Soul Mates Part 2

  • Your poor son sista Queen QuenKath!

    That's so nasty ... great that you got to see ... but H E L L nasty stuff. Lots and lots of cuddles and healing love to him. That is really ouch ... I FEEL for him. How awful.

    So, how are YOU? I hope someone gives you a cuddle too! Take mine for now but make hubby give you some too!!!!! (((((((( HUGGGGGGGS )))))))))))))))

    My bad news will turn around eventually. Life can't be ALL bad, ALL the time, can it? Thanks for caring - it means a lot.

    Perhaps I should come to help tutor????? Could be fun huh?

    Cheers ... Icey

  • Dear Quenkath,

    I am okay because the snowflake machine got turn off for one day. I got to relax and restock my refrigerator because tomorrow the snowflakes are going to start again.

    I am anxiously waiting for Spring to come because the snow has piled up so high I have not been able to visit my husband since Christmas. I miss him so much.

    I am sending an internet hug for You and your son. I have been through a similar problem with my son when he was a small child. It got so bad the ENT ( ear, nose and throat ) surgeon had to place tubes in his ears many times so they could drain the fluid off his eardrum. Eventually I got good enough to watch the signs and symptoms of an ear infection before it got a full stage of infection.

    It is terrible to watch your love one in so much pain. Keep up the good work. It is hard to be a good mom and parent but it will pay off after they are a grown up.

    Been There and Giant Hugs,


  • Hi QuenKath,

    Oh!! I pray that your son is better soon, that sounds really painful, give little sweetpea a hug from me. Don't worry, ear infections get so many kids, just give him extra love from Mom and some meds. (((((((healing energy)))))))!!!

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  • Hi Rooster5,

    Yes, the snow machine begins again........ I am already moving stuff out of my basement and into the attic, just in case there may be complications when this mess thaws. I have never had flooding before, but never hurts to be prepared.

    Thanks for the positive energy, i really need all the positive i can get right now. Life wants to be complicated, but I am trying not to let it get to me! Take care of yourself, I will continue to place my kids, my truck and myself into my protective bubbles when we leave home. So far so good. Think Spring...........

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  • Welcome, Roxy1973 to our thread and the forum.

    You will gain quite an education in here, I certainly have. There will be so many people answering your questions, you will get all the info you need right in here. You should check out the original Soulmates thread and read what was posted there too. Everyone is so friendly and supportive, I really feel at home in here, and you will too. Welcome again and have a great day.


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  • Hey Sista QuenKath my Queenie of the South,

    What a gorgeous soul you are to care enough about me to say such sweet things! I adore you my friend. Keep hugging the 'boy' for me and sing hima lullaby or two from me also!!!! Bet he'd like that? tell him it was my idea ... you won't get the awwwwww mom, then!

    Love to be his tutor ... what a hoot! Think we'd get anything done??? Hmmm ... maybe specialise in Mixing 101!!!!! WooHoo!

    My hugs and love sista of heart,

    Icey xxx

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  • Nice to hear from you Ice,

    I must admit I am very much in love with my Aries, I can't imagine ever being his husband or father LOL (maybe next time around). That being said, I have a soul mate whom I am in love with. I do believe we can have connections, on deeper levels, with certain people. I do not know why and I have never been unfaithful but there are certain people in the world you can just look at and feel connections too immediately. I do not believe this is do solely to appearances and I have felt these connections on numerous occasions. So are these past soul mates, do we just transmit the same wavelengths, whats your take?

    Love and wishes , Gemini

  • Laie4 - thank you for redirecting me from the old page and repling. I think it's interesting that your husband had the deje vu and you did not. It must have been strange to have someone saying don't you remember this...I really don't always remember now days so you never know.

    Thanks again. Gemini

  • Hiya Gemini,

    Awww ... how nice of you. It was nice to hear from you, too.

    Ahhh, but you see, we don't generally understand the role we may have played in people's lives before. Usually because we just don't remember it. Someone once explained to me that I was bossy (I know ... like as if, right? LOL) and somewhat pushy towards my husband because this was the first life-time I had ever spent with him where I was the girl. Apparently I 'do' men, very well! OK Queenie Sistas ... minds out of the gutter now ya hear!!!! It is hard to imagine but, if reincarnation is real, then this will have been so. I, personally, have ABSOLUTELY NO PLANS to come back and do any life-time here again! Got that upstairs? Am hopping on my fluffy cloud to partake in faerie jello and music fests with Bryan, the Babe!!!! I'll be having more than words with the crew upstairs otherwise!

    I agree with you. Some people we are just drawn to. Like I said, it can be physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual energy that propels us together. Or, all of them. We have what you describe with our very best friends ... nothing sexual at all ... it is a meeting of pure spirit ... a true soul connection and, they are beings we have spent many lives with before also.

    My take is that our soul is part of a much larger family; called a group soul. Within this family, before we head towards a new life somewhere, we all agree to accumulate experience and hence, wisdom on various things. This then allows the entire soul group to benefit from a collective learning experience and the entire soul evolves as one. Our best friends and life long loves are included in this soul family as may be ALL, or just some, of your current family members, along with other beings we meet during our life-time that we just 'click' with. As you said, the right wave-lengths for each of you to remember in your soul; not the mind.

    A soul also has a dual aspect ... hence, the twin flame concept. This separation of the soul is what makes us kind of walk around blindly longing to find that 'special one' ... the prince / princess archetypes in fairy-tales. We literally long for our soul to be reunited, to become the one flame once more.

    I find this is often confused with the other feeling within us that tells us something is missing? The, "mid-life crisis" big, deep and meaningful questioning type of thing but this is our wake up call. This voice within us is alerting us back to self ... back to an awareness of whom we really are and why we are here. Lots of people think it is something external to go looking for but it is, in its purest form, a desire to be whole within us, to be back in touch with self and hence, the Divine. Much of what you will read on this, and the original Soul Mates thread, is all about bringing our awareness back to self. We all have so many questions we want fulfilled and that is what is compelling us to piece it together. Each question increases our awareness and depth of soul understanding. Those of us in here have taken a particular stance, without anything ever been said, either which is unique and special in itself ... our premis, if you like, is for self discovery to be the answer for everyone. The more we ask, the more we intuit, the more we intuit, the more of us we reveal ... peeling away the illusion until we reach our beginning. Then, WOW, that's when we begin to really LIVE ... with purpose, with meaning and with unconditional LOVE as our only guide.

    Look forward to catching you again, Gemini, my friend ... have to run to get kids ... take care!

    huggggs .... Ice xox

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  • I do, don't I??? Chuckle, chuckle, lol, lol, rofl!!!!! I just knew where your mind would go sista queenie from the south ... hmmmm???? Gosh you make me laugh! I am so into that fluffy cloud with those two let me tell you! And the jello (I may never say jelly again now ya know?? 🙂 ) is an added bonus! Oh what a party on that cloud!!!!! Better get some flexibility back into this old body if I'm gonna rock on a cloud with you and our hottie babes!!!!! LOL

    Not mid-life crisis as such, but, that time of life where we begin to ask the biggies ... who am I? What am I doing here? Is this all there is? Will somebody ever love me the way I hope they will? All those sorts of things ... I think we all do, perhaps at different times. Mine began just before my 30th birthday really ... with the whole what meaning does my life have? And all those faces ... all of it kind of kicked off the big search for answers. I, have, however, always asked these types of questions ... even in my teens, I used to shock some teachers into silence as they couldn't answer what I wanted to know. This is why this happy space, complete with fluffy clouds and hot, droolin', lovin' men, is so perfect. It is where we can openly express the self; the soul and not be judged for it, and everyone, as you wonderfully put it, is helping everyone to look within and learn from what is being shared.

    I hold that "as soon as we read, see and hear something, we are never the same again" as my belief. New things are absorbed into us and we begin, if we allow it, to be in more awareness than before. The women here are remarkable beings of great wisdom and, as each of us witness this, the more we become ... the more of SELF we become.

    Spot on Sista Queenie Belle of the Deep South ... the soul searching is what we're doing and many pieces of our puzzle await us here. So much already has been incredibly wonderful! I am amazed at how much wisdom lives here. LURRRRRRRRV that!

    I'm with queenie belle here ... keep it up sistas and queens of loving winds ... thou art amazing!

    Bless you all.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice 🙂

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  • Lol! Quenhath, I so hear you. I'm in my 30's, suppose i'm having somewhat of a mid life crisis (although I hate that phrase and the connotations) and have been asking a lot of questions lately...what is my purpose here? Is my purpose to experience as much as possible? Good and bad? Do we have a "purpose" other than living life to the fullest without fear and being the best we can be? I realized lately that I have been living like I need to tick off experiences...almost like a resume to prove that I'm living fully but perhaps that's just building up the ego. I like that you describe it as a waking up period. Learning to truly know, love and make peace with ourself flaws and all. That makes sense. Becoming more aware of how we are living our life. Good food for thought. x

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  • Yes! I'm a Libra too and can think things to death. I am trying to live spontaneously again. I think that's a good way to live. For some reason, that's been more difficult lately. Was easy to do when I was younger but lately each decision seems like SUCH a big deal. lol! I think it's the mid-life crisis syndrome and am really anaylyzing life and what I want to get out of it where before, I had all the time in the world to make mistakes. I suppose I still have all the time in the world, it's just my own mind that is setting boundries. Trying to work through that one and change my thinking to become more light hearted again. It never failed in the past so not sure why I've been placing so much importance on petty little details. Great discussion!

  • Hi Quenkath & Stonyeye!

    I just got in from another crazy day running around and checking in to my happy place found my fellow Airhead Sistas chatting. Well, I probably shouldn't jump in when 2 Libras are chatting because by the time I do I'm sure you both will have everything all "balanced" out. LOL! Just can't help myself .... Aquarians love a great conversation, Anytime, Anywhere!

    I so agree, women start earlier with the middle age crisis thing only We do it much better than men. For them, its all " out there" ( cars, women etc) for figuring out their worth( usually in $$) in life. More often than not, its an ego thing rooted in mortality. For us, its a more internal and personal examination. We do the soul searching (internal) aspect combined with the body image or " biological time clock" aspect.

    Gender wise, men are on a time delay, while we go through it a little earlier, they don't hit it until about 10yrs.later. Good thing when we hit our 50's! They become sweeter and we become stronger because of what both sexes learn.

    As for experiences ..... I agree wholeheartedly! Live and experience everything, not for ego, but because its what its all about! Also, having a " BUCKET LIST " sets a goal, a reminder to LIVE! Sometimes, we get too caught up in surviving day to day and doing for others. It doesn't matter if you check off only 5 of the 15 items

    it is five times where you took a RISK!!! Life ain't worth living without RISK!

    And, thats just your crazy Sista of the NE sharing her nutty self! I'm sure yall know what I mean!


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