I wonder.....

  • Does anyone wonder of they'll ever get married, like me? Also I wonder if we will live in another galaxy in another life, or this life. Or I also wonder while dreaming If ive already met my so called soulmate. Any thoughts, or wonders?


  • Hi serious7 yes i really wonder if i will ever find the one again i was married for 21 years 9years ago it started going south we had a fairytail marriage and i had to learn that if someone wants to do something that will ruin thier marriage you cant stop them no matter how good you are but before her i was single for 5 years raising my 2 daughters and a son and i hated it i wanted someone so bad and i finally reached a point when i gave up i hit my knees and said i can not handle this if there is to be someone in my life i leave it up to you and i gave up completly and then it happen about a mounth latter i meet my wife i gave every thing i could but it ended and now i wonder if there will be someone again i also had a dream about a women its like we were working outside and i was pushing a wheelbarrow and she said i want you and i said what and she said it again i want you she was very pretty quite abit younger than me but what i remember most was her eyes they were a bright teal color very pretty i asking for direction and guideiance before i went to bed and this was the dream i had that night have not had any since i really beleave when i get me out of the way God can bring about things in my life that will make me happy alot of dreams i have had have come true and when i realize them is when it is the dream as you see it the first time it about blew me away most of the time it dont make a bit of since untill you see it as it was in the dream if that makes any since for me one day i was walking to the office on the job sight and one of my men hollarded at me i turned around and there it was my dream as i seen it DC

  • Man, the sounds like heck of a dream.

    I hope for the same thing as well. Im learning that there is love all around. It just matters what you choose.

  • No one knows. And if they think they do watch out! On the marriage question, go to the web site

    On the soul-mate issue..Are you with someone now and want to know this? Get his birth info pronto!

  • What is marriage? It is a reuniun between man and woman. The purpose is to bring each other and the world into a higher place. It has nothing to do with desires nor sexx. It is a holy reunion between souls, a spiritual reunion, a reunion between equals, where the two serves different services for each other. The woman cleanses the man, the man heals the woman. The woman nurtures the man, the man raises the woman up from her spiritual sleep.

    What does the kiss in the fairytales symbolise? The kiss that the prince gives the sleeping beauty, is a kiss from heaven, a kiss from his pure soul. Wich wakes her up.

    What does a man need from a woman? When a woman is pure and clean in her soul, she actually cleanses away the sins that realm inside of the man. If the man is willing to become cleansed by his reunion with his wife, then they both benefit from it. His ancestors are blessed because he chose a pure holy wife who cleanses away their sins out from his body. She becomes his own personal spiritual healer.

    The man can do likewise for the woman.

    People who do not believe in this, but rather believe in the desires of the flesh, or to get their egos fulfilled, will never experience the true purpose of love between man and woman.

  • HW! I love this description of marriage. It is so beautiful, and actually the way I view how a marriage should be. Spiritual and full of heart. Thank you for this view.

    With love serious.

    And Kp i am single atm, but I have faith god will send an amazing women in my life soon.


  • HW That is so neat i love it and i miss it i have had a taste of it and it is so real and to look into your mates eyes and see that love there is not a felling to compare to it i really beleave that is what God meant to becomeing one i have tried explaining to my kids and why you would go to any length to protect it and i have found for me that truth is what protects it ,its the truth of all things and for me its the light DC Thank you may your path be Bright

  • Hanged Woman----Beautiful!!!!!!

    DelbertC--I have consciously stopped trying to find the "One" until my inner work is

    done and I have sufficiently come to love myself enough to properly

    love and attract real love from another. Don't foresee another marriage but

    "never say never"...Another galaxy? It's possible. Maybe you could go into more

    detail about what you mean...I'm very excited at the possibility of meeting my

    soul mate in my dreams, because he is a beautiful being(maybe an angel?)

  • Hi Archersbow.

    May I recite from the Bible when Jesus was asked the following question (something like this): "Jesus, a woman married a guy, the man died and she married his brother, the man died, she married the next brother, the man died....In the end she had been married with 7 different men. Who is then her true husband? Who will she be married with when she comes to heaven?" Jesus replied: "My friend, in heaven there are none that are married, none that are lovers, none that are divorced, none that divorce and none that get together as husband and wife. But we are all like angels in Heaven."

    In the Bible it even says that us humans are more close to God than the angels - once a human being is purified and has surrendered every thing to Heaven, he/she are closer to God than the angels.

  • I didn't mean the term literally, HW. My way of being playful. Yes we share the Creator's divinity. Something that should be felt and celebrated as a constant! Each of us is a walking miracle. I

    don't know how much closer you could get.

    I could kick myself for using that term, "soul mate". It has been overused to the point

    where it has no meaning. And some people insisting that they have met their soul mate in the romantic sense have closed off the opportunity of sharing love with another and have resigned themselves to misery.

  • I myself have let go of the term soul mate. Because I have always seeked to become saved by someone. So when I loved a boy when I was 16, I seriously wrote in my diary: He is Jesus number two - God has sent him down to Earth to show us how a perfect human being should be like. He is a true image of Gods love for us. So I actually believed strongly that he was the one God had sent to me to save me from my self, from my life, from my misery. He was my personal saviour in the biblical sense. But since I hated myself and loved him so much, I chose not to be with him. I wanted him to have a girlfriend whom people saw as normal as he was, perfect as he was. So I stayed in my misery to save him from me. Stupid, but that is how low I felt.

    God continued to send me help. I never have accepted anyone in the same way, but I have seen that God has continued to help me. And that the saviour that I saw in him, actually was Gods love for me that this boy had for me - as I had for him.

    But God continued to help me even after I had rejected the one He/She (dont want to call God It) had sent. Although since I allready had rejected the one that was sent from God, I had difficulty changing my attitude. If I had accepted to be with anyone else, I would feel it as infidelity, even when I had never been with him. So I always have known that I chose away my healer, my personal healer and soul mate for life. Because of that I no longer believe in soul mates. Because I chose mine away to live his life without me.

    I still seek to become saved. But I have chosen to have that approach towards my highest will instead - God.

    This is also why Jesus never married.

    People used to say, and many still say: "If I only marry the right person, then I will come to heaven."

    The fact that Jesus never married, is a symbol itself: That noone needs to save us - Only by following the guidance from within we find healing and peace and love.

    This is also what the great prophets of other religions also preached: Buddha and religions without the consept of God also preached that. And that also is a message from God. The consept of God is not even important.

    Even in the Bible itself it says: Make no image of me. So the buddhism does not contradict the Bible when the message is that we gain all saviour from the inner guidance within ourselves.

    The soul mate consept seems to me like a misunderstanding that people have, that only if we meet the right one, the soul mate, we will find inner peace. And that is absolutely not true in my opinion. (What then about Buddha and Jesus who never married?) It would help, but only if the two agrees and are willing to follow the higher self in themselves (God). And seriously, who are really willing to do that? Us humans are more willing to follow ourselves, our own will, than a "higher" will. Many dont even know that they have an intuition. But all religions actually preach the opposite: That healing comes from within, by following guidance from within, the higher self.

  • I then could say that I am married, and he and I are a good team. And we are happy together. But the consept soul mate as I see it, in my personal view, is a romantic passionate love where the love between the two is divine and holy, and that the two ot them become healed and find eternal peace from that love. And that is not the kind of marriage I have. I have a marriage wich is more about work and cooperation. At the same time we are friends and do not have disharmony between us. And we firstly seek to follow our inner guidance. We therefore have a peaceful marriage. But we are not initially soul mates in the term as I see what "the" soul mate is. He is my friend and our marriage is blessed by God. Only that. And God is my saviour. I dont give my life to any man - ever. Not like I used to want to do before to this boy when I was in my teens. And that is okay - and in my view the best for myself in order to learn to follow my own inner guidance and never surrender myself to any other person. I need to learn to trust my own guidance, that I am good enough myself. That is my path instead of that soul mate thing. Noone can save me but me, and even not me, but the invisible God that has blessed me with his guidance - as He/She blesses everybody.

  • Ty to all fo you. I really appreciate reading the views of everyone on here. It reminds me that hope is always alive. I also know that there is someone out there just like this for me, and all who asks god. I believe a marriage is something that brings two people together along a journey. Its where both people are so unique that when brought together, it seems as they fit together as two long lost puzzle pieces. The term to me would be soulmates, But it is as you know already.

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