Soul Mates Part 2

  • Dear Sunshine7959,

    I am glad you found great care for your kids and YOU from the medical staff in Pittsburgh. At least you can put your mind at ease. I know because I have a special needs child like yourself and it does get better in time.

    Now for the is like a foundation similar to building a house. If you are solid in the beginning then your house will withstand the harsh elements and will last a lifetime. How do I know...well my career demands a strong science and math background.

    When I had some free time I use to tutor students in math and science. You must keep at it because you are build a strong foundation for a bright future.

    Keep up the good work...I know it is tough to burn candles at both ends but it will pay off in the end.



  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Africanqn,

    I totally loved reading your messages. I, too, have written poetry when in a dark space and have scared myself at just how dark one can be. I love that you are journaling though. I know that Laie mentioned this so, I won't but go you.

    I really like your thinking actually ... it is something I like to sit with because you mention so many good things to think about ... especially the feeling of energy from the guy and his with you. It is a fascinating subject really because so many people say they can't understand the whole energy thing but, place them in a room where your kind of exchange is going on and suddenly, they get it. Energy is incredible. I am truly wishing for your time to come my friend; where all things just 'work' ... the timing, the place, the person, the everything. I know like I know like I know this will. (LOL! ... Loved how you used this ... I actually speak like that! It's a term I use too).

    I am with you sista.

    Angel Hugs,

    Ice xox

  • Stonyeye,

    Hmmm ... here lies a quandry. I wish to address your message and then, I don't think anything I say will be construed in the spirit it is meant. Perhaps some things are better left unsaid, so, I won't.

    However, Quenkath is correct (as she usually is hey sista queenie LOL) ... you are free to speak honestly ... everyone is. I have only asked that it be done with kindness in here, that's something I believe everyone is entitled to be treated with; especially within this space.


  • Oh! Sista Queen QuenKath ... forgot to send you a mighty "Thank you" for the Vegas suggestions. Shall pass them along. They sound like fun ... wish I was going! Thanks again sista. Love, Hugs and Joyous Cheers ... ice xox

  • Heys sistas...I found

    Ice...about Vegas... Treasure Island is a good one as well...right across the street from the Venetian...ahhhhhhhhhh...Vegas what a fun place to escape.

  • WOW....Canadian Ladies Bobsled team just won Gold AND Silver...woooohooooooooooooo

  • WooHoo Namasteleo ... so lovely of you to find us. I am awfully glad you did. Welcome to the same pond but with a different view. Go Canada. You should've heard us last night (wait ... you might have ... we were pretty LOUD!!!! LOL) during the ice hockey with Germany. And, everyone here in Australia is speaking about the figure skaters ... do we think a little a lot of soul matesville is going on for your ice dancers????? Ooooooo ... I DO!!!!!!!! I would know that kind of look anywhere. What a joy to not only watch something so beautiful but to see the lurrrrrrrv between them ... now, that was a buzz. Doing a sista dance with ya. Ice xxxxx

  • Good Morning Queenies and Sistas, SHOUT OUT from the Rainy NE,

    I was about to complain then had to quickly check myself. It is a great day.Only rain and it is not tooo cold, so what's there to complain about 🙂

    ICE ICE BABY!! :-))) Goodness!! We are on the same page. It is wonderful to identify with others and be free to speak, without judgement. Thanks for the many compliments you so freely give. Much appreciated.

    I'm not much of a wordy person. My posts aren't lengthy, just love to be able to have a place where I can just be. That means alot.

    Thanks all for having me.

    Love and blessings. Have a drink at the pond for me.

  • It's funny how we can always wish for what we don't have isn't it? We in my country would kill for some rain out in the West. We have officially not had any since last year October now. Today was 43 degrees my temp; roughly 116 or so for you guys. I am sooooooo over it, so so over it. I hate the heat; always have. Ahhhh, and so the wishing for what I don't have begins ...

    Ice, Ice Baby is soooooooo FUNNY!!!! I got a kick out of that. Good one Sista Queen in the Great NE. Good one. Ya know??? You might be a grand being of few words but what you do write is incredibly sincere, insightful and has great heart attached to it. Does it get any better than that? Me thinks not. All compliments are a reflection of the grandness I see within you. You are most salubriously welcome dear friend. Glad you accept them.

    I'm with you sista ... a place to just 'be' oneself is pretty special. It is I who thanks YOU and all your sista queenie friends for coming along and creating the magic. I am grateful beyond words.

    May your day sparkle!

    Angel Hugs ... Ice xox

  • Hi Sistas!!

    Still doing the grind for school. I hope I never have to look at another math book for at least another half century!! Do you know my math book has 1250 pages in it???? Yea, one thousand two hundred fifty pages!!! They were smoking crack when they made that book and decided to play a cruel joke on the students. hahahahaha.

    Now that I am done whining, Hope you all are doing spectacular. I am missing talking to you all. Got 4 more weeks until I am through with these courses, then on to something more fun!! hugs and kisses to you all!!!

  • I think there were smoking more than that sista Sunshine! Who in their right, or wrong mind for that matter, would do such a thing! ? ! LOL Bet they were a pack of Virgos; they're pretty anal like that! HEE HEE HA HA No offence to any Virgo out there ... my best friend is one ... great people ... just sooooooooooo particular! Or, maybe it was a pack of Gemini's ... all having an out of body, out of both minds experience????? Hmmmmm ... could be ya know!!!! LOL Good luck with the next 4 weeks Sista Sunshine. Blessings and hugs, Ice ... she who would NEVER buy a book like that EVER lol. xxx

  • Hi again Ice,

    Fortunately I was redirected - I was writing on the old page to no one .

    Thanks for writing back. Unfortunately our Déjà vu experiences were a long time ago but what I remember is they were during just very routine activities. We could be on the way to a ball game and having a conversation about if we should stop at the corner market to buy sunflower seeds. We would both just stop mid sentence – look at each other – and say déjà vu. It was not that he had read my mind or I his, it was that we really felt we had experience that particular moment in time before. Like I mentioned, this was a common occurrence, once or twice a week, maybe even more often. I just remember it being very odd and always wondering if this was something other people experienced. Does this have anything to do with being a soul connection?

    Thank you for the Angel Hugs - back at you…


  • Dear Sunshine7959 and all the Queenies,

    Here we go again. Queenies from the North grab your shovels and salt. Another snow storm is dumping the white stuff again except this time the winter is blowing the icey cold wind and causing windchill factors. Be careful out there today !

    When you get home grab a cup of hot chocolate, slip into your P.J., and grab a warm blanket.



  • Hi Rooster,

    Yea, batten down the hatches!! I was in the white stuff this am, shoveled about 3 inches off the driveway this morning, before I left for work. Darn!! All that shoveling should be taking some inches off this big bum of mine, no such luck, LOL. Spring, Where ar-r-r-ree-e-e you-u-u-u?!?

    Yes, all you Northern Sistas, please be safe in all this snow chaos!!


    Love you all

  • I met him we get on good.

    I feel guilty feeling this way but i'm 37 and he 46, now he has no job, living in sheltered accomodation.. and because of bad health he has a scooter cause cant walk far.

    No i'm not norm the shallow type, i took him around my town a bit i just felt i had to think of places where think of a scooter.. i just felt guily because i was thinking this long term is not what i want, but a bit of fun in which we have had, i dont want to be tied like that i have enough in my work. Yes i know it can happen to anytime, also he got no home or money,

    I feel bad in the sence i feel sorry for him, but he's already said about meeting on my weekend off, i feel he may depend on me too much.

    The worst part for me was when i met him at the station, because the weather was the most worse some how i ended up having coffee in the diner where i did with my thought soulmate, then later on when considering where to eat angd get a scooter through, where do i go in the resturant/ pub, where me and my soulmate met, i felt tearful and just wanted to be home to myself,.

    I waited with this guy for a hour till his train came cause i felt i ought. we had a bit of fun that all i fear he'll depend on me i dont want or need that.

    Since then i've been so tired, this week till today, i'm not worring anymore, it's been a need to feel and have some sexual fun, i needed as i been on own too long, so now, i've cancelled subscpition on online dating..

    I'm letting the Steves of this world go, and Rob too .

    It my time to get out into the real world, but right now i need a lot of time for me, to let my inner self work my sharman, and forget the contraints of soley finding my shining armour lol..

  • dana2,

    It stinks when you want to be with someone so badly. You have been working on this and probably trying too hard. Take a break and enjoy everyday things. This will leave you free of worry and fill you with happiness. Happiness and being at peace with what you have will bring Better Steves, Robs, Mikes, Pauls, Joes, ...... you get the idea! LOL !

    Peace, Laie

  • Dear Sunshine7959,

    I thought we were suppose to get a dusting of the white stuff.I think this is the snow storm that dumped snow in the East and circled its way back around to us. It is just like last Friday...heavy and wet snow. I hope your new shovels can do the job. I did not see the plow truck at all. The city maintenance guys knew the storm was coming.On the news it looks like they were plowing the interstates first.

    I was suppose to go out to a concert but I kept my little self inside to watch the big snowflakes fall from the winter sky.

    Sending a cup of hot chocolate with marshmellos your way,


  • Dear Warmth&Sunshine, I miss you so much! Whoever told you that I loved the rain and cold lied. Please forgive them and return to me. Your one true love, Me

    Wishing for spring...................

    Hi Sistas,

    Just shoveled a foot of snow off my walkway and steps, my prayers better be answered soon!! Hope you all are having a great day/night!!

    Love you all!!

  • Sista Sunshine

    I'm up early and checking in to see what has been happening with my favorite people --- a big smile has lit up my face ---- Thank you for your wonderful post! It made me think of the book, Notes From The Universe. This line did it , "your one true love, Me" ....

    What a healthy, happy outlook you have! You've brightened my tired being ---- Thank you, Thank you!

    Raising my coffee cup

    Here's to you and Rooster5! May signs of Spring follow your clicking heels!

    Big Warm, Hugs ! Laie

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