Is it possible to do a chart for someone with no birth time?

  • Hey,

    I'm a taurus (may 3, 83). I met this guy who is just amazing and who I am crazy about... he's an aries (april 13 1989) and way younger than me 😕

    the bigger problem

    I don't know his birth time... and it's killing me!!! how do i figure out his chart/birth time-- i want the accurate birth time and i read somewhere that astrologers have a way of finding this out somehow.

    I would really appreciate any help with this


  • I recommend you:

    Don't make any problem out of this; it is simply right, as it should be. And when the work is finished, when the meditation has really settled you will start feeling that now you are not closing to people. Then you will be able to move into a relationship again but it will be from a totally different attitude. You are becoming more and more centered in yourself, and it is

    good. At this moment, any kind of involvement with people will be a distraction. So forget about it; simply be in your work and enjoy, and when you move outside remain completely closed.

  • wat do u mean hans?

  • ? confused

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