Soul Mates Part 2

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  • Oh rooster5, it seems I'm sharing some of the pain of loss this week also ....

    I went by my grandson's grave to collect the dried flower arrangements I laid there for him and my grandparents at Easter. They cemetery crew had laid down sod over his resting place. Somehow that fresh, new grass reminded me of things never to be with our beautiful child. We have wonderful memories to cherish of him and that is what I held on to as I cried and drove quickly away. My daughter was going to pick out a headstone a week and a half ago. Not surprisingly, something else ' came up' that she suddenly felt like doing instead ---- completely understandable! Everything new to do, opens up the wound again.

    Thank you for sharing a very happy memory of you & Keith. It lifted my heart. The photo was a beautiful idea and an awesome tribute! May your heart continue to heal and may those wondrous moments of love continue to shine.



    Glad you stopped by !

    You so nailed it about the religion thingy ..... Love is meant for Only Some ---- I THINK NOT !

    The b-day party went very well in spite of the icky rainy day --- Thanks for asking! There were dinosaurs everywhere much to his delighted 4 yr. old heart and plenty of action - geared boy presents. Everyone had a good time.

    Cheerio, Mr Eager! HELLO, Mr. Stud - Shooter!!! Why dip a toe? Dive head first, or with whatever body part you so desire --- ROFL! my Fire- sign Sista! ---- Be true to you & your feelings! So maybe you can't connect on a serious, intellectual level, with a youngin' .... You need laughter & fun! Toss Mom & Working Woman out the door --- Enjoy him! Introduce him to a Boiler Maker and let him re-introduce you to dating delights!

    Absolutely Love the idea of carved rocks around the pond .... maybe initials or astro signs??? Lets submit a petition to icearia : > ) At the very least, a few brooms should form a lovely decorative fence -- LOL !

    Peace & Joy!


  • Hi Rooster,

    I have been thinking about you a lot lately and am glad that you are okay. I feel your pain over the loss of Keith, we are all here to support you. Not everyone is lucky to have a great love like that and I am so happy that you had that gift. The Sistas and I will be praying for you. You got the headstone. What cemetery did you lay him in? I bet it is a comfort to be able to visit him. You will never forget, but it will get easier with time. Know he is watching over you with pride and much love.

    How is the work coming along on your business? Bet that will be awesome when you get it up and running.

    Mercury RX had really been doing a number on me and especially my home and work computers. Can't wait until this is over and stuff gets back to normal. Sorry I haven't posted to you lately, I posted a few times, but keep getting deleted by big brother. I have a big X button on my name now, LOL. That seems to be becoming a habit and not just to me in this forum. I will post to you later and know you have a friend in Pittsburgh.

    Tamara L. White-Lord

  • Dear Laie4,

    I am sorry that your heart is broken too. It is so hard to go back to the cemetery after a love one has passed away.It took a lot for me just to go back to the place where Keith was buried. I went back a couple more times taking flowers, wreaths and love trinkets. I still cry when i go up the winding road to Keith's grave site. Will this become any easier for me? I hope so because I don't think Keith would want me to be sad.

    I still have a hard time going to church without crying. I often pack a whole bunch of tissues in my purse because I know I am going to cry. I don't think I am ready to return to church just quite yet.

    I hope you and the Queenies can undestand that the picture of both of us laughing is how I want to remember Keith and I as days gone by. But I also put the picture on the headstone to remind our family and close friends that we were always together on earth and so in his passing we are still together. The day Keith died is the day part of me died with him. The day Keith was buried some of me was buried with him in that same grave.

    I told my daughter when I pass away to put the same picture on my headstone. It is like the picture represents two half coins and put them together the coins become one again.

    I do believe we were each others soulmate on earth as well when I reach heaven.



  • Hello Laie,

    Long time I haven't run into you on the pond. How's everything? I 'm glad to talk to you!! Mercury has been wreaking havoc in my life and I have been kinda hunkering down to ride it out. School, and kids are working me, and am trying to get some "me" time in there. I will pop my head in again to check on everyone!!


  • Hi Icearia, QuenKath and all my other Sistas!!

    Hello from she who will once again have the sun shining from her Aura again. Times have been hard, meditating and reading has been helping. school and kids keep me busy, Logan's issues are still at hand, but will fill you in when I feel less run over by a mack truck!

    The pond is a great place and Icey, I hope you build a beautiful pond and save us rocks alongside it! LOL

    I will come back to commune with you Sistas after I finish my midterms!!



  • Hi Ladies.. I am not sure I am in the right place but something drew me here....

    I am in the middle of one of the hardest times of my life to date.. I have lost my job, broken up with my BF and lost a few friends along the way... But I am still dreaming of the guy I have broken up with over 5 months ago... Like just this weekend gone I woke up in the middle of one of them and it was soo real I was visibly shaken...

    I have always believed that he was/is my soul mate - but now we are so broken and he is with someone else - I wonder how true that to be... Can anyone explain how I could have dreamt this man was my soul mate and now we are in this state and I still keep dreaming that we will live happily ever after... (I should say that I only remember dreams when they are to come true).

  • Oh I also should add that I CAN'T - no matter how hard I try - i CAN'T seem to get over him..... All the others I have been with I don't even think about them - but this one..... I really can't get him out of my "feelings" - if that makes sense.....

  • Welcome hiprincess!

    First, I'm sorry that your joy for living has been dimmed by so many things hitting you all at once. Maybe there are some answers for you if you research a thing called Wings. It is a place hosted by a woman named Karen Bishop. Many people find her site helpful in explaining why these changes are happening. I found her through a thread: Ascension 2012. You can do a search in the box at the top of these pages.

    You have come to the right place. There have been many discussions concerning SMs and unfulfilled feelings or unresolved feelings. Some people here have posted that they remember those feelings and the SM quite clearly and have those "What If" moments. The feeling can persist for years, even after they have moved on and into other relationships. My point: acknowledge your heart and the feelings for your SM.

    Once you honestly acknowledge your feelings, try stepping back from them ( detach) and have an honest conversation with yourself aside from the feelings the situation arose. This suggestion is because when our feelings are in turmoil we miss things ---Seek clarity. From your post, two things jump out at me .....

    ".... we are so broken and he is with someone else - I wonder how true that to be..." It might help to see that as --- You are hurt & broken, He is with Someone and no amount of guessing, for that is what you are doing, will let you Feel whatever it is that they are feeling for each other. You only own your feelings and are responsible for them ( feelings). This totally stinks to read, but Been there! Completely understand where your heart is at!

    The second thing was dreams ..... dreams are something I've learned to classify within ... what is actually a message from my sub-conscious and born of feelings/desires or those that are of future and come unbidden. Try examining your dreams from a detached point also. Like --- Did the dreams start in a happy time of the relationship? Did they start after it ended? Did you dream of the Him that you were with even before the actual meeting? No one can tell you with all certainty where your dreams come from without reading more about them. Even then ... well ....

    Here's a quick overview of SM connections that was posted a few months back. Maybe it will at least give you a place to start and help your heart.

    There are many here who are sooo much better than I at writing beautiful replys. Do hang around! In the meantime, I hope something above helps, even a little : )

    Remember, love can grow, evolve and transform .... don't sell yourself short!

    Peace, ~ Laie4

  • My heart and love is with you all.

    I shall be back a.s.a.p.

    Till then ... keep being those awesome women you are ... except for you Darkly Dreaming if you're still out there ... best you stay manly huh?

    Angel Hugs,

    Icey x x x

  • Ummmmm ... hello? My post???? Wherefore art thou my post???? Am I being censored Big Brother????? Or, is this still Merc the jerk doing his thang???

  • Me thinks we need a new thread hey Lady Laie????

    I shall come back here after creating one.

    Stay tuned ...

    Icey x

  • Hi Sisters!

    Finally, I am able to get connected to this site again! Ugghhh!

    I have been trying for days and all I could go to was to the Topic page.

    When I click on Soul Mate 2 thread, it just hangs and won't open the page at all!

    This never happened before...well...not before the Mercury retrogrades anyway.

    I bet this Mercury has something to do with it...even now while I am typing this post..the words are not coming out according to my typing speed!

    I am not even sure if this post will appear lol!...

    I think I will wait until the Mercury turns direct and see what happens.

    Hang in there sistas...I will be back!

    Oh sista Icearia, I think you misunderstood my previous post.

    When I mentioned the FORUM...I didn't mean this thread.

    I meant this Tarot forum - outside of this thread.

    My fault too..I should have been more clearer.

    I will explain why the next a few days..when my laptop is back to its normal self again.

    This is strange...I have no problems doing my work on this silly thing but it seems to be giving me problems when once I clicked Forum!

    Let's see if this problem continues after the May 10th.

    Missing all of you sistas!

    Lots of love,

    x x x

  • SON OF THE GUN! Where is my post???

    Uuughh.....okay...maybe it will appear later!

  • Firstly ... I have moved us. Our new home is called ... wait for it ... "The Enchanted Pond" and is still in Love & Relationships. I will be there from this post forward. With all my heart, I hope to see you there ... and I really hope to cease posting problems. Look forward to being with you in our new home.

    Emergence ... my levels of frustration would have boiled way over in your spot. I'm suffering technical glitches everywhere too but yours is a real sign to stay within the self for a bit. I shall not partake in a you said, I said situation with you my love and trying to over explain a misunderstanding just begets further misunderstandings. I hold no judgements or anything about what has been my friend. It is past and that's where the past belongs. I hope we can move forward together on this? I shall be really pleased to see you on the new thread and do hope you will continue sharing your soul filled self with us all. With love, Ice x

  • Hey Icearia!

    Just went thru some 'deep thoughts' and returned to find you moving us to a lovely cyber pond even as you create a new home pond ---- How wonderful!

    Calling All Lovely Sistas ---- Meet at The Enchanted Pond thread ..... If you're ducking Mercury and the realities of his messages ..... Come when you can, for a refreshing drink, cool breezes and love always finds us there.

    Thanks for helping us journey forward, Queen of the West!

    Blessed Be,


  • Hello Sisters,

    Yes this is me A.K.A Dana2 and Scully1

    I dont know why, but first the site changed and would'nt except Dana, then i had to change my anti virus for new pc, and blow me i could'nt get here again with old user name. so sorry to confuse you ladys lol.. but you semed to get it was me. So now im scully hope dont have to change that again.

    Thankyou Quenkatn And Icearia and Leie4..

    For you words, you know you both helped me along the way,

    No leie4 i havent taken anything, lol.. in reality i've just taken hold of my higher self,

    i know myself, no more second guessing to what others say about oneself know and believe in one's own intuition. no more be told im too strong, so i went and secon guessed myself through listening to those words then, Dont get me wrong i know i needed to go through that to get me here in my life.

    I needed to feel and be felt, the raw passion of that need took over my self cause it been so long, i am a passionate woman, and it was awakened again. I see now that i just needed to get that out of the way.

    It was like i was harbouring two personalities, the despreate and needy, but i was so freeking getting frustrated cause deep down i knew i wasn't being who i am,i not the type who would hassle a man to keep txting ect, but it was the nice to have someone else to talk too.

    I see it now as a mix up of different emotions, i wanted to have friends at the same time i wanted a man, and both got confuggled.. if that a word... no wonder i scared the poor men off i just too much then,

    Since this laid back care-free, i have being doing my dancing and a simple thing, most wont think much, but i have been having people come up and say hi ( i do first) just want to know me, i dont have anymore what i look like or self

    I explain, i waer a hearing and have a lazy eye, now that never bother too much as a child i learnt to say . what you looking at or just star people out, , somewhere i lost myself, tho be truthful there is more but i 'm not or think it right now to say.

    I have done a lot of self anylising sonce i was twlve and pin#pointing, very interesting a little painful.

    I do beleive now in learning more about my spiritual life aka why meditation and not just to chill..

    it late bed time..

    I sorry i havent parcipated in your discussions,i will try and pop in and join in..

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