Help hanswolfgang need a reading asap reguarding court date!!

  • Wow. Thank you, Hans. I love Marpa. ❤

  • Hi brick1

    why would this dream show up?? To help you to calmly accept your fate being in harmony with the real life.

    this tells me that the future is already in the stores to be seen next. every moment we live there is the future too. NO? No.

    I wander how further far a future can go. months, sometimes years.

    Also, how far one can predict, read, or see?? In fact he cannot, he sees and predicts only tendencies. The more unconscious this tendency is, the more certain it will manifest itself. The more conscious it becomes, the more uncertain will its manifestation be.

    so here is the other question, can we change the future? no, because we are part of the whole.

    if we are told this is gone happened?? yes, we can correct our unconscious tendencies. I a say to you, you will have an accident in the next hour, and you will watch out, much more than you would have done, you can avoid this accident, if it would have happened due to your unawareness. In this way you would have changed yourself and therewith your future. Every change of yourself due to your personal growth changes your future.

    and if so, how would we know that we did change it, instead of thinking 'oh that prediction was wrong' ??? if we changed ourselves because of that prediction, so this is the paradox: every valid reading, every valid prediction ( that means not every, but only the valid ones) changes your future by making you more conscious about yourself and your unconscious tendencies. It predicts things that will never happen if you change yourself because you took that predictions serious. What helped you to grow, was valid, because your inner being responded to it.

    I have start doing questions before I sleep, and I do get answers. what does this mean: you have reached to the fourth subtle body. The fourth body is the mental. It can travel into the

    past and into the future. In an acute emergency, sometimes even an ordinary person can have a glimpse of the future. If someone near and dear to you is dying, the message may be delivered to you in an ordinary dream. Because you do not know any other dimension of dreaming, because you do not know the other possibilities, the message will penetrate your ordinary dreaming.

    But the dream will not be clear because of barriers

    that have to be crossed before the message can become a

    part of your ordinary dreaming state. Each barrier

    eliminates something, transforms something. Each body

    has its own symbology so every time a dream passes from

    one body to another it is translated into the symbology

    of that body. Then, everything becomes confused.

    But you dream in the fourth body in a clear-cut way --

    not through another body but through the fourth body

    itself -- so you can penetrate into the future, but

    only into your own future. It is still individual; you

    cannot penetrate into another person's future.

    For the fourth body, the past is as much the present

    as the future is the present. Past, future and present

    become one. Everything becomes a now: now penetrating

    backward, now penetrating forward. There is no past and

    no future, but there is still time. Time, even as "the

    present," is still a flowing of time. You will still

    have to focus your mind. You can see toward the past,

    but you will have to focus your mind in that direction.

    Then the future and the present will be held in

    abeyance. When you focus toward the future, the other

    two -- past and present -- will be absent. You will be

    able to see past, present and future, but not as one.

    And you will be able to see only your own individual

    dreams, dreams that belong to you as an individual.

    I am getting a little scared with this consistency with dreams telling me the future or some kind of answers: Feel blessed about the growth of your consciousness.

    I wander to what level should I trust the answers: to that level that makes you more light and easy. If it is depressing you, making you burdened, you should throw it off.

    Always go with the river of life. Never try to go against the current, and never try to go faster than the river. Just move in absolute relaxation.

  • Dear MzRedFlower

    Rebel! Take responsibility for your life.

  • WantingQuietude,

    meditation means participation in the celebration of existence. Don’t be just a spectator; participate in the mystery of life. Dance it, sing it, feel it, be it.

  • Thank You Hans,

    so much appreciated,

    All you say it seems like are mine now. kind of wakening.

    no, I am not burdened at all in fact. I just want confirmations. and I feel blessed of course. only now I understand why the past happened as it did. every thing makes more sense now. but more and more ones feel surrendered i think

    I have only one puzzle to solve, which is so SO HARD: to convince my husband to let me go.

    because this is the end of the world for him--as he says, and has make me believe it is--, I have no power to leave him for that reason. he is very weak on this issue. he demands me to tell him I love him, so he feels safe.

    but I know I can't go on like this healthy, with all of his will to change.

    what can change??? I can't see it, even if it does. I am liberated without his presents. and I am in prison when he is around.

    he is a good man and wants to change. I just have no love/chemistry for him. I never did. and he knew it all-way ---but was in denial. I never told him I love you cause it never came--but for 15 years??? I have a wonderful son with him though.

    so how should I do this without pain??

  • So this was sexx for money and money for sexx?

    what can change??? Your fear of being harmed again being afraid of pain and his constant goal as an end to striving.

    -but for 15 years??? Since then he dominates you with his will power.

    so how should I do this without pain?? By being as egocentric as he is, by dominating him with your will power.

    The night is not going to be

    forever. Get out of the

    darkness and the deathly life, where you have not found

    anything except misery.

  • no, that was sexx for wasting time when no money was around

    none of us had money.

    I provided for my self always. never depended on him financially on all aspect. difficult to explain however...

    it has been circumstantial dependencies on him out of fear of making it alone, while it always felt alone anyway. difficult to explain

    thank you

  • Every moment, everything is changing. Our language gives us a very fallacious idea, because our language consists of nouns and pronouns, and existence knows only verbs.

  • dear hans, i'm sorry to barther you again, but again it's me joebull. i just came from my court date today but we have to go back on 6/8/10 reguarding my childsupport case. i would like to know if you see the judge reducing the child support, or keeping it the same. my dob is 4/20/81, and my children's father's dob is 5/4/53. please hans when you get a chance can you tell me what the outcome might be. thanks alot joebull.

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