Soul Mates Part 2

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  • Hi, dear Sistas!!

    Hoping you all are having a great day/night wherever you are in the world! Popping in to say hi, been out at doctors' appointments with my children all day, Down's kids have so many doctors to see, so much stuff to be monitored, etc........ Lucky i am here in PGH where there is so much assistance available, like therapies, caring and competent therapists, organizations that help, doctors who are well-versed in dealing with lovely kids like my two......I was meant to be here, and I was guided here, I believe for that specific reason. I feel sadness that there isn't this much help available everywhere for Blessed children and adults. Maybe someday.........

    I should be sleeping right now, but online school beckons to me, and the disliked algebra is taunting me, because my brain just wants to block it out. Oh, well! only 4 more weeks until the term is over, then I can go back to doing math in my head and not having to write down how I got the answers. LOL.

    Coming in here just made my evening, such a great group of Queens in here, love you all! Oh well, back to the grind, and then a couple hours sleep before i get up dress kids and get ready for work.

    I'll have to spend more time with you all soon. Nite-nite!

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  • Sista Sunshine!

    Oh I feel for you with the math .... I don't know how I survived grade school, lol ! I got to college and was way behind the curve in math as far as the basics go, but I always got algebra, pre-calc etc ...Math is one of those subjects that you need all prior basic building blocks to move forward with ...Something that helped me early on with Algebra, my kids told me this actually was, PEMDAS. Have you seen or heard of this? It was one very small piece that helped me immensely, even with all the different chemistry. ( ? chemistries ? whatever.)

    Good ole math, lol ! I mentioned that Hubby 2 and I met on a flight out of Europe. Well, normally on those flights I was alone and wouldn't talk to my seat mate. You just never know who you'll get stuck beside for hours!!! LOL ! Anyway, Hubby was the first one I ever talked to and we fell into such easy conversation about Everything! At Customs, I lost him, but at Baggage Claim, he found me ( woo hoo!) Passing me his business card, he said, " Call me if you need Any help with that math." ROFL ! How many women would THAT pick-up line work on? LOL ! Math Can take you GREAT places!

    I can so relate to your struggle .... I was an older student juggling kids, work and school too. Its not easy -- I did it by maintaining focus on the present. I didn't even know when vacations were, other students would tell me! : ) Just one foot in front of the other .... You'll be surprised at how far you've come when you look back! My girlfriend, so full of love and joy, was always discouraged by everyone, but me, to continue with school because of ADD. She's graduating in May, at 41 yrs. old from MED School ! Believe you can and keep going!!

  • Howdy Sistas and Queenies and friends of the pond,

    Quenkath ... I haven't stopped laughing yet. You are a glorious joy in this world. I really understood you on the idea of physical attraction since being married - has happened twice to me. Nothing ever happened just a friendly drink with a large group of friends and a chat but boy, the mind was sure off having a private party of its own ... ha ha ha ha LOL! A chemical reaction is right Lady Laie ... woohoo shoulda seen those chemicals imbibing??? Too true about how as humans can often confuse this sensory element for true love and a soul mate experience ... when it's just the body saying well ... come on ... this is good!

    Dear Sunshine ... I am in complete admiration of how you manage your life. YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION! I think you are a lot like me in some ways ... far away from home but knowing for now, it's necessary. I feel for you so much. It is a very special soul that can raise such amazing beings. I hope you look in the mirror and smile back at you ... for you are living the entire summation of a spiritual walk and doing a marvellous job. I am in awe of you dear sista. You are wonderful and your kids will grow up and become such loving blessed beings because of YOU! Wow ... you rock Sunshine ... you really do.

    I also overlooked all your study, sorry ... must've been swigging too hard on that straw in my Bacardi bottle? LOL I, like Quenkath, got lost when you mentioned Maths; eeeewwww. I think you are fantastic to be able to work things out in your head actually. I would just start drawing pretty pictures on my paper ... lol! A love-heart here, a star there ... a tree, a flower ... and so it goes. Good on you. You are a mighty fine example of what a sista queen really is. Big applause from me to you darl!!!!! Happy studying and send your Maths professor a funny email to loosen him up too ... laughter is a great thing. Blessings. Will be keeping you in my heart and thoughts. Go get 'em!

    Angel Hugs ... Ice xox

    Africanqn? Sista? Art thou here yet??? Was wondering how you were baby? Know that my love goes where you do and my wishes for your peace and happiness are always there. Look forward to hearing what you're up to out there. Hugggs and Love, Ice xox

    Hey Stony, my lovely sista ... hope all is right in your world and that your new found sense of self (especially after sista queenie quenkath has so wisely spoken) is making those men out there pant with drooling. You'll have your own little entourage very soon. Will expect a full run down of course!!!! Stay happy and bless you heaps!

    Love Ice xox

    OK ... big shout out to all sista queens and friends around the pond ... has anyone been to Vegas? My daughter is hoping for a hotel recommendation, sing out if you can help me and God love and shower you with my thanks.

    Angel Hugs,

    Icearia xox xox xox

  • Hi Icearia!

    Just put out a call to 2 of my kids who have been to Vegas --- only caught my son on his way to school.. He stayed at Circus Circus which is at one end of the Strip and friends of his stayed at the Imperial Palace which is in the center of the Strip. When my oldest returns my call, I'll get back to you!


  • Just saw your post sista queen Laie ...

    What a beautiful piece of advice to give our sista Sunshine. Truly filled with heart and loving encouragement. So lovely. I enjoyed your hubby 2 plane flight story ... a Maths pick up line ... now I have heard everything ... rofl. Would've blown right over my blonde head for sure! He really is a GREAT man isn't he? How sweet was that? I'm all goosebumpy it's so great.

    WooHoo and YAY to your friend. Give her my very best too ... she need never know just slip it into your congratulatory hug. All sistas in this world deserve applause for their soul. Hooray for her.

    You really have done it tough too. No wonder you are qualified in your advice ... good for you Laie, love triumph through adversity. You have just given me something too. Thank you so much. I am glad I found you toots!

    Hey Sunshine ... listen to this Lady. She's brilliant.

    Angel Hugs Laie ... Icey xox

  • heeheeee LOL! should read HUGS !!! heeheeeee

  • ooooooo ... thanks so much sista queen Laie. Shall tell the Princess and she can look them up on-line too. Hug (from afar) and blow kisses of thanks to your boys for me. They are like you ... generous and loving and kind. Smooch baby. Ice xox

  • I hadn't even noticed to be honest ... duh.

    Higs to you too.


  • LOL ! Higs, Hugs .... LOL ! Its all about the LOVE!

  • Indeed. Indeed it is my higgy, huggy friend.

    Am just heading off to bed actually ... this 5.15am start for the gym is knocking me around. Had to sneak in the Canada Vs Germany ice hockey game though ... and some figure skating ... like you, I was a dancer all my life ... love the dance element. Is it Wednesday for you now?


    good Morning Ladies, Queenies and New Sistas

    What did I miss?

    Goodness ladies all this talk of Bacardi and straws is making you ramble on tooo fast for me to play catchup... I'm gonna get a lil hook of my fav..Blackstone and grab a seat for a quick minute to dio some catchup reading. Almost time to hit the road.

    Nice Pond Ice. (Isn't it wonderful how one can make the imagination run WIIIIILLLDDD!!! ;-))). )Love the new decor.

    Jjust getting warmed up her in this lovely cold snowy waether.

    Well what have I been up to.. need you even ask Ice? Ummm "thinking" as usual. I go to that quiet place very often, the reason I'm not on here. I am finding the need to "journal" and amazingly I am finding my experiences are coming out in the form of short stories. Maybe this is going somewhere.

    I still see my soulmate everyday and it still hurts. I know he still cares, but we have taken timeout to be quiet. Amazingly too when we are in "the quiet" in the same space..I can feel him and he I, I can feel his energy and it is now a tamed "wild" and it still has the ability to throw me, but it is a peaceful loving space. I guess when that time for us to bridge that gap comes we'll have the words that we cannot seem to express. Even though he walks around like nothing bothers him, I KNOW LIKE I KNOW LIKE I KNOW, it's a face he wears to mask his pain. (I feel him searching my eyes in a room, because he sees my heart there.)

    How do you ever let go of a SM? There are not scissors big enough to cut that tie and no distance wide enough to separate.

    So Ladies I've finished my Merlot and got all mushy and now it's time to hit the road. (luckily it's just a virtual drink lol) So have a great time and I will see you ladies when I return. How's that workout coming Ice? :-))))

  • G'Mornin' Africanqn! So glad you made it to our new home .... once you find the "path" its easier, even if you have to shovel a lot of white ..... or brown .... stuff to find the "path" LOL !

    : ) Mushy? How could you not be. I am too after reading what you wrote ....if I had to go through that with a SM ... don't know how you do it. Scissors puts an interesting twist on it .... never thought of that. Icearia gave me the message of Archangel Michael remember? If you want, He is always there. Little goggeling might help, your choice.

    Journaling is such a good place to get through feelings. Short stories to boot! Many an author found a place to let out heart ache this way ... And your right, it could lead somewhere! In the past, I've journaled and wrote poetry. It does help! Funny, to go back later and read; it transports you back.

    I hope your day is brighter now that you've gotten something off your chest here. There's something else interesting, 'off your chest' .... You spoke your heart well, Queen!

  • Hi Icearia, thank you for your kind words. Your comment to me made me feel misrepresented. I know you meant well and perhaps I have misunderstood what you wrote. I am very careful about labeling people and telling them how they are and I would like to correct the misconception that I have "found a new sense of self" after my conversation with quenkath. While I totally agreed with what she said, what I really liked is that she was careful to explain that she did not know how I was feeling but gave an example of a friend who was searching desperately for a soulmate. While her words were definitely wise, i don't think they brought up a new realization for me. My sense of self has been pretty much in tact for quite some time. Of course I have weak moments and I may have thrown myself into relationships but I believe that I have always retained a sense of self and have been able to realistically pull back when a relationship does not seem like it will work. I would like to find a soul mate that you all speak of and enjoy the conversations but it is not the most important thing in my life. To be honest, if I do feel any slight bit of desperation, it would be the fact that I am 35 and have never had children. It would be for that reason only that I would feel any sense of urgency to find someone with whom I could be happy. I've been able to do an awful lot all by myself and value the fact that I have been able to depend upon myself and not cling to the first good man who would have me. If I'm going to continue hanging out with all you fabulous sistahs here, I want to do so without being labeled or summed up as anyone else other than who I truly am. Thanks for understanding. Take care all! x

  • Good Afternoon Laie4,

    See you're the only one awake..Must be that we are on the same time zone lol.

    How can I not find my way home? ..I'd be a lost soul not being able to dip in here for my share of the love. This place!!!!! Thanks to Ice. Got that old military mentality "Home is where you choose to hang your hat", and that could be anywhere. This is my virtual home.

    Gonna have to go back to the old house to find that post on Michael. Hmm wonder what page...llolololol we did use up lots of air space. But it'll be a good thing to go play catchup and a refresher. We've been all over the place and back again to our topic. he he.

    I've always been told to journal, but I guess I never saw it's significance. I started writing poetry, but in my funk it was just way too dark. It depressed me even more, so I stopped. I don't think that was my right path..or maybe it was an outlet. Sometimes things just have to be expressed I guess.Yes I guess......... or we would simply just implode.

    This is one of the reasons I come here, it's easier to express when you can hide, or don't have a face. You can speak from your heart. (I am being honest with me). I imagined while I was writing this that I was in a room with all you ladies and we are meeting for the first time. No previous photos no descriptions. It would be amazing how we identify each other without a formal intro.) That would be interesting.

    Well Laie4, I will try to log in at work to hunt down Michael and catch up when everyone is FINALLY awake.

    Thanks for your encouragement.

    Lots of love and hugs

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  • This post is deleted!

  • Aww. Thanks quenkath, I probably sound defensive. I have every intention of hanging with you al!! You are all lovely and it is such a nice place to meet. Just my pride puffing up. ...or ego getting all bent out of shape. Suppose I need to lighten up. lol! x

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