Lost Ring

  • I'm sixteen about to be seventeen and for my sixteenth birthday my mother gave me a beautiful emerald ring. It has a simple gold band and a princess setting and little grey diamonds surrounding the emerald. I can't find it anywhere and even though my mom isn't mad i don't want to feel this guilt anymore. Can anyone help? I'm a taurus.

  • As a grown woman your mother understands all about losing things and letting go- --it happens! Taurus has an extra hard time with letting go of the things we love. I am very psychic yet lose my own items now and then--right now I'm missing a diamond earing that has been lost many times before only to turn up just when I give up. You would think being psychic would mean always knowing these anawers but sometimes there is a message to our losses. There have been times when looking frantically for a lost gem I've come across something else I needed to deal with. Sometimes when I've put off keeping my room in order it makes me get to work and after the task is completed the lost item shows up! Sometimes there is a thief in our lives we are not aware of and it is a warning. I sense your ring is not gone for good--I pick up that your room stands out as having the answer. It's the act of looking and organizing that holds the key. Have you put off changing your room? Have you grown out of one stage and need to suround yourself with a new make over? Forget the ring for now and re-do your room carefully--make it your birthday present and by May the ring will have returned. Remove anything in your room you do not absolutely love. Take your time when selecting new items. Think total make over.

  • Yes Taurus, your ring is special because of the memory it holds, so ask for assistance from St. Anthony, finder of lost things. Sit in a quiet place and take a few deep breaths in and let it out, then try to remember where you saw it last, then say the Prayer: 'St. Anthony, St. Anthony, please come around, what once was lost let be found' then ask him to help you find your lost ring, paying special attention to what you see or hear. You'll find it. Maybe even in your sock drawer. However odd a place, take a look.

  • I am so worried because that's wHat I did when I first couldn't find it. I took everything out, painted my walls, gave things I didn't love to charity and then neatly put back what I wanted. I'm afraid it might be gone forever and that makes me sick to my stomach just thinking that.

  • You have good intuition! I still see the ring coming back to you by May. Patience is your challenge right now. Say a prayer telling God you have been sick over this and followed all your intuitions and now realize it is time to give this up to him. Visualize handing this to him and tell him you truely believe he will solve this for you and then you must let it go and thank him. No more turning it over in your mind. Faith, Patience and letting go is the key. I'm not just trying to make you feel better---if you are not familiar with my posts I'm very straight forward and do not respond to just be nice. I see your ring back on your finger.

  • I lost me wedding ring too in December! I am so disappointed that I lost it since at the time I was only married 3 months! I am an Aries. I wonder if it will ever return, I just can't make myself give up the search.

  • have you checked in your couch the creass at the back and the side

  • magic spell, yes i have. you can't believe the places i have looked. i checked my dog house the other day.

  • I feel you put it in a pocket that had a hole and it fell through outside on the pavement.

  • I also feel you have a deeply buried belief that you are not worthy of anything valuable.

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