• Thank you in advance to anyone who might can help me i am grateful my birthday is 8-19-1951 hers is 2-6-1950 being a leo i think i can fix anything but this is killing me was married for over twenty years nine years ago my wife started doing thinks and lieing about them we were as one and i knew if she did not deal with the lies it would destroy us and it did she filed for divorce in febuary last year febuary 5 i got fired off my job febuary 7 she served me papers she took all the money i had to move out anyway i took what i borrowed and saved to hire a attorney to get this over with and to try to get something this has draged own its like she wants every thing we have gained togather in 20 years i allways belived God brought us togather and providded us with every thing we had and now i can not seem to get any dirrection the last year allways felt God provided direction for me own what to do i just can not get any and now i have to meet march the 1st with attorneys and a mediator and i am haveing very bad feelings about this and it keeps getting stronger and stronger i have even thought about telling her she can have it all these feelings are like impending doom bad any insight i would be grateful i feel so helpless DC

  • I'm not a psychic, but I do believe in God. My advice is to pray for God's help, ask Jesus to help you with your problems with your ex wife. I wish you happiness and peace.

  • Delbertc, I feel your wife came to think you were holding her back from living her life and needed to break away to do her own thing. She feels very hurt by the marriage and what she saw as you trying to control her. She also thought it was OK for her to have secrets as she felt you were behaving very secretively yourself at times.

    Anyway, what I advise you to try is writing her a sincere and personal letter/email where you explain your situation and lack of money, and ask her to ease up on her demands, or try and find a compromise that suits you both. Don't blame her in any way but just talk about yourself. If you can come across as reasonable and calm, this might just sway her. Appeal to her sense of fairness but don' t sound like you are trying to force her into anything. Even maybe apologise for your faults in the marriage. I feel you can reach an amicable solution without needing too much legal interference this way.

  • Thank you for your support i do pray and ask for direction and for her and we even started to get back togather before christmas and we had talked all of this out and had decided to get back togather untill i was going to move my things back she said there was a big mess in my work trailer so we agreed if she made the mess it was her responisiabltey to clean it up so she wanted me to look and see and when i looked in the trailer all my main tools were missing that trailer had been locked and she told a ex son in law to cut the lock but she says she dont know were the tools are them were my main tools i worked with around 15000 dollars worth and i said i would turn them in as stolen would she back me and she would not would not say anything more but she did say its just stuff and she knew every thing that was in that trailer any time i bought equipment or tools i allways told her what they cost so if any thing ever happen to me she would know what they were worth i all ways toled her if she ever wanted some one else just tell me dont lie about it but things started happening anyway and now just another lie but i have tried reaching out to her with no responce and this meeting monday i feel like i am being comsumed i have gone threw alot of rough times and very bad times but this is totality diffrent its like i am in the darkness full of fear and dont know which direction to take because i dont see nothing but darkness DC

  • Am I right in thinking you got found some light from the other thread about control?

  • Yes thanks alot you know captain i use to do this alot what i mean is talking to people helping them find thier way i got burned out i felt used and betrayied by so called friends i had so i dont have any my wife was my best friend when i look back i can remember telling people i was working with that my responiceiability is to be the very best man and husband i can be and if my wife choses someone else there is nothing i can do as long as i have done the best i can do ,boy i sure have forgotten alot you know my life is to be of maxium service to God and my fellow man i guess its been a long time since i was spritualy fit excuse my spelling my spell check is broke do not know why anyway thanks again DC

  • Sounds like you're getting back on track - good luck to you!

  • Well Captain i did it you know the last couple of days and seeing how the women i had such high regaurds for could do what she was trying to do to me i dont know if you are a man or women it dont matter to me be i had one friend tell me to just suck it up and go own this was a guy my kids even said and would get mad at me they would say just move own in all my years a had alot of women and i never stayed longer than 6 months and i am limited out as far as marriage here in texas not some thing i am prowed of it just is thats why this has been so hard for me 21 years and i broke alot of hearts before i sobered up and tried changeing my life but i let go tonight i am walking away from around 350,000 dollars worth of stuff my light was dying i was dying you and the others help me find what is right and helped me find me again my kids bless thier i know they are going to think i am crazy i rather give than have it took by a judge i am fighting for my life i am tired of carring that weight so i droped it i told her to have her attorney draw the papers up and i would sign them and maybe i can get started on my new journey.I seen in one of your writeings you are in the down under country i always wanted to go there and i am about ready to go on a walk about Delbertc

  • Well i hope you can make it out theres a lot missing i think my computer has about had it DC

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