Help hanswolfgang need a reading asap reguarding court date!!

  • Hi Hans, hope you're doing's been a while. I've been helping with Haiti so I've been pretty busy. I was wondering if you see a job in my near future...a paid one. I went for an interview today, closer to home as I wanted, but not in my you see anything coming of it?

  • stclaire

    why cant we all just love one another and be happy? because we have lost our inner source and we are unable to deal with authorities.

    .am i seeing that you are telling me to move on outta there? No.

    there are only two negative ones there, do you see me moving on? No.


    This is what being happy is all about - a deep understanding that there is no problem. Then, with no problem to solve, what will you do? Immediately you start living. You will eat, you will sleep, you will love, you will work, you will have a chit-chat, you will sing, you will dance - what else is there to do?

  • DEAREST HANS, thanks for the answer ,but now im confused when i saked you if you see me moving on you said no, and when i asked if you say me staying there you said no, i do like the office as a whole but the negative 3 people , i seem to feel assulted by the vibes(absorbing them)almost a sickly feeling. im confused? danke hans!

  • Your staying will cause a relocation or a journey, so you are not moving, but you are moved.

    There are many who live on the fence their whole lives. They are the most foolish people in the world because sitting on the fence is not a comfortable position, and sitting on the fence gives nothing. It is wasting your life and time. Either come in or go out. Don't sit on the fence too long because it may become a habit, and then nothing will be the only outcome of it.

  • Dear Hans,

    Reading your responses to all as I like to every little while.

    I think I am getting it. Maybe for a minute or two I get it. And I am content and there is no separation and no yearning for what I cannot have or yearning for something I can have but should not.

    And then it's all gone, all that beauty, and then I'm in that dualistic yearning throbbing mess of life. And I experience it, and I chase my tail and act out and yell at nothing or something

    and then it gets very quiet. And then I smile.

    And then I start over. And I find maybe today I might want, rather than want not.

    And I'm trying to write more of it down. Sometimes a story, sometimes a poem. Sometimes a very tight haiku. Maybe someone will read it someday.

    Otherwise I just work, usually a lot harder than I want to, and try to remember it's a game if people yell at me for doing my job. That part really helped actually, it's all a game. Now I write it all down and it's MY game!

    This is my love letter for now. 🙂

  • Could you please tell me if I should stay with my current job or seek something different. I would like to start some sort of small business with a friend .. hid dob is 2/22/58 and mine is 2/9/64. Thank you

  • Thank you Forjo

    I was wondering if you see a job in my near future...a paid one: No.

    I went for an interview today, closer to home as I wanted, but not in my you see anything coming of it? No.

    Be free so that you can be yourself.

  • Thank you WantingQuietude,

    you really can write,

    this haiku is for you:

    Temple bells die out.

    The fragrant blossoms remain --

    A perfect evening!

  • serendipity367

    you should neither stay with your current job nor seek something different. Start some sort of small business with a friend ..

    mine is 2/9/64:

    You will have a considerable amount of financial power. The power to make money is yours and this is power that you probably want to use for some special purpose. Financial power can come from many avenues. You could earn the money or you could borrow the money but one thing is for sure. In order to have this financial power, you will have to get very clear on how much money you want and what the purpose of having that money will be. You see, this means focusing and concentrating your VALUES, and making choices about what is most important in your life and what is not. Through this kind of focus, money is always attracted to you in the amounts you need.

    Never commit the same mistake again and again, invent new mistakes every day. Be creative. Risk in new ways. Be risky, live dangerously, live without security and safety. Be tremendously in love with life is.

  • Thank you Hans Wolfgang, I love that haiku!!

    All blessings, will send more love soon.

  • Thank you

  • Dear Hans Wolfgang,

    This morning I awoke to a very big surprise email from a fellow I dated a couple of years ago. We drifted apart and I just thought he was no longer interested and found someone else. In the meanwhile, he moved to a town about an hour away from here and we just reconnected a few months ago as friends and he calls or emails maybe every couple of weeks and we have dinner about once a month.

    When we first dated, he made it very clear to me it was not a permanent relationship nor was it exclusive. I let him take the lead. Lastnight we had dinner together and in the car on the way home, he made a remark and then claimed he was just thinking out loud. He was asking himself if this was the right time. Then this morning, he related in his note that he had been thinking about our past, present and future relationship. He said he knew he was shallow and now that I was going through the process of having a gastric band surgery, it made him quite happy and he was wondering if I might be able to get by his shallow mindedness.

    I don't get it and I really could use some help to figure it out.

    Thank you,


    July 2, 1944

    Fresno, CA

    11:20 PM

  • Thank you WantingQuietude

    but the trouble is that people think that when sex is disappearing perhaps now nothing is left because sex was all their excitement, their ecstasy and their joy. No, there is really so much waiting for you. Just let sex disappear so that your energy becomes available for a higher kind of excitement, a higher kind of ecstasy.

  • Thank you WantingQuietude,

    I forgot:

    but the trouble is that people think that when sexx is disappearing perhaps now nothing is left because sexx was all their excitement, their ecstasy and their joy. No, there is really so much waiting for you. Just let sexx disappear so that your energy becomes available for a higher kind of excitement, a higher kind of ecstasy.

  • serendipity367

    let consciousness be the master of the body and mind.

  • MzRedFlower

    I don't get it and I really could use some help to figure it out: it is a one-way connection.

    July 2, 1944

    Fresno, CA

    11:20 PM:

    During this time you may have to contend with negative moods that can be quite upsetting. This influence often results in confusion, self-doubt, uncertainty and a general tendency to look at life from the worst possible point of view. At its worst, it can make you completely uncertain about what is real in your life, resulting in a sense of fear and free-floating anxiety. However, it is important to remember that this influence usually makes things appear worse than they actually are.

    This is a critical period in which several aspects of your life and experience will be tested, especially those that began to be important about seven years ago. Most often this influence is experienced as a sort of identity crisis in which you begin to question what you are doing. You may suffer a crisis of confidence at this time, fearing that you have made the wrong moves in life or committed yourself to some course of action that will not be good in the long run. During this period you will think about and question all the long-term trends in your life. You will not be thinking about trivial matters.

    There is a beautiful Sufi story.... A very rich man, super-rich, became bored with life because he had known all the pleasures, all the joys that money can purchase, but they were not truly satisfying. He was still thirsty, he was still hungry for something authentic. He was enquiring from sages and saints, and all that they could say... he had tried their rituals, worship, prayer and nothing worked.

    One saint out of desperation... because this man was torturing him continually again and again about his misery -- "Time is passing, life is limited, and what kind of saint are you? You cannot show me the right path. And I have twenty-four hours to devote to it; I don't have to work to earn money or anything, I don't have children, and I have earned so much money that it is enough for ten lives at least." The saint sent him to a Sufi master who was thought to be a little bit insane, and to whom many sages were sending their disciples when they wanted to get rid of them. But that insane Sufi master only looked insane; he had a super-sanity.

    The rich man took a big bag, filled it with diamonds and rubies and emeralds and sapphires; and went to the Sufi who was sitting under a tree. He told the Sufi his whole story... that he was just to give you a proof, this whole bag worth millions. All I need is peace of mind." The Sufi said, "I will give it to you. Get ready!"

    The rich man thought, "This man seems to be strange. I have been to so many saints -- nobody was so quick, and nobody promised to give it to me. They all said, `Go through this ritual, this worship, this prayer, this meditation. Work it out yourself.' This is the

    only man... perhaps, they are right that he is insane. He is saying, `Get ready. Don't waste my time!' "So hesitatingly he said, "Okay, I'm ready." But he was very afraid -- although he had come to get peace of mind. And when the man said he was ready, the Sufi master took hold of his bag, and ran.

    It was a small village with small streets with which the Sufi was perfectly acquainted. And the rich man had never run. He ran behind the Sufi master shouting, "I have been cheated! This man is not a sage. He's not insane, he's very cunning." But he could not get hold of the Sufi because he was going so fast and taking so many turns in the village. The old man was fat --

    huffing, puffing, perspiring, crying -- and the whole crowd was laughing. He could not understand why these people were laughing, and nobody was helping! But the village knew that that man was not insane -- he was super-sane. He had his own methods.

    Finally, the rich man reached to the same tree. The Sufi had reached far ahead; he was sitting with the bag there. And the rich man was shouting, abusing.

    The Sufi said, "Stop all this nonsense! Take this bag." The man took the bag immediately, and the Sufi asked, "How are you feeling?"

    He said, "I'm feeling great peace."

    The Sufi said, "That's what I was telling you. If you are ready, I can give you peace immediately. Have you got it?"

    He said, "I have got it!"

    "Never again ask anybody about it!" You have started taking for granted all your riches. I gave you a chance to lose them, and suddenly you became what you really are -- a beggar. And these very precious stones which have lost their value to you are again precious." But it happens. The people who live in palaces start taking those palaces for granted; the people who are rich never think about the miseries of poverty. The people who have got a master start taking him for granted --that there is nothing to be done; you only have to ask the question and your master is there to answer it.

    But my answers cannot be of any help.

  • Dear Hans Wolfgang,

    Ah but today I decided I wanted it! I let it go yesterday. 😉

    Point taken. I can't accept it with a smile, but... I hear you and I do know you speak the truth. I'm just gonna pout a bit like the rich man with the Sufi insane master! Besides, if I said I let it go so easily you'd know I was lying anyway.

    Wasn't it said that was the last thing Gandhi could release as well? There's some odd comfort in that...!

  • It happened in Marpa's life: Marpa went to a teacher.

    He was well known for his scholarship. a great pundit.

    and many followers, many students, many disciples were

    gathering around him. Marpa was in search. He went to

    the teacher, he surrendered to the teacher, and from

    that moment miracles started happening.

    The other students were very jealous, obviously. They

    told everything to the teacher. The teacher himself

    watched him; he could not believe his eyes -- Marpa was

    able to walk on water. He asked Marpa, "What is your


    He said, "YOU are my secret. I just take your name

    and that's enough. I say within my heart, 'My Master,

    take me to the other shore.'" His trust was so total

    that he was capable of walking on water, walking

    through fire.

    Marpa's teacher tried to test him. He told him to

    jump from the mountain into a deep abyss. The moment he

    said, "Jump!" Marpa jumped. It was absolutely certain

    that he would die, that not even pieces of his body

    would be found. And when the teacher and the crowd that

    was watching came down, Marpa was sitting there in deep

    meditation, unhurt, unscratched.

    Again the teacher asked, "What is your secret?"

    He said, "YOU are my secret. And each time things

    like this happen my surrender to you goes on deepening,

    it goes on becoming more perfect than it was before. It

    was perfect before too, but there are possibilities,

    dimensions of even perfection becoming more perfect."

    Seeing this, the teacher became convinced that he had

    some tremendous power of which he was not aware. He

    tried to walk on water. He said to himself, "I am the

    != teacher, the great teacher of Marpa, and I want to

    go to the other shore!" And he had to be saved because

    he was drowning. He could not believe his eyes! But

    from that moment, Marpa's own miracles disappeared.

    Seeing the Master drowning in the water, the power that

    he had created through trust evaporated.

  • Hi Hans,

    I see a dream few nights ago. the most ordinary one. I would never worry in the real wakening for this matter. however, I see X (that I know) tells Y (that I know too) something for me, and its very specific -- by action.

    when I wake up, its all clear the meaning, but in the real life I could never thought of such a situation, and I was wandering why would this dream show up??

    two days latter, the exact thing happens. just as in the dream. unbelievable. and I new it when today Y approached me saying the message of the dream, totally unexpected from me.

    this has happened before to me. But I called them incidents or by chances... and now more and more I believe to these messages in my dream, because they tell me the future.

    however on this kind of level it feels scary.

    this tells me that the future is already in the stores to be seen next. every moment we live there is the future too. NO?

    I wander how further far a future can go. days?? months?? years?? endlessly ??

    Also, how far one can predict, read, or see??

    so here is the other question, can we change the future? if we are told this is gone happened??

    and if so, how would we know that we did change it, instead of thinking 'oh that prediction was wrong' ???

    I have start doing questions before I sleep, and I do get answers. what does this mean. I am getting a little scared with this consistency with dreams telling me the future or some kind of answers. I wander to what level should I trust the answers.

    thank you,


  • Dear Hans,

    I shall think about and study your reply. You're right though about second guessing myself. It scares me.

    Thank you for your help.


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