How to get a cancer man back??

  • weve been dating for over a year he was so after me like noone ever before. all he spoke about was us getting married we faced so much rejection to this relationship from around. then he was shifted to a different city for work but we were still together. then it started to be complicated and i was frustrated and was telling him i cant wait for him. i was also saying many times this relationship is not for me but stayed in touch until i stoped answering and two month later really missed him but he is very cold and resisting and said he made a decision its not!!! i know he still love me but i dont know how to reach out to him. at first i wasnt nice to him and told him he wasnt a MAN but i realized it was a mistake. what do i do now? try to reach out to him or leave him alone for him to come back? i really love him. help please

  • the only thing you can do is apologise for your mistake, write him a letter, be honest, and be honest with yourself, what a tangled web we weave when we we say things out of anger, well if he loves you and is prepared to give it another go im sure he will get in touch, sounds as if the tables have been turned on you now, hes probably hurting so be gentle with it, give it some good thought before you do write if you do and word it well, take back your own power and get yourself settled down, hes in another town and in some ways thats good for you as you can get some distance and clarity about it, its a lesson to be learned for you too and anyone else thats in the same prediament, i hope that it all works out for you one way or another, but at the moment it looks as if he has had enough of it, i hope this can be of some assistance for you, the only other thing you can do is post it on the reding site and see if you can get an answer from that, goodluck

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