Heartbroken and need help from any readers

  • I know this is a no no to post the same topic in 2 forums but I need closure

    I got told by a friend that the man I'm in love with has a gf and now is engaged,

    We had a fight last week and now this.

    I'm so heartbroken and hurt.

    I need to know if this is true or a trick being played by his friends cause I'm at my breaking point with all of this.

    Me: 15/05/1974 9.50am Wednesday Liverpool Hospital Australia.Now live in Macquarie Fields.

    Him: 25/01/1974 He lives in Leumeah NSW Australia.That's all I know.


    • hi neece, I signed up just to reply to you. You MUST remain strong , and surround yourself with people who love you , Go out , have fun , exercise , eat well. Accept what has happened , and try to be a "good sport " about what has happened. This will ensure that you will suffer less.Accept that you have a right to hurt,it will help.* Your life will be filled with " hello"s and" goodbuys", it is that way for everyone. Take ALOT of hot bath"s with sea salts, this WILL help, eventually , this expirence will be behind you , and you have become stronger because of it . I hpoe this "helps " you * <> jo711

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  • Neece first of all please eliminate the word desperate and breaking point :-). Girl, you are not desperate. Try to shake the negativity first. You need to calm down and examine it from a larger scale, maybe there are pieces of the puzzle you are missing? There's always his story, her story, and the truth, so don't believe everything you heard. Be strong for right now, have you actually asked him about it straight up?

    Ps: Not a psychic, just a girl with lots of experience hehe. Hopefully someone will come on soon and help ==)

  • Hi

    If it is true that this man has a girlfriend and is engaged, MOVE ON<< your not desperate,, Donot call yourself that,, Your much better that than,,It is his LOSS not yours,, You will find some one else,, why would you want to be with someone like that anyway !!! If he is cheating ,, on you already,, he will not stop, LET IT GO<< think higher of your self,,,

    Get out there and forget this guy and change your name on the forum to confident

    Suzy b

    Good luck

  • It doesnot matter love, when you were BORN or when he was Born,, that willnot change anything,, Really come on,,, get out there and live,I speak through experince ,,, trust all of us,, we know what we are saying,, we are all trying to help you

    BUT it si you who has t help yourself

    NO TAROT cards,, will change a any thing,, so STOP !!!

    we all have these times in our lives were hurt,,,

    Learn from this and know for the future,,,,, no engaged MEN<<<

    Best to you

    Suzy b

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