Soul Mates Part 2

  • Hi Gemini !

    I see you have posted to icearia and I'm guessing she is off gracing other beings with her special light. So .... Deja vu .... This is something I don't really feel I've had a lot of experience with, but my ex husband use to comment on all the time. Sometimes, he'd remember something So clearly and ask me, didn't I remember that? For him, it was quite vivid, like a wide, awake, walking dream. I wished to validate what he shared, but just couldn't, I wasn't connecting to his experience. These experiences were unsettling for him and sometimes he would pass it off by saying something along the lines of, maybe I did this before and just forgot --- I always got a kick out of that, LOL !

    You and your guy certainly shared some type of connection. There might be a sense of the familiar between the two of you to have a shared memory. Memory is a slippery eel, lol ! Is there a soul connection? ???????? All that comes to mind is better Deja Vu than Jamais Vu, eh?

  • LOL ! Gemini ---- Didn't you say something in your post about ball game? I just remembered a line by Yogi Berra ---- Deja vu all over again! LOL !

  • Dear Icearia

    I am confused about the man I felt was my soulmate and I have been trying to avoid him because he does not want to commit! Now that I have ignored him he does not let me forget him! and now wants my attention! What do you think? Star49

  • Dear Laie4,

    Thanks for the mug of warmth. But it seems the snow keeps coming and the winter storms are scheduled for us all this week.

    I think this week would be a great time to vacation to a warm spot.


  • Dearest Beings of Loving Winds and Beautiful Hearts,

    I am sorry for my departure. I received some very bad news the other day and really, was so sad I didn't have it in me to face anyone, really. Not that I don't love you all, I do, I was just not very good company and lost my ability to speak for a bit. Not sure I'm still who any of you wish to speak to ... but, I did not want anybody to think I had abandoned you.

    My friend, Gemini, I am glad you found your way over to this new lily pad. I wanted to thank you, before my world went a little dark, for raising such an interesting concept, often associated with soul connections and past lives ... that of deja vu. Do I think it is a soul connection? Well, there is much to say on this one but, if it is in regards to another being, then, yes. I shall be definitive for once and say what I believe. Here's why ...

    Having a synchronized event with another being places you in the realm of what has already been for you both. This bringing of the familiar to your current reality is definitely a sign that you have been connected before. However, the purpose behind this experience can be radically different than it was before too. We do not always end up in relationships with the same person each life-time but, sometimes we do. Often, the roles are reversed and we become the male, or the father, or the ex-girlfriend so that our soul learns from the experience in a perspective other than what was before. The whole point of any life time is to remember who we are - how we are all connected through the heart and, to allow the soul to evolve in its spiritual essence.

    With deja vu, you are remembering. I have this occur so much you would swear I was weirdo material LOL Perhaps I really am? 🙂 All that aside, these moments allow you an opportunity to see the self, the circumstance and the wisdom you once gained from them. Now, in this new moment, you witness the other reality ... the one we actually live concurrently but do not realize nor fully understand how. Living the same situation over again allows you to connect with what it means for you, whom you are with, and the whole evolutionary experience that is deja vu. It asks that you consider the lesson, message, experience, feeling ... whatever it is for you, from a more aware perspective. Sometimes, you can stay in this moment (takes some practice) and see yourself living it in the other realm; seeing who the being is that you share this with and how it relates to the now.

    Laie is a very wise soul. Her first hubby, in his delightful humour, was very accurate. It is the lack of remembering that makes deja vu so hard to validate. But deja vu is more about the FEELING state ... it is in the feeling that we uncover bigger truths. I once was watching a movie on tv and, out of nowhere, started to speak the next 15 lines or so that this character hadn't even said yet. Everyone wanted to know how many times I'd seen this film before. I said 'none' because I hadn't ... but, I had. I knew every turn this movie would take and I understood the ending at the very start too. I had, in a future time (& I know this can get complicated and confusing now but we all do it to some degree) seen this entire movie and was able to retrieve that information in the moment that was my deja vu.

    So, what do I mean by all of this way out stuff? Deja vu is a tuning into a universal consciousness where everything is known, everything is familiar and everything is there for the accessing ... very much like a Library where all records are held in the one space for you to access when you wish.

    When this involves another, it depicts a time spent together before. This is why it is so common to hear people say, "Have we met before?", "Your energy seems familiar to me" or, "It's like I've always known you." These statements show a definite connection through the heart and a recognition of the vibration we each hold. Deja vu acknowledges your connection. It is common for two souls, in love connections, to feel as if the other has always been a part of them. It is true, because they have! This is the same for you.

    Of course, this is my take on life and does not have to represent anybody elses' beliefs. It would be interesting to hear if other people have experienced the same as you with those they are in love with, or have loved? Life is filled with things for us to think about.

    I can't thank you enough for raising such a phenomenal and exciting concept, Gemini. See how special your 'love' experiences are? I am wishing you more love than you can imagine.

    Hugs, Ice x

  • Dearest Star 49, hello to you and thanks for gracing us by coming back.

    Ahhhhhhh ... seems as though you are now living the classic cat and mouse game. Welcome to the thing many can speak of.

    Many beings, not necessarily all males either, do not like to be ignored when one partner has chosen to move forward. Many find it necessary to fill the other with reminders of themselves. It is interesting how, once the attention is not seen as necessary, the other party wants it ... and lots of it.

    What you are learning is to be empowered dear one. When we decide that what we feel is important and allow the relationship (or whatever our attention was so obsessively focused on) to not be our day and night, and every breath we take; magically, we get more of it. It surrounds us as if to say, Hey, I thought you WANTED me! It is empowering to not be dependent upon another, especially for love, but rather, to coexist with it. This is often seen as rejection by some and they will not like to be left out, or not needed because then, if you behave like this, they have ALL THE POWER OVER YOU! It is a big ego that operates with power over another.

    Here is your opportunity to stand in your truth Dear Star49 ... here is your time to empower the self and to focus on what it is you want from life; not just this relationship. Consider the self here and what will serve you best. Perhaps this is a great moment for you to SPEAK from the heart, to explain what his behaviour and actions do to you, to be honest and truthful whilst maintaining compassion?

    Whatever you do, you have support from Spirit ... please know that. Spirit always sends us an opportunity that will best align with our life lessons and soul development. It is up to us to make the best of them.

    I wish you great strength in committing to self, Star ... go shine brightly my friend.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice x

  • Dearest Sunshine and Rooster,

    You have featured on our news in Oz. It is a huge storm you face. WOW! I feel for you both in your daily difficulties and challenges with our blessed Earth Mother but by golly, she is BEAUTIFUL! This is what I see ... the purity, the light and the great cleansing that shall follow such a time.

    Keep safe the pair of you.

    May the warmth in your heart see you through.

    Always thinking of you,

    Ice xxx

  • Dearest Dana2,

    I was a little confused ... sorry ... I have had some dark clouds hanging so I may have missed something. Please forgive me if I did but, was this a guy you said you would meet online?

    You have shown that you are a very kind and caring soul but you do not have to be this man's world. The best way I know how to deal with these situations is to be honest and open up front right from the start. One needs to be very clear if one doesn't wish to lead someone on or, indeed, perpetuate a dependency from beginning. You will hurt somebody's feelings more if you let them believe something that is not true. Now, having said that, this is my values speaking. I could not perpetuate any misconception, not for myself, or another. I once had a guy think we were going to have a relationship because I said yes to having a dance at a pub / club. I, like you, have a choice here. I can let him think that and smile kindly and encourage it by not saying anything, or ... we can speak just as kindly from the heart and be truthful to ourselves and others.

    I would have waited with this person for a train too. But, I would not let them wait thinking there was a future together if there wasn't. This is your choice, of course, my friend.

    I did want to add a hearty congratulations for allowing yourself the time to get 'you' straight, first. I think that's a brilliant move for you to make. Power to you Dana2. You are listening to your inner wisdom and that's awesome.

    You have my love and wishes for much happiness,

    Ice x

  • Dearest Laie,

    What a love you are!

    You impart such a wonderful sense of heart and wisdom in all that you do. I am so glad you are here in this space offering the self so beautifully to all.

    Thank you.

    I am eternally grateful that you give your energy to us.

    Blessings of Love,

    Ice x

  • And to my Dearest Namasteleo,

    O Canada!!!!!

    With tears in my eyes, my hand over my heart ... thank you to your country for the joy I have experienced!

    O Canada!


    Blessings dear sista of the beautiful loving Canadian Winds!!!!

    Ice xox

  • i am curious has anyone ever felt they have two soulmates in their lives at around the same time how do they know which one is te right one how does a person truly tell who their soulmate is what signs or feelings are there and how do they know the difference if they are totally in a state of confusion if anyone could answer his id appreciate it so much thanks

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  • Hi Beautiful Sistas!

    Just got in ....I've had a very long day today and another coming tomorrow! Just wanted to pop in for a moment and wish all a great day or evening!

    Welcome Roxy1973!

    Plenty of discussions have taken place concerning more than one SM AND more than one SM at a time. Someone, less tired : ) , will help you to find your way through. In the meantime, you could go to the thread entitled, Soul Mates ( type it that way to find the correct one) and then skim

    Lots of pages, lol !

    Look for posts by Icearia or similiar posts to yours questioning and then Icearia's reponse. This should help in the meantime.

    Might pop back on if I perk up! xxoo

  • -Hi All my dear Queens and Sistas,

    3 more weeks of math and law, then on to something much better than algebra!! I have had a pretty eventful week. I just found out that my dear 5 yr old son will have to have surgery soon. He has a large spot in the crown of his head that has failed to close (baby soft spot) I have been trying to get a doctor to address this for years, finally one doctor did and ordered x-rays of Logan's head and neck. Just as I suspected, the soft spot didn't close, he will need surgery for that, and also, the vertebra in his neck have too much spacing between them, requiring some work there too. Luckily, my 8 yr old daughter is fine, both my babies have Down Syndrome and Logan is also autistic, but I feel blessed to have them, I think that they were given to me for a special purpose, I will find out eventually. I've been told that having two Down kids is literally unheard of, so Their purpose in my life must be profound. We see the neurosurgeon on March 11th, please keep us in your positive thoughts. I actually have 3 children, my eldest is 20, and has taken herself out of my life for now, until she sorts out issues in her life. She is my genius child and it was hard having Christmas without her this past year, but all i can do is leave her to sort out whatever she has banished me for. 😞

    Anyway, just being among you great ladies here has really given me a great lift. Thank you all.

    Still wishing for spring.......................

  • Hi and Welcome Roxy1973,

    Thanks for taking the time to post your questions and thoughts here ... it is always good to see new ways of looking at this topic.

    Dear sweet sista Laie is right to direct you to our ORIGINAL thread. There are a wealth of wisdom from many beings that may give you more clarity on this. I hope so.

    I also wanted to note, not just for you, but for all who read this thread, that there really are NO definitive answers to give people because we are all different and we all experience our lives in the way that best suits what we need to learn within them. There are, however, common elements and shared happenings for many beings when it comes to relationships.

    Can you have more than one Soul Mate? Yes, you can have heaps of them, some at the same time as each other and some, isolated from anyone elses' timing. Are all soul mates "love" interests? No. Here it is really important to know what the term "Soul Mate" means to you. The word "mate", I find, tends to be the confusing factor. Most of us believe a mate to be someone we form a lasting love relationship with or, it is a term applied to a very good friend. I, personally, prefer to use "connection" than "mate" ... because we have soul connections with many, many beings during our lives. If, however, a Soul Mate refers to just the one love partner for life for someone, then all sorts of confusion arises when we say we 'love' someone else. To be connected through the soul is to recognize another being as someone significant to us, perhaps from another life-time but, certainly as someone who is within our life to assist us to experience soulful contact and lessons.

    When we are in a state of confusion, we are unable to recognize anything. One needs to first become clear within the self. Try to consider, as deeply as possible, what it is you believe ... about love, about romance, about trust, honesty, life issues and values. Once we have a very clear idea on our belief structure, then we can look at another being with more clarity. In terms of considering a life long love partner ... the only way you will know if they are right for you is to FEEL it. You have to FEEL and NOT THINK. You will know the difference, it is intrinsic.

    ALL soul connections, whether you call them long term love partners, or just good friends, or, as is often the case, someone you do not care to know at all, are within your life to help you learn about YOU! Their purpose is to teach you, through your experience with them, about who you are. They are the ones who literally, "wake and shake" you up. It is an unmistakeable, instantaneous internal response that we feel.

    Can you be in love with two people at once? Of course. Love takes many forms and is shared between many beings. Is someone more right for you than another? Only you will know that and only you will learn that through experience. Our souls are so infinite that it is probably unlikely (in my opinion) that we only love one person in our life-time. we may be married to only one person for all our life, but still find soul connections with many people. We may marry more than once, thus proving that soul connections in the love sphere are indeed capable of being multiples.

    Trust yourself ROXY1973. You will Know when you connect with someone through the soul, or, the body or even just the mind. There are many differences between them all. Spend time with how you feel and work out what is going on inside you first. That is the only way we can understand anything about who we are.

    May the Angels be with you in your search for self.

    Hugs, Icearia

  • Dear Sunshibe7959,

    I can identify with some of your problems you are going through at this moment. I have three children also but I have let my older daughter go O&A ( out and about ) in the world and she will have to learn to stand on her own two feet. I will miss my grandkids but I can not tolerate her behavior.

    I hope the surgery will go as planned but you make sure all the medical staff including the surgeon crosses their " t " and dot their ' i ".

    My only and oldest son had to go through a lot of surgeries since he was born and the surgical operations left a mental and emotion impact on his life.I often wonder what was my purpose too and maybe it was to be here to share the ups and downs of motherhood.

    So keep your eyes focus to the sky because it can only get better.

    Meanwhile, today was a good day because the snow machine was turned off.I heard it will be turned back on starting tomorrow so get ready for another snowflake ride.

    Internet Hug,


  • Hey QuenKath ... sista spunk!

    Thanks for your concern. I really appreciated that. Sure, I'll be fine, thank you.

    The after effect of Chile's disaster hit Australia's East Coast, and Southern region ... I am like 4500 kilometres away from that ... or, 4 hours by plane! Long way. Here hasn't changed a bit ... it's HOT, HOT and HOTTER! I am praying for Autumn. Bring it onnnnnnnnn ALREADY!!!!!!

    Yes, the world weather situation should be of concern to everyone, I think. We (as a race) cannot continue to destroy our Earth. It is time for COMMON SENSE to come back from whence it went.

    Hoping you are ok my sista queen?

    Cheers ... Ice

  • This post is deleted!

  • Sista Sunshine,

    Of course we will all hold you and your sweet little ones in our hearts and wish your son well with his operation. You are amongst a good support network and, from what you have said, the Medical care for your kids has been great ... so, all will be well.

    As for your older child ... all beings have to learn in life ... including us. Some choose to do this in difficulty, with fear, by rebelling, or by being sweet and kind and with love. Each chooses what they PERCEIVE to be best for them; regardless of our judgements of what they do. One cannot assume the blame for another's actions and one ought not to feel responsible for another's choosing. Love, unconditionally, that is the only truth to hold.

    Spring will sprung soon!


  • Dearest Sista Queen Laie ...

    I wish you all the strength and resilience you need to get through your days. May you remember, from time to time, that those who love you can help carry you when you tire. Their wings are always at the ready.

    Angel Hugs and Starry Love,

    Ice xox

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