deleted his phone number and didn't respond to him because I knew if I did I'd rip him a new a-hole.

    But yeah, you really hit the nail on the head. lol

  • Good for you . I wish I had your courage.

  • Well, BlueforGemini who do you think Gemini's are good with. Looking for yourmopinion. I myself is a Aqua.

  • Llindieloo, Thank you! Although I don't know if it were so much courage than it was just being so angry and fed up!

    Worthy, I know you were asking Blue but Aqua + Gemini is a very good match 🙂

  • Vilette u are doing the right thing. Giving yourself time and giving him time as well. Trust me things will go well for you. Just remeber, those Gemini's need their space. When he's ok it will be so much better for you as well as him. Especially it he's really intersted in you 🙂 Gemini's are good people.

  • Blueforgemini......I couldn't agree with you more. I was reading the post and I Was like RUN FOR THE HILLS AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! I ended not too long ago with a cancer. I was in living hell! He was attentive, fast mover man but his emotions.....were something I had never seen before. All of the mental torture was enough for me to pull my hair out and his moods were HORRIBLE! And he was an ahole to boot. When he didn't get what he wanted, he would sulk, lash out like a child (I'm the kid of us two) and not communicate or take anything I had to say in stride. I'm sure not all cancers are this way, and I don't mean to bash....sorry cancers. Just my experience, I will stay away and be friends 🙂

    And worth1248......Gems and Aqua get along perfectly. My best relationships were with Aqua people.

  • The more I think about him and what I don't like about him, I know he is not right for me and that I would have ended up breaking things off (or one of us would) but the fact that he just faded off and I have no idea why is was makes me mad. Like, even if he was mean to me "You're annoying and I can't handle you" it would bother me less then just putting a halt to communication.

    I sent him an email that had a happy light mood and told him I got mad because it seemed cowardly to me to just disappear instead of saying you're not interested anymore. I'm not going to freak out or anything and at least then we could attempt to be friends or something. but it's just like.. ZERO RESPONSE it's driving me so crazy and I'm not even into him anymore. I just want to know why he got so weird for no reason.

    Whatever, sending that email was more for me than him. Getting to say my final piece helped soothe me a bit.

  • Vilette-he faded off because he's a cancer male. LOL, my best friend also is involved with a cancer guy and both of are cancers disappeared around the same time and i was just commenting to her "why can't he just text or message me like a normal person". She didn't hear from hers for 3 weeks, decided to give up on him then suddenly he sends her a sweet text saying sorry he hasn't kept in touch but is always thinking of you see, it's a very common thing, they can disappear and nothng is even wrong.

    My cancer guy disappeared for a month and later messaged me like nothng happened. last week he disappeared for a week and I went through emotional torture, then he messaged me like no big deal, now he's disappeared again for 5 days, I know he's busy but why can't he just text me and tell me that right? I've tried calling him and asked him twice to call me back but there hasn't been a response at all so I'm just laying low for now. I've been at this for over a year. I've tried to give him up, even dated other guys but it's like I'm addicted or something, I just can't let him go...

  • Luazinha, yikes. I can handle a week but when it starts going toward a month of no contact then I can't really deal with that. It's so stupid and quite selfish of them. I KNOW that the cancer I was seeing isn't so busy that he can't give me a quick call or text for the pure fact that he was Twittering the other day how he was so bored and didn't know what to do! What a jerk! If this guy DOES end up coming back around it sure as hell is going to take a lot more than a sweet text to get back on my good side.

    I hope you beat your addiction, best wishes to you ❤ Make sure you are taking care of yourself. My mom is a leo and I know how loyal you lot can be, just remember to be loyal to yourself. 🙂

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