Soul Mates Part 2

  • Hey Scully21 !

    Just a quick note to tell you we have left this thread. You can find all of us at a new one. Search forum for --- The Enchanted Pond. Its easy if you use the box up top that says, search forum and type that in. Icearia decided to change the title from Soul Mates 2 seeing we talk about Everything-lol !

    Glad u found the messages we left for you! Hope to see you on the new thread!


  • Hello all siSTARS and pond people, I will try to find Icey's new thread!! I am not good at this but will certainly try! I have been biking like crazy to try to get in shape for a charity bike ride in August (47 one day , lol) so I need to get in shape. It's just such a change for me to become, in My mind, an ATHLETE!!! haha It's a lot of work, inside and outside!!

    See you in the pond thread. I hope!


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